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Name:Giovanni Monroe


Mortal Parent:Harrison Monroe

God Parent:Pandia/Asteria/Iris Model:reinaldo berthoti


Giovanni Monroe,generally tends to be placed in the stereotypical anti-social-loner category quiet a bit. He has the habit of avoiding stressful scenarios,and human interaction in general.Giovanni is slow to anger,and rarely displays clear emotions outside of “Calm”. Due to his anti-social behaviors Giovanni was often made fun of in school,which causes him to sheer away from people/emotions even more.


Harrison Monroe,a young feeble minded priest of Nemesis,whom had nothing much to offer besides his gift to see thorugh the so called mist that so many mortals couldn't see before,unbelievably dashing looks (that of a child of beauty Goddess to say the least),and a simple goofy since of charm. Why,would a goddess so cold,and ruthless,such as Nemesis choose a young man like Harrison for the job of Priest? Is a question one is naturally drawn to,and the answer is quite simple really. Nemesis longed to added a “warmer” side to the idea of revenge,she needed a priest who she felt was worthy,but was also charismatic enough to represent her. With these new requirements,Harrison was almost a perfect suitor for the job,So she recruited the boy through his dreams.

One fateful night young,sixteen year old Harrison,was approached by a young girl who at the time appeared his age. She seemed to have a magical aura to her,and with his new sense of powers he could since this girl was different from the average mortal,she was a goddess. At first the two began as simply friends,but one night when the girl came to visit something was...different. She looked a tad bit older,a tad bit.more mature...she was....sexier.She seduced young Harrison.

Furious with her priest’s seduction,and turn towards romances,Nemesis,punished the handsome young Harrison,with a total of two curses. The first curse,reversed his gift of natural beauty,and dramatically deformed the boys face. The second of the curses,transformed him into a Spirit of Revenge,so he was forever to live with the sins of his past. After being transformed,Harrison fled away from all human contact to the abandoned underground railroads,sewers,and subway stations of New York.Never staying in one particular place.

Five months had passed,and young Harrison once again met the goddess who had seduced him,but this time the woman had a child in her hands,it was Harrison's demigod son,who would later become known as Giovanni.

Harrison,raised Giovanni to the best of his ability's,which unfortunate for young Giovanni meant a life hidden away from the general public in the sewers/tunnels of New York. Harrison would only leave his concealed tunnels of solitude,when Giovanni was in need of supplies. The former-priests life soon became revolved around baby Giovanni.

As Giovanni grew to the age of six ,Harrison grew aware of his son’s need for a real home,and education. So Harrison,enrolled Giovanni in public school,and came out of the tunnels of new York. Harrison purchased a small warehouse where him,and his son could peacefully be alone.

Once young Giovanni began life in public school,he began to shy away from the other kids. Towards the age of eight,Giovanni began to get picked on by the other boys at his school,and was even physically abused by the other boys. Finally Giovanni made a point to tell his father of this bullying.

Extremely pissed off with the development of his son’s social status at school,our Revenge Spirit,Harrison,began to lust towards getting Revenge on the children who had wronged his own child. At first Harrison attempted to control himself,but his natural instincts began to take over. He desired revenge. So one evening Harrison,hid in the bushes outside of Giovanni’s school to find out witch of the boys where bullying him. He found the main to bullies where twin brothers. So he followed the twin brothers,as they walked home laughing about beating up Giovanni. As the twins nearly reached the block they lived on Harrison jumped out of the tall bushes,and with a single rock in his hand started to beat the boys....Harrison just kept...beating...and....beating until both of the young men laid lifeless.Harrison then hid the bodies in his old home,the sewers of New York.

.......The next day at school Giovanni was shocked to find the twins had “gone missing”.

On,Giovanni’s thirteenth birthday,Harrison allowed his son to take a day off of school,and just hang out around the house to celebrate his birthday. During the celebration day,a group of three Stymphalian Birds burst through the windows of the warehouse and swarm Giovanni. Harrison acting from from fatherly instinct,grabbed a small CB dagger & sword he had hidden away from `his past times at camp and threw the dagger to Giovanni. Together they fought,and killed the birds.

With that over,Harrison sat down,and explained to Giovanni how he was a demigod,and told Giovanni the true origin of his horrific morphed face......Once Giovanni heard of this camp, “Camp Half Blood” that Harrison had talked about he wanted to go. Angry with his sons wishes to leave him Harrison became greatly enraged and did something unthinkable,He hit Giovanni. That night,when Harrison fell asleep,Giovanni ran away.

Giovanni,now frightened of his father for the first time in his life,fled as far away as his little feet would take him. He desperately wanted to find this camp,but could not. Afraid of Harrison finding him,Giovanni went train to train,until he felt he was far,far away from his newly abusive father. Giovanni wouldn't stop his adventures until his next birthday....

On Giovanni’s 14th birthday,he was out searching for his next meal in the forests’ of New York,when a Horse sprinted past him...At first he was amazed at the sight of a wild horse. Until it sped back towards him,and he realized the horse was breathing fire. Giovanni attempted to out run the Horse,but he was no match for the Fire Breathing Horse’s awesome speed. Things seemed dark for young Giovanni,he tripped on a rock,and his life flash before his eyes,until suddenly with a cry the horse turned to dust,as two other individuals began shooting arrows into the horse’s body.

The two individuals who had saved young Giovanni’s life from the demonic horse,were an older demigod couple in there mid thirties who had moved to the forests of New York to create a safe haven for there self's. The couple took Giovanni in and raised him as their own.The man in the couple being a son of Athena,and the female of the duo being a daughter of Ares ,the group was well protected,to say the least. During Giovanni was home schooled by the two,and taught how to properly survive as a warrior. Years passed and so did the monster attacks. One year ,Giovanni was attacked by a harpy,who he killed by himself with a his bow and Arrow, another the trio was attacked at once by a group of giant scorpions that they fought off together.

Despite all of these amazing encounters the trio finally met one enemy they could not fend off,on Giovanni’s 17th birthday ,the group went outside in order to have a family picnic of sorts to celebrate.While on the picnic,suddenly one Empusa approached the group. At first the trickery of the Empusa,fooled young Giovanni,and his adoptive father,which left his adoptive mother alone to fight. Quickly,his adoptive mother,being a weak fighter was out powered,and quickly killed at the hands of the Empusa. Hearing his mother’s screams snapped Giovanni from the Empusai's trickery,and quickly he began to battle. His father,then joined him. After hours of battling,the two where finally victorious over the Empusa.

After the death of his adoptive mother,Giovanni decided to have his adoptive father take him to the notorious camp half blood,so he could train in her honor. His father agreed....Soon after arrival,Giovanni was claimed by his biological mother.

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Notes/Admin Reviews

Hi, Suede. I'll be your crazy nitpicky claim checker for todaaaay, baa!

  • Goddesses only take 3-5 months giving birth and taking care of their baby, unlike mortal women.
  • Scythian dracanae cannot "trick" or "charm" people. They have no special powers. Were you intending to use empousai?
  • I highly doubt an untrained demigod and a revenge spirit could take down a whole flock of Stymphalian birds. Could you specify how many birds there were?

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  1. Fixed
  2. Yes,changed it.
  3. Changed it to 3


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  • Empousai are really, really hard to defeat. It generally takes two to three demigods to defeat them. Two would have been iffy, but a bit acceptable, but three is just impossible. Could you please reduce it? One empousa actually would have been tough work already.

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I see no wrong here and like before you made a good claim suits :)

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