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Name: Fiona Ash

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite, Persephone, Harmonia, or Demeter.

Mortal Parent: Chris Ash

Appearance: Fiona has strawberry blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skim.

Personality: Fiona has a very loving personality. She cares about everyone and everything. She loves everything about life and treasures everything she has.

History: Fiona, was born to Chris Ash and her beautiful mother who became her role model growing up. Her mother often in and out of Fiona's life, liked to make sure to keep her humble. Before her final exit from Fiona's she was given two roses by her mother.

Her school life was restricted, she tried to stay away from other people and boys who often tried to court her. Being the one to look at and admired, she was envied by many and was bullied throughout her time at school. Each mishap shattering her until she finally broke.

Not being able to take more pain while walking to school, she purposely took a wrong turn and ran to the forest. She sat under a tree, attempting to draw her mother, who was the reason she thought she was being bullied. Unsuccessful and frustrated, she closed her notebook and took off to explore more of the forest. She continued until she reached a large patch of various flowers, sunbathing, and dancing in the wind. She smiled and took off to lay in the gorgeous patch of still life. She lay, gazing at the sun's shine, that was shrouded by the leaves of the trees. She sat up, and took the two roses her mother had given her and tried to weave them in her hair. Happy at her successful attempt, she picked one of the flowers and inhaled their enchanting aroma. The serenity, masked the gruesome growls that became louder with each second. She finally noticed the growls, when it was too late. She was pounced on by a hellhound. She squirmed determined to release her self from its grip. She took the flowers out of her hair to make sure they don't get damaged. The moment she took them out of her hair, they glowed a bright red. The petals pulled back and turned into bronze, the stem hardened, and spikes were added. Her roses were now bladed fans, a deadly weapon. She jabbed the spike into the hellhound's underside and pushed it to the side with all her strength. She got up, and threw one of the fans at it. The fan struck the hound in the face, then it fell to the floor, dead. She retrieved the fan that was wedged in the hellhounds face, and closed the hounds eyelids. She closed her fans and blew her strawberry blonde hair out of her face. In her tiny moment of rest, an arrow launched itself into the now dead hound. A half man half goat retreated from hiding, "sorry, just making sure it's dead," He took her hand, "my, my, Aren't you beautiful," She pulled her hand back and blushed. "I see, playing hard to get. I like that. Well follow me babe, you're in for a wild ride," She followed the goat man, refraining from answering to his bad attempts of flirtation, until more growls began to be heard. The goat man stood poised, "From what I can hear, this packs big and angry. If we can't fight them off we'll run. Got it?" She nodded, and picked up her fans. The goat man positioned his bow and released an arrow. A hellhound died, and other emerged and attacked. Fiona unused to violence, only managed to kill two hounds in a pack of 12; the goat man, had killed four. He turned to her, "Lets run," The goat man led the way and they ran until the glimpse of a camp caused the goat man to run faster. She tried to keep up, the pack of six trailing them at a rapid pace. The goat man turned and shot a hound. 5. Two hounds pinched Fiona's jeans between their teeth. She fell to the floor, opened her fans, and sliced them across the face. 3. The camp, yards away, anticipated their run. Two hounds pulled away from each other now at the same pace as Fiona, but a few feet away from her side. The other hound, ran past Fiona and was now in front of the goat man. The hounds at Fiona's side closed in on her. She slowed her run, causing the two hounds to bump into each other, instead of Fiona. Having the advantage, she threw her fans at their heads. 1. She retrieved her fans and began sprinting to catch up. The goat man not having the advantage of range, caused his struggled in the fight with the one hound. The camp only feet away now, she ran with all her heart and threw her fan with might and precision at the hound. 0.

The pair slowed, "Nice one, babe, but you know you could use some work," He flexed his muscles and Fiona turned away. Now at the camp, she was led to a beat up old cabin with a maxed out occupancy. She entered, and sat on the space next to the door. She was approached by a boy, "how do you like you new home, new kid?"

Weapons: 2 bladed fans.

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