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Name: Gabriel is what he calls himself, though his true name is P-AA-01 (Prototype-ArchAngel-01)

Gender: N/A, though it calls itself a 'he'

God Parent: None, created by Hephaestus, and reprogrammed by Issac and Ryan Loff

Mortal Parent: None

Appearance:see picture below

Personality: Due to its reprogamming of its AI and personality by the Loff siblings, it has a personality of a 8 year old. He is very curious and kind, and loves to have fun. However, he can also be very immature and whiney. The only two exceptions to this personality is when it comes to electronics and combat. When electronics are involved, Gabriel is a literal technological genius, able to repair almost anything electronic. In combat, he is very skilled, however; unlike his technological genius, this is more insticnt than knowledge. For example, he could tell you a million ways of how to fix an iPod, however; ask him how he slayed a monster and the most he could probably tell you is "i punched him alot". He is also easily manipulated by beautiful girls and women (though anything beautiful, or as he puts it "pweety", could be used to manipulate him), due to his fancination of them (Not that he actually loves the person, it is more that he is mesmerized by the way they look). In addition, he is mortified of water, because if he gets wet he starts to malfunction.

Also, buried deep, DEEP into his programming, is a second AI, a malfunction created when the ventii attacked Gabriel. This AI, calling itself "ShadowGabriel" or simply "Shadow", is much different from Gabriel's usual AI, essentially the opposite. The "Shadow" AI has the personality of a serious, arrogant, and mean 30 year old. Though not malevolent, "Shadow" is self-serving. His motives is simply to become more and more powerful, and is fascinated by technology and/or other things that can make himself stronger (Though ironically he is also making Gabriel stronger too, even though he hates his counterpart AI). Unlike the "Gabriel" AI, "Shadow" is useless when it comes to technology, though for most other things he is extremely smart. Though like "Gabriel" his combat skills are instinctive, he fights defensively, since "Gabriel" fight offensively.

The automan switches between its "Gabriel" AI and it's "Shadow" AI in two different ways. Usually, the automan is in its "Gabriel" AI. However, if he malfunctions (usually by water), or his programming is intentionally played with or messed up, it will switch to its "Shadow" AI. In order to revert the automan back to its "Gabriel" AI, either a close friend of Gabriel must convince him too, the automan malfunctions again, or in worst case scenario simply wait out until the "Shadow" AI disappears and the "Gabriel" AI returns.

Although the "Shadow" AI knows about it's counterpart "Gabriel" AI, the "Gabriel" AI has no idea about the existence of the "Shadow" AI.

History: Long ago, during the horrendous Civil War, when Roman demigods were fighting against the Greek demigods, Hephaestus has two Roman, Issac, and one Greek, Ryan. Unfortunantly, since the war was going on at the time, they fought each other bitterly. Saddened by the sight of his two twin sons battle, Hephaestus decided to make an automan to help stop the war. And so he created P-AA-01, an automan designated to stop the fighting between the demigods, and set it out to do it's mission. During the course of the war, the automan successfully stopped both Roman and Greek demigods from fighting, halting many fights and battles. But in what would be its last battle, the sheer amount of fighting demigods was too much. They damaged the automan severely, and when the battle was over it was one of the many fallen. Fortunantly, those same two sons of Hephaestus that their father had created the automan for were exploring the battlefield for lost comerades. Both finding the automan at the same time, they were about to attack each other when they unwittingly activated the automan, which revealed why it was created. Feeling remorse for both the automan and all the fighting they had done, the two brothers decided to fix the automan and help it in its mission to bring peace to the demigods.

However; when they reprogrammed the automan, the new input made the automan temporarily unstable. It killed Issac, and almost killed Ray when it finally was able to fully accept the input it had received and calmed down. Calling it Gabriel after the angel, Ray had Gabriel carry him to Camp Half-Blood, determined to help stop the Roman and Greek Civil War. However, on the way there, a ventii attacked it. Though Gabriel was able to defeat it, it killed Ray, and severely damaged Gabriel, so much so that it created the "ShadowGabriel" AI from the damage, as the program was as yet not able to fix itself quickly and reliable being so new.

Gabriel crashed in the Junkyard of the Gods, and stayed there until the present day, where it's AI finally fixed itself, having slowly but surely updating and repairing the damage made to it during the fight over many years. Still remembering Ray's command, it travelled to Camp Half-Blood, where it learned of what had happened while it had been repairing itself. Seeing the BC war as the same as the Demigod Civil War, it decided to stay at camp and protect it, as well as to figure out a way to find peace and an end to the war.

Weapons: Gabriel is extremely durable and strong, can store and release electricity, and using this power over electricity even power-up electronics. Gabriel can also fly up to 140 mph, though he rarely goes over 70, as going faster than that puts strain on his generator. He used to have a hidden Celestial Bronze blade in each arm that slid out from his arm and could be thrown, and then brought back using a magnetic connection, but in the massive battle he was in before being reprogrammed they were shattered, leaving only serrated stubs behind. Though the stubs are not useful for actual combat, Gabriel has found another use for them: Snagging them into clothes or armor and pulling the item or person to Gabriel.

Gabriel Garza Mech Concept Art 01a

Gabriel (P-AA-01)

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