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Name: Gabrielle Evangeline Velacquéz

Gender: Female

God Parent:

1. Eris

2. Zeus

3. Hephaestus

Mortal Parent:

Viktor Velacquéz


Gabrielle is a blonde haired beauty, hiding her dangerous personality behind a shy, flirty demeanour. But her eyes tend to betray her, the stormy grey eyes with that giveaway hint of trouble shining within. She's a very big troublemaker and loves to cause chaos or at least inconvenience for most people. This thirteen year old 'demon' is pale faced and lightly freckled, very thin and tall, which gives her the aura of being older than she is. 

Her model is Skye Stracke. 


Gabrielle is dangerous behind her shy, flirty facade. Although she is kind, she loves jokes and hides behind a friendship before adding the trouble and striking. She does plan to get into a long term relationship, but she wants to grow up a little first and find someone who will both understand and tolerate her causing trouble. So far, the only thing found to calm her down is Coca-Cola, as it is one of her favourite comfort foods.


Viktor Velacquéz was a dress designer of 20 years when he met Eris, the god of chaos. He'd been working on a black satin dress when, suddenly, everything started to go wrong. He felt very flustered, and turned round to find a woman stood in the porch of his home. Something was wrong about it, but he was so numb with panic he had no thoughts to spare for it. Thus, to hopefully get away from the dress and all the stress it seemed to be causing him, he blindly let her lead her on.

"Hello." She'd said, in a seductive voice that he found himself falling prey to, because he liked it, even though he hated himself for feeling this way. She'd taken him to a bar, near the edge of the county of Devon in Britain where he'd lived. This was somewhere he didn't know, but that aura of chaos seemed to hang around them like a stalker he couldn't seem to shake off.

He introduced himself as Anne Sanchez, an American buisnesswoman hoping to find buisness overseas. They had their first glass of wine, beginning a one night stand that left Viktor drunk on the floor in his home when he woke up, clueless as to what had happened the night before. 

Nine months later, the woman came back,and so did the memories. She expressed some degree of guilt and explained she was really Eris, the god of chaos, and in a sort of compensation left a parcel for the child that should only be given after a happening of true danger. She gave him the child, a beautiful girl.

Gabrielle got her first hug later, after which Eris left again, reminding Viktor to look after the child. Viktor promised he would. But sadly, this promise was not to be fulfilled. Viktor met a new woman and fell in love with her - the one complication is her open hatred for the then three year old Gabrielle as she was not her own child.

Viktorwas given a choice a year later - Gabrielle or her. And he chose her. He kissed his child on the forehead and gave her the parcel, warning her to hide it well. The first foster home was near woods, so when she was allowed to go outside, she hid it in a hollow log, guided by Eris in her dreams, where it would stay dry and safe.

It took a lot of lying about there being no room in the house, lack of money to appropriately look after her etc. before they were finally able to give her up. Viktor had to fake a mental breakdown, but in the end of things it wasn't fixed at all.

Things went by all the same at the foster home- meals were mediocre, but acceptable - the foster siblings seemed quite indifferent. Until one day, at the age of six, Gabrielle was given to another couple, by a son of Zeus and a son of Lyssa. Gabrielle collected the parcel she had left behind all those years - perfectly preserved. Although Gabrielle only thought of Eris as the strange dream woman rather than a father - how could she know? - she was convinced she had done something.

At the age of ten, Gabrielle began training with her adoptive father - and unwrapped the parcel to reveal Eris' gift. She was a troublesome child, but they loved her all the same, having adopted an Eris child before they were experienced.

She was attacked at twelve and got less severe wounds than most, although whether this was because of her adoptive father keeping a closer eye on her or her skills was debatable.

A satyr took her away, when she was days from thirteen. The car journey was long and tedious, then a boat journey, so she arrived at camp just a day after her thirteenth birthday. 


  • An Imperial Gold pair of twin daggers.
  • A shield and sword.

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There wouldn't be an orphanage, but rather a foster home, as they've replaced orphanages. You mention that when she was 10, she got wounds from a monster. Its a bit early for her to be having her first attack. Her first attack, considering her mother is Eris, would be around 12-13-14 range. OliJanSig Oli Move over sis, it's Jan! 21,813

You might wanna change the "sloppy mush" type thing. I'm quite sure foster homes aren't that mean to the children xD And it'd be foster home helpers (idk the real name for them >.<) instead of maids >.<

OliJanSig Oli Move over sis, it's Jan! 21,813

Foster homes are like real couples/families that take in kids while they wait for someone to adopt them for real, many foster families even end up adopting the children themselves, so unless she was in a VERY rich foster home, they wouldn't have maids or helpers. Also, at least in America, you can't just one day up and decide to give up your kid, he'd have to lie about reasons he can't take care of her. The American government has to support those in foster care financially, in fact foster parents make money by having foster kids from the government, so they aren't going to be willing to pay for more strain on the system just cuz some guy has a new wife that dislikes his child.

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