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Name: Gale Woode

Gender: Male


God Parent: Ariadne, Tyche, Harmonia

Mortal Parent: Nate Woode

Appearance: He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is tall. See the pic.

Personality: He is quiet but charming. He often goes out of his way to help others. He doesn't talk much but he listens a lot. Most people like him for that reason. He doesn't get angry fast and when angry he is unpredictable and dangerous. He is rather irritable when sleepy.

History: Nate had known about the gods for a long time. He had the gift of seeing through the mist and a close friend who was a demigod. His friend had told him about the gods when his clear-sight was revealed. So, when Nate met Ariadne he wasn't surprised.

Nate worked part-time in a bookstore, despite being well-off. One day when business was less he saw Ariadne at the browsing through the 'maze' section, looking unhappy. Nate strolled over and said,"Nothing interesting, is there? These are so easy." Ariadne smiled. They spent the rest of the afternoon talking to each other. They kept meeting for the next few days and started dating soon. Nate was in love with Ariadne so he told her all about his being able to see through the mist and about the gods. Ariadne realized that he could be told about her being a goddess. Nate believed her as what she said about the gods matched whatever he knew. Soon, as their relationship progressed Ariadne became pregnant after a month. She left abruptly without telling Nate. 

Nate did not understand but one day it became crystal clear when he opened the door to find a golden cradle with a baby boy in it. Along with the baby there was a letter and a celestial bronze sword. In the letter Ariadne explained what dangers he might face and the address to Camp Half-Blood. Nate named the baby Gale. Nate hid the sword in a box in the cupboard which Gale was not allowed to touch.

Gale was not told that his mother was a goddess. He had a really enjoyable childhood with lots of friends. Right from the smallest classes he was always first. He was popular and he had never any reason to complain. To protect Gale, Nate sent him for fencing classes, right from when he was eligible. Gale learned fighting fast and was good at it, owing to his demigod instincts. By the age of 10 he was an expert. Nate gave Gale the CB sword saying that it was to practice at home. Gale found it a little strange but took it without a word. Gale was diagnosed with ADHD but not dyslexia. Nate had met a satyr called Ken, who protected Gale.

At the age of 12, a few weeks before his birthday, one Sunday when practicing with his CB sword in his garden a harpy attacked him. He was shocked, he had never seen such a strange creature before. He was lucky that he had his sword in hand. Even so he was badly hurt while trying to kill it. He was hospitalized for several days. After this incident Nate and Ken told Gale that he was a demigod. 

Gale was scared and constantly in fear of being attacked again, and he was attacked just a few weeks after, just after his 13th birthday. One day, when he was returning from school with Ken, a hellhound attacked him. This time he did not have his sword with him. He froze with fear when he saw the hellhound. The monster attacked, Gale, wishing he didn't want to die, accidentally summoned a labyrinth wall. As soon as the wall took effect, Ken and Gale ran towards home. Ken reached Gale's house but Gale was still far behind when the hellhound caught up. Gale was trying to close the garden gate but the monster pushed it. Ken threw the sword towards him just in time. Gale took the sword and as the hellhound pounced, he stabbed it in the stomach. Gale suffered only minor injuries. Nate knew it was time to send him off to camp. Nate took Gale till the boundary by bus. There were no monster attacks since it was only two days. Gale now lives at camp.

Weapons: His sword. Isabella Chase (talk) 11:00, October 29, 2013 (UTC)


If the dangers were explained to Nate, why did he tell his son of his mother, a goddess? What monsters did Gale encounter between his first monster attack (at age 11) to the attack with the hellhounds? In addition, even with fencing practice, it would still be hard to easily kill your first monster, especially one that can fly. Also, I'm pretty sure people (authorities or any other person of the like) would notice when a minor would be wielding dangerous weapons. >.< Did he ever arrive at Camp? What age was he when he arrived?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

11 is still quite a young age for a first monster attack. Usually they start at 12.

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Camp Half-Blood does not have a gate that opens and closes. It has a magical barrier that restricts monsters from entering.

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I meant his houses' gate. Not a Camp gate. Anyways I changed it so there are no misunderstandings.Isabella Chase (talk) 06:13, November 1, 2013 (UTC)

There isn't really such thing as "no monster attacks till the next year," monsters constantly attack demigods.

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So he's 12

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Where did Nate hide the sword in the time it took for Gale to grow up? How did they get to Camp? Did any monsters come after Gale on his journey to the said place?

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Just to be sure, he's currently 13, yes?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Yes.Isabella Chase (talk) 08:41, November 5, 2013 (UTC)

Kindly remember to add his name to the cabin list and his picture to the photo album. Thank you.

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