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Name:Gemma Hanson Bridges

God Parent:Eros, Morpheus, Limos

Mortal Parent:Gina Hanson

Appearance: Bethany Struble


Personality:Gemma is an helpless romantic. She has read all romantic classics and novels and has watched the best  romantic dramas and comedies about a billion times. She loves the idea of love, and is a big matchmaker. Being a lover, not a fighter, she is reluctant going into battle, but she still goes for the sake of her friends. She can be a bit silly sometimes, fantasising about everything, but is very friendly, with her upbeat, and sometimes offbeat personality. Gemma has an ear for gossip and will carry on rumors she has heard from others, but she wouldn't carry on one that would hurt someone's reputation. Just the ones that are not that mean. On bad days, she can be cranky and will cut herself off from others. Her advice may be lacking, but you can't criticize someone who tries their best.


Parent's Meeting: Gina Hanson, nationally famous for her best selling romantic novels, was one to say she had no romance in her life. She created stories of pleasure and happiness in another's company, yet didn't have any company of her own. She had tried multiple times finding the man of her dreams, but they either hooked up with her best friend or dumped her when they found a hot model from Europe. Yes, she didn't have any love and she was putting her bets on dying alone. Well, before she did that she would have to, of course, buy a cat.

Upon deciding what kind of cat she wanted, she made her way towards the small pet shop located in the small community on the east side of Pennsylvania. When she entered the store, her eyes caught on to a Shorthair near the back and she hurriedly went to go check the animal out. As fate would have it, a squeaky toy had fallen and Gina happened to slip on it and almost fall to the ground. A man had caught her before she had hit the floor. She spun around about to thank the man when she gaped. The hero was a tall man with green, no blue, eyes, neatly cut brown hair, and muscles peekin out from under his white shirt. Gina didn't know how long she had been standing there, mouth wide open, staring straight at this angel-on-Earth kind of guy, but she knew it was long enough. She quickly apologised, and the man introduced himself as Eric. He started telling her that he was a huge fan of her books and how he was romance fan. That led them to a conversation on great literature.

Gina was skeptical when he asked to take her out for coffee sometime, because of her recent experiences, but that smile plastered on his handsome face just seemed to melt her. She agreed and they met the following morning for coffee, and after a few dates, the both of them decided to become an actual couple. A month later, after many dates and interviews, Gina and Eric did it. Gina began to feel sick and immediately knew why. She picked up a pregnancy test from the local drugstore, and tried it; positive. Gina told Eric and he rejoiced, but Gina wasn't surprised when he left her the next day. She was annoyed and hurt, but mostly annoyed. She didn't bother reading the note he left on her nightstand and threw it away. All her life she was just thrown around, men used her for urges and then just left, and now she was pregnant, and she didn't want the baby.

Birth:Because of her beliefs, she decided not to get an abortion but to put the baby up for adoption. She told a worker and after month she recieved a call from the social worker that they have found a couple in New Jersey whom have good backgrounds and are liscensed. After meeting them herself, Gina agreed to letting her baby grow up with these people. She had learned their names as Dylan and Tamara Bridges. Dylan was an attorney and Tamara was an architect who spends most of her time at home.

In March, the baby, Gemma, was born. Gina gave Gemma to Dylan and Tamara and moved on with life, focused more on work and moved to Italy where she was given many job offers. Dylan and Tamara introduced themselves to the baby and took her home.

Childhood:Gemma was a jewel to her elders and her peers. When she was a toddler, she would delight her elders with her sweet smile and laugh, and how she hardly cries. She was a main visitor to the homes when she was a bit older;she was always asking her mother to take her there after school. She loved hearing the stories of the old folks and their significant others.

Gemma was a pretty popular girl in her late elementary school years, but was held back because of her inability to read "properly". Aside from that, she was popular among the students for being the social and constantly talking young lady she is. 

Gemma had an average school life. She followed the rules, though occasionally she would give the teacher sass. She had been diagnosed with dyslexia from birth and even though it was hard for her, mostly in her school life, she pulled through it and ignored it, but her parents hired a private tutor for her. The tutor had the name of Agave and, for some odd reason, smelled like aloe. He was her satyr though she didn't suspect a thing, of course. But Tamara did.

Tamara, herself, was the daughter of the goddess, Aphrodite. Having never liked satyrs, because of their untidy hygeine and their big appetite to eat almost everthing at the table, she had a private conversation with Agave and told him she would take the matter into her own hands. She dismissed the satyr and told him to go back to camp with her charmspeak and decided to tutor Gemma herself. She took on to banning anything that would attract monsters from the house. Tamara also started to homeschool Gemma.

First Monster Attack: All efforts to stop monsters from coming didn't really work. In the summer of sixth grade, when Gemma was 11, a harpy crashed through her window, interrupting her while she was in the middle of painting her toenails. She screamed and Tamara immediately came in. Tamara had wielded a sword which she had always carried in the form of glasses and fought the harpy till it's ashes were on the bedroom floor. Gemma had been in her closet the whole time.

Tamara explained everything to Gemma, who took it in rather well. Tamara, though, still had no clue that it was Gemma attracting the creatures, not herself.

Getting to Camp: A few years later, and after many various encounters with different monsters, Tamara grew tired of always having to always protect her daughter.

She had fought off a fire breathing horse a week after Gemma was attacked by the harpy, a chimera at the grocery store when Gemma was 12, a giant scorpion at the bakery a month later. She had fought another harpy when Gemma was 13 outside of the mall, a hellhound at Christmas time. She had also fought a telekhine on Independence day at the beach when Gemma was 14, a Stymphalian Bird later that year, a Scythian Dracnae on Gemma's fifteenth birthday, and finally, an Orthrus at Easter.

Tamara realized that Gemma was also a demigod when another satyr came, this time named River. River told Tamara that Gemma needed to go to camp, and it hit her. Tamara knew she had to tell Gemma.

Tamara sat down on day with Gemma and her husband. She told them that Gemma was someone like her and that there was a camp Gemma could go to to train herself and learn more than she knew about her ancestors. They decided on going to it, and the next morning they set off. Tamara gave Gemma one of her celestial bronze swords. The three soon reached Half Blood hill. Dylan and Tamara hugged their daughter and they left, and Gemma entered the camp.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Swords

Signature: RainbowDon't judge me, I was born to be awesome, not perfect. -Awesome Rainbow


How old was she had her first monster attack? Please detail her other monster attacks before Tamara let her go to camp. How old is she at the end of the claim? On the wiki, we consider bladed fans to be back-up weapons, so please list a more substantial primary weapon. Where did she get her weapons?

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She is now 16.

RainbowDon't judge me, I was born to be awesome, not perfect. -Awesome Rainbow

  • With Tamara being a demigod, her and Gemma's scent combined will attract more monsters.
  • How did Tamara know that Gemma is a demigod? If Gemma was attacked Tamara could assume that it was her scent that attracted it.
  • 14 is a bit too old for demigod to encounter their first monster. As a child of a non-big three god, she should encounter her first monster between the ages of 10 to 13.
  • Tamara should know how dangerous it is being outside of camp as a demigod, I'd highly doubt that she'd risk Gemma dying and not bring her to camp.
  • Please choose monsters categorized under light for the monster attacks.
    • There's two types of drakons, the Lydian Drakons and the Aethiopian Drakons. Lydian Drakons are categorized under suicide and fighting it with less than 8 trained demigods is suicide. Aethiopian Drakons are cateogrized hard require at least 5 trained demigods to kill.
    • Baby hydras most likely will not be attacking demigods. A full grown hydra requires a minimum of 6 demigods to kill.
    • Aside from saying that Gemma encountered the monster please explain in detail what the circumstances of the encounter and what methods she used during the encounter.
      • With Tamara being a demigod (knowing of her identity), they should generally encounter 2 monster a year.

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Please add a few more ages throughout the history (for childhood events, monster attacks etc). Also, as Kevin touched on earlier, the combined scent of two demigods will attract more monster attacks, so it's likely that Gemma's first monster attack would be even earlier than 13.

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RainbowDon't judge me, I was born to be awesome, not perfect. -Awesome Rainbow

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