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Name: Gideon Markov


Godparent:Nemesis, Nyx, Hecate

Mortal Parent:Draco Markov

Appearance:(see picture)

Personality: Gid is often confident,eager for fun and the pursuit of a good time,is easily excited, and has a vast thirst for adventure. Usually calm and level headed,but when angered enough is ruthless and militant.

Draco Markov lived,if nothing else, a normal life. Having grown up in the Bronx, he'd always been taught to be cautious of those around her and,for the most part, was.He would simply train in his Jeet Kune Do dojo, eat lunch at a local hotdog stand, teach his training classes, and have dinner at the local Chinese restaurant in a systematic routine every day. The one thing he'd ever done to not play it safe was visit the Bronx Zoo at least twice a month. Most times to clear his head, but mostly because he simply enjoyed the atmosphere. It was at the zoo in the World of Birds exhibit that she would meet a woman who would introduce herself as "Nimune", who in actuality was the goddes Nemesis. The two were instantly smitten with each other, and quickly began a brief fling, which brought an exhilarating thrill to the otherwise "play it safe" lifestyle Draco had been accustomed to. When he found that she was pregnant with his child, Nimune disappeared, nowhere to be found, and Draco never saw her again. Nearly a year later a baby boy was left at his doorstep, with a note claiming it was his son, Gideon.

Draco raised Gideon as best as he could, trying to make him just as normal as he had been growing up. He trained him in Jeet Kun Do as he got older, an area in which Gideon excelled. Often irritated by his adventurous nature and apparent lust for adrenaline, Draco constantly worried for Gideon. In an attempt to make amends for leaving them both behind, Nemesis once returned to Draco on Gideon's 8th birthday while he was at school, offering him copious amounts of money and a weapon for Gideon to defend himself with once he was old enough, claiming he would need it soon. Draco, confused, took the gifts and watched, awestruck, as the woman left him again.

As long as Gideon could remember, he felt strange and out of place in school and around other people. He had few friends in school, and was often made fun of and picked on for standing out so much, and how well he did academically. His only really close friend was Izzy, a Puerto Rican girl he lived near. She never really made fun of him, as she too was usually picked on for playing with her tarot cards. The two were often protective of each other, and would comfort each other when the bullying would become to much to handle.

The two continued like this well into their teens, until Gideons's 17th birthday. He had woken up that morning, and looked for the staff that was usually kept on their mantle in the display case. Draco explained to him that it was a gift from his mother, and that it was time to get rid of it, claiming it was foolish of him to have kept it and that he had sold it. He then handed him a pen, wishing him happy birthday. He smiled,pocketed the pen and thanked him as he left for school.

As he was walking home with Izzy, the two began to hear an odd hissing coming from a nearby alley. As Gideon went to investigate, he was nearly eaten alive by a gryphon, but managed to dodge to avoid being mauled. Izzy's eyes widened in surprise, and she began to run, with the monster following close behind her. Gideon managed to catch up to her, and told her they needed to split up. She nodded and an off in the opposite direction as him.

The gryphon decided to chase Gideon. He lead it away from Izzy for as long as he could before he ran into an alley with a dead end. The monster prepared to pounce when he remembered the pen in his pocket. He doubted it could do much, but as the monster dived at him, he ducked and pulled out the pen. As he flipped it open, the point extended into a shimmering bronze staff.. He then swung at the monster's face as hard as he could and began to run again as the beast slumped into a hump,dazed.

Gideon ran to find Izzy, only to find her hiding on the roof of an apartment complex. He ran up to her and hugged her, asking if she was alright.Before she could answer, the gryphon growled behind them, having climbed the building. Gideon drew his staff, but knew it'd be no use against the creature head-on. Instead he put it away, snatched up Izzy as fast as he could and ran to the edge of the building and tried to jump over to the next. As soon as he jumped, however, he knew he has jumped too early and hadn't had enough lift to make it across, and braced to smack into the side of the building. At that moment, he wished with his entire being that he had wings, and just like that, the two were lifted up into the air, floating over to the next building. Soon, they ran across the roofs, they made it across town.

"What the hell was that?!" Was all Gideon could manage. Izzy, looking distant,simply pulled out a piece of paper in her pocket before mumbling"That's what he meant......My father, he said that I'd need this to get somewhere I'd need to go soon. They're directions, y'see....but to where, I don't know." With no reason not to, the two left on a journey to the destination the directions would lead to.

It would be 3 days before they reached their destination at Camp Half-Blood. As soon as they entered, the two were claimed. Izzy by Hecate and Gideon by Nemesis. When she asked the people at camp how her father knew how to find camp, Izzy was told her father was a son of Hecate and had been there years before, and lead them there.

Weapon:Twin CB quarterstaves

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