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Name: Ginny McHale

god Parent: 1.Harmonia  2. Nyx 3. Posiedon 

Mortal Parent: Russel McHale

Age: 16

Personality: Ginny is very impatient person. Whenever she does something she wants immedaite results and hating waiting. She is also very curious. She likes investigating things, and frequently intrudes on situation's that she isn't a part of. She likes to snoop and frequentlyeavesdrops on conversations. She is an attention-seeker. Neglected by her father, she needs the attention of others to feel loved. 

Appearance: Ginny had a petite stature at 5'4 aand weighing 96 lbs. She has thin, narrow eyes and slightly pale skin. She has slightly elfish ears and small lips. She has thin eyebrows and a similar thin stature. Her most outstanding feature is her pink hair. Her natural color is blonde, but she died it pink. 

Weapon: Norman Sword (Old Nordic Sword) 

History: Russel McHale was a budding screenplay writer. His dream was to act on Brodway, but he never even sniffed a Brodway stage. Unable to achieve his dream he became a screenplay writer, and he excelled at it. He was presenting his first big film at the Sundance music festival, and Harmonia happened to be in the audience. She abosuletely loved the film, and was especially infuated with the dialogue and the concept. Afterward she met up with Russel and talked to him over coffee. The two began going and soon a relationship evolved. Evetually Harmonia was pregnant. Harmonia stuck by Russel during her pregnancy, and after nine months Ginny was born. Harmonia was sad to go, but knew she must leave Russel and Ginny, so she left.

Russel loved his daughter and always made time for. Even as he ascended up the entertainment industry ladder, he still made time for. Though Russel was frequently out of town, he had quickly married after Harmonia left, so Ginny would have a mother. Ginny and her step-mother, Cheryl, grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey. Similar to her husband Cheryl also dreamed of being on brodway. She was more successful, but never landed any marquee roles. Both parents wanted to live their dreams through their daughter and constantly forced her to practice acting. Ginny didn't mind this much, and enjoyed all the attention she got on the big stage. The only thing she didn't like about acting was that her father would miss many of her preformances, causing slight depression. Outside of the constant acting, Ginny lead a fairly normal life. Though, she wasn't able to spend as much times with friends as she liked, she still had many and attended a regular preforming arts school. 

Ginny had recently gotten her first big stage part outside of school. She was extremely excited and her dad was flying in from out of town to watch it. Ginny was ready to put on a great performance for her father, but the day before he called her, saying something had come up and he would have to miss it. Angry, Ginny decided to go the shadier parts of town to blow off some steam. While walking around with her friend Randy the two were attacked by a baby cyclops. Ginny had never learned fighting and was quickly tossed aside. The cyclops intended to eat the incapcitated girl quickly, but first had to finish Randy. Randy confused the cyclops with his reed pipes and proceede to stab it with a celestial bronze knife. Ginny suffered a broken arm and several bruises from the expirence. When Ginny regained consciousness, Randy explained to her the demigod situation. He urged her to go to Camp Half-Blood, but Ginny wanted to talk to her parents first. When Ginny's step-mother saw her condition, she knew she had to be pulled from the show. Enraged she yelled at Ginny for blowing her oppurtinity. Ginny angry at her father for neglecting her again and her step-mother for caring more about the show than her health, she left with Randy. After a short trip in Randy's car the two arrived at Half-Blood Hill. 

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