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  • Name: Geoff Arnolds
  • Age: 15
  • Mortal parent: Lily Arnolds
  • 3 possible god parents
    • Apollo
    • Ares
    • Zeus
  • Species: Demigod
  • Appearance: Asian, medium weight, short crop black hair, and 5'9
  • Weapon of Choice:
    • Ares: Two-handed Celestial bronze sword
    • Apollo: Crossbow and two Celestial bronze switchblades

  • Common traits:
    • Fear of betrayal
    • Constantly seeking to learn more than is good for him
    • Strong belief in equality to all
    • Slight inferiority complex
    • Self-goals, but never selfish
  • Ares:

Geoff is a robot with a heart of gold; possessing an incredibly dry sense of humor and cynical outlook on life, Geoff's anger has constantly provided him with problems in life. Despite this, though, he has always sought to help others in nonglorious ways. He is humble, often placing his role in missions below others.

  • Apollo:

Geoff is quick-witted, sarcastic, and very flirtatious. He also, however, has a severe tendency to lie. He enjoys the thrill of evading the truth, and it amuses him when he gets caught. Due to this, along with his somewhat rebellious nature, he often gets into trouble with figures in authority. He's also incredibly afraid of committing to relationships, often flirting with girls but never taking it to far; he's experienced love and loss, and it's something he can't- or rather doesn't want to- go through again.

During the raid of a meth lab of the infamous Desert Vipers crime syndicate, S.W.A.T. officer Lily Arnolds was nearly K.I.A. by said criminals. However, before they could finish the job, new recruit Jason Donalds (Ares/Apollo in disguise) arrived just in time to save the fatally wounded officer. The two remained on friendly terms for three months afterwards before developing a romantic relationship. Three months into dating, Lily announced she was pregnant. Despite Donalds' rejoice, he knew he couldn't care for the child. Lily, as this announcement was rather sudden and Donalds had always stated his reluctance to having kids, understood and allowed him to leave on good terms. However, Lily was sadly killed when the child was born. Adopted by his willing but apathetic aunt Mildred, Geoff Arnolds 's life began quite literally in blood.

Geoff's infancy was rather uneventful, with his immediate family caring for him well enough. By age four, though, Geoff had his first exchange with bullies. Geoff, who'd been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, was often taunted for the disabilities. He found solace with his next-door neighbor, the mortal Dorian Harris. Dorian, often bullied due to his homosexuality, became fast friends with Geoff for their shared dislike of bullies.

When Geoff turned eight, he went through a short period of depression, adopting a significant inferiority concept. His family, noticing, decided to finally get him professional help. The psychiatrist recommended attending a summer camp, and Geoff met one Molly Stark, a mortal girl who shared Geoff's interest in military history and dislike of bullies. When Geoff turned thirteen, the two friends started dating.

At this time, Geoff had been having strange visions. Often, they involved him and Molly running from a horde of fire-breathing beasts. Confused by this, he nevertheless eventually took Molly horseback riding. There, Geoff saw his vision come true, as they'do agitated several red horses that spat fire. The couple barely escaped in time, with the barn nearly burning down.

A year later, a tragedy happened in Geoff's life. While on a picnic date, Molly and Geoff were attacked by several large scorpions. Neither was severely hurt, but Molly started to exhibit heart problems. For the rest of the year, Geoff struggled with Molly until she died from a hereditary heart disease. Dorian, seeing his friend's immense pain, decided the best thing to do was distract Geoff from his love's death.

While on a hunting trip with Dorian, the pair Wass attacked by Hellhounds. Despitte several fatal shots from their rifles, the beasts did never back down. Dorian managed to escape, despite the Hounds never being after him, while Geoff ran away from the hounds, who pursued him. While fleeing, Geoff ran into two campers, who'do been patrolling nearby. When they heard him scream, the two campers tried to escort him to Camp Half-Blood. However, the three demigods were quickly surrounded by the Hellhounds. The male demigod handed Geoff a Celestial bronze knife, and the trio then bravely fought the the hounds. Geoff managed to kill one when it bounced on him and he stabbed it, before throwing his knife at the last one, who was about to pounce on the female demigod.

The two campers, realizing Geoff was one of them, brought the confused and terrified Geoff to Camp Half-Blood.



I'll comment on here the issues. Once again, welcome to the wiki!

  • Although normally the first godly parent's choice is the one approved, please do change the third one, as Artemis is a strict virgin. No exceptions.
  • It is fine if you have different personalities depending on which God is chosen once he is claimed, but the history should only be one (remember to write the history as if the first parent choice was the one to be claimed with).
    • Besides that, the history should be much longer. Approx from 3-4 paragraphs, including how Lily met Ares, how their love happened and leading to Geoff being born. (Just don't be too graphic :)
    • Also, mention how was Geoff's early childhood, including important events that happened to him every 2 years or so.
    • Please do add his first monster attack. What monster was it (Please not that they can only be easy monsters)? How did Geoff kill it? When? (Ranging from 11-13 years old).
      • Also please note that monsters can only be killed with Celestial Bronze (CB) weapons.
    • Apart from all those things to add, also mention how Geoff got to camp. With help of a satyr/demigod? By plane/cab? How was his journey etc?

Other than that, I think it is looking fine. Best of luck! "If life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone!" DrXax DrXax Minion

Heyya, Cfp! Welcome to the wiki and I'll be your helper for today! Prior to what Drax said above, these are the things I've noticed:

  • Generally, demigods have to have dyslexia and ADHD ranging from ages 7-9. It would be reasonable if you would put it on your history since it's applicable to demigods.
  • What happened between ages 4-13? The acceptable age for a first monster attack is from 10-13, but with the right circumstances 14 is acceptable. 15 is too old for a first monster attack tho.
  • What happened when they were chased by the Fire-Breathing horses? It was vague for me or am I just stupid. >_>
  • Lastly, kindly put your signature below your claim because it is preferred and helpful for us helpers to know who made the claim without overlooking it. :--)

EzghadWOFSig"They are the food and we are the hunters!"  —EzEzghadWOFSig 

Hey ill be your claim checker today and would like to say this is a pretty good claim but before it can be accepted i would like you to fix a few thing

1)Is Molly also a demigod?? I would just like to know because if not then most likly the mosters would just ignore her and go straight for Geo

Answer: No, she isn't a demigod. She just happened to get caught in the cross fire. Haha, I made a joke, I'm hilarious. Music notes clipart"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words" ~MusicianMusic notes clipart

  • To clarify, you first god choice is Apollo? In your personality and weapon section you have the "Ares" personality and weapon listed first and you put: (Ares/Apollo in disguise) in the history; but, you have Apollo listed as your first god choice.
    • Yes
  • A god wouldn't stay with (date) a mortal for one year; they have godly duties and are constantly interacting with other mortals. If a mortal does not wish to proceed in having a child after a few months, the god will probably leave the mortal and interact with another.
  • Who/what caused Geoff to have visions of future events?
    • He's a demigod son of Apollo, God of prophecy. I can see the rare flash or two happening once every blue moon, but I can take that out and replace it with nightmares.
  • What exactly happened to Dorian after the hellhound encounters? And also, is he a clear sighted mortal (if not, the hellhounds will appear to him as large dogs)?
    • He is a full-fledged mortal. They were very large, very dangerous dogs.

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Hi there I'm mel I'll be your claim checker today and before I start I have to say your claim is almost claim worthy but I have to ask one thing. Are molly and Dorian demigods? cause monsters dont attack mortals cause of the mist thing you know? They cant see them. Thats all the problem I see I hope to see you again :)

  • I've clarified this in previous questions; They are mortal, just happening to get caught in the crossfire.

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Heyya, Cfp! I'll be your helper here again today!

  • First, it's vague for me how Geoff was able to kill three hellhounds by himself if he didn't undergo proper training and just got the dagger on that time.
    • Ot pounces on him, he stabs it.
  • Lastly, what do you mean by "Dorian barely survived the attack" since you clarified that Dorian isn't a demigod then what was the image of the hellhounds in Dorian's vision the reason why they shot them?

EzghadWOFSig"They are the food and we are the hunters!"  —EzEzghadWOFSig 

Hi there super sorry for the long wait anyhow I'm here to say I dont think molly could be killed by the scorpion (unless you can give me a solid reason to how she is a threat to the monster to get his food (A.K.A the demigod) then I'll accept it) but for now thats all the problem I see with it I'll claim it later promise :)

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 16:01, April 11, 2015 (UTC)

looks good to me

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