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Name: Gloria Cambridge

Family: Valliant Cambridge (Father), Nike (Mother)

Weapons: Parazonium knife

Age: 16

Appearance: Gloria has honey blonde hair that is usually tied up in a ponytail. She has sparkling sapphire blue eyes that shine in the sunlight, and a tan skin tone. Most of the time, she is wearing her normal Camp Half-Blood T-shirt with jeans, but makes sure she stays comfy and flexible. She has a slim figure, being an athletic girl, but doesn't make a big deal about her appearance.

Personality: Gloria is the kind of girl who's in it to win it. She takes it okay if she loses, but too many losses will make her lose it! Being the daughter of the goddess of victory, she's good at games and sports and wins most of the time. To be victorious, she makes sure she's doing the right thing. She could be mistaken for a child of Athena, for her keenness and tactics, but isn't really too crazed about school or stuff like that. She's fair and equal, and won't treat you like I-hate-you-we're-enemies-now when she's playing a game or a competition, but more like May-the-best-team-win, but if you push it, she turns to I-will-squish-you-into-a-grease-spot. And let me tell you, she does not forget insults easily.

History: Valliant Cambridge was famous and well known as a member of the New Jersey Senate in Trenton. He was well-connected all over the state, thoguh it seems quite odd for the goddess of victory to take an interest in someone who makes a living stresisng over paperwork. Perphaps it was a victory for him to land a place in a very powerful group. Whatever the reason, I don't see why not. Anyhow, he met her while he was at the bank. Again, goddesses have their ways, so don't ask why Nike was in a mortal bank. My father was a hopeless romantic, and fell in love instantly. They got to know each other more, and they started seeing each other more often. Of course, Zeus wasn't pelased that the goddess contributed half her time visiting my father, and the other half watching him from Olympus nonstop. So, unfortunately, she had to leave the man she loved. My father woke up, ready to see Nike again, and waited for nearly four horus for her to arrive. Heartbroken, he blundered back home, and to his surprise, found a little baby girl on his doorstep. Of coruse, he was very bitter Nike left him, and was very cold to the baby, which was obviously me. He cursed Nike for crushing his heart, and often treated me bitterly and icily. One day, he dropped me off at my aunt's house when I was only two, and said he had to go on a business trip. He left, and never came back. I would sit at the window every day, waiting for the father who would enver come get his daughter back. The days watching the iwndow stretched into years, and I finally gave up hope when I was eight. My aunt treated me okay, but she became busy with the new responsibility of a girl, and had to work harder to afford it. We lived on the Jersey shore together in her cozy, simple cottage, and I lvoed how life was so easy and simple. In school, I earned the admiration of students as a victor at sports, and soon I was the most popular student in my grade. My grades were good, and my P.E. grades were all A+'s. Beignt he daughter of a minor goddess, I wasn't targeted much, but one monster finally tracked me down when I was 11. Me and my friends were camping one night on a school trip, and we heard distant howling, which shook us up. So we decided to climb into our tents and get some sleep. The howling grew louder, and it distracted me, so I peeked outside my tent and screamed. A dozen wolves were standing in the cmapsite, and I don't mean those pretty snowy wolves in the Artic, I mean disgusting, treacherous, and intimidating wolves that had fangs the size of kitchen knives, and claws with a crimson crust that I DON'T want to talk about. My fellow campers awoke with shouts and screams, for they saw wolves, but not as bad as what I saw. They saw clean, mild, tamed wolves, but they were still scared out of their minds. They fled fast, and the first wolf pounced. But a silver arrow whizzed past my nose, and I don't remember everything due to the fact I was so shocked I couldn't think, but before I knew it a gang of girls were standing over the wolves' bodies. They were the Hunters of Artemis (Duh!). They tried to get me to join their cause, but I had no idea whatsoever what was going on, so I just said "I want to go somewhere safe.". Then one of them said I should get to Camp Half-Blood and stay there untl I recover. So they led me there, despite the fact I was in my PJ's and my feet were bare. It was quite awkward to enter cmap like that. Anyways, I recovered at camp and I was claimed the next morning. It took me a long time to process everything, but soon I understood I was the daughter of a goddess. Later, the Hunters asked me to join again, but I refused. Camp is much more suitable for me. So I was here...six years? Long time, eh? I don't stay year-round, I need to go to school. But I stay here as much as possible, and I'll do anything to protect my home.

Come with me.Shademoonsig1Love.Airplanepng

Monsters won't even tracked demigods until they're like 11 or 12. Queen.Bee(Your Highness here!) 15:24, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

Danke for telling me, I fixe dit :) Come with me.Shademoonsig1Love.Airplanepng

Well, actually you need 3 godparent choices. But since you pick Nike, and she 'desperately needs campers',

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