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Name: Grace Monta

Age: 31 (Immortal: Appears to be 17)

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nemesis, Nike, Demeter

Mortal Parent: Clark Monta

Grace Monta

Grace Monta

Appearance: Grace is has a regal air about her. She looks tall and proud, beautiful, the silvery aura that the Hunter's have just accentuating her natural beauty. Grace definitely comes from her Dad's side, with his smooth, pale porcelain skin and high, prominent cheek bones. Grace's hair is curly and dirty blonde hair that just hangs off her shoulders. On the back of her neck she has a scar, that a dracnae gave her when she was 13. It's just three vertical lines that stick out seen as they are a little darker than Grace's normal skin tone. If she's a daughter of Nemesis, her eyes will be able to change colour just like her mother's, though if she's relaxed or not caring about their colour, her eyes will be green. If she is a daughter of Nike, her eyes will be a light, silvery grey colour. And if her mother is Demeter, her eyes will be Hazel. When going on Quests, or to Meetings of the Hunters, her hair is tied up in an elegant bun, and she wears a silky white toga framed with gold. There will be a dash of lipstick on her plump, pouty lips.

Personality: Grace is very determined. If she sets her mind on a goal, she will accomplish it. No matter what. Grace is also quite a Tomboy, and when she was little she would run around and play soccer and such, but as she grew older her hatred for boys grew and she would no longer speak to them, let alone play with them. That's another thing: Grace hates boys more than your average hunter. She will act as though no one is there if one is around, saying that 'Males are the equivalent to scum'. Grace has a thick New Yawker's (purpose misspelling) accent, which she is very proud of. She will often ridicule the Hunters that come from good backgrounds. Grace is very sarcastic, and has a pretty hot temper.

History: It was 1967, Clark Monta had just moved to New York, and was 17 when he began to work in the Cafe. His life was boring, he lived in a small box apartment, wasn't particularly good at anything. So when the mocha skinned woman walked in under the name Nessie, asking for some coffee and where he lived, he couldn't help but tell her. Clark was pleasntly surprised: Nessie lived in the same building as him. Clark couldn't believe his luck. The woman turned out to only be 19, and they decided to go on a date that night.

7 years later a tiny bundle of blankets arrived at Clark's front door. Nessie had left 2 years ago, and Clark's Fiance Daphne Smith was pregnant. Clark was confused. There was nothing about the small baby girl, nothing but a small not that said Grace. -Nessie and Clark couldn't exactly just leave the infant on the ground, now could he? When he told Daphne about Grace, she was livid. She screamed at Clark, hit him, packed her bags and left. Clark had explained that Nessie was an ex of his, and with that Daphne blew up. Clark's family disowned him, he had a good wife, who was with child. They were going to buy a house together. He was working as an accountant, Daphne would stay at home. A good, solid future. And it was this child's fault. It was, not Nessie's. Nessie was too good to him, it was Grace's. he looked after Grace, until she was 4. Grace was just about to enter Kindergarten. It doesn't happen. For Clark is now furious, he finds out that Daphne is happy with another man, and that they're married and together (for this man is rich and their wedding is all over the papers.) He hates 5 year old, happy little Grace. Who was the reason he was living in a tiny, cluttered apartment. Why Daphne was doing so much better than him. Clark began to drink. Not much, and all Grace noticed was that Dad was a lot more smiley than usual, would giggle, not finish sentences a lot more than usual. Wouldn't bring her to school. Would forget to buy important things while shopping. Smelled icky. Began to hit her. Barely bought anything when going shopping. Screamed that she was useless.

What was wrong with Daddy? Grace started to look after the Apartment herself, would have to go to a corner shop and buy things like bread for dinner, because Dad's money only went so far. Grace was sad and hated it, she hated Daddy. But she had to keep him safe, because otherwise he'd do something silly. Grace wasn't good at cleaning though, and she grew thin and tired and achey (because a 7 year old body can only do so much) Soon the apartment grew grungy, disgusting. When Grace was 9, she had to, she just had to. Grace ran as far away as possible. Her clothes were much too big for her (Grace didn't buy clothes often, she had no idea about her size) her face was dirty, and she didn't know where to go. She's found on a street in New York, brough in to a couple of care homes. Then 1991, Grace Monta is sent to school for the first time. Then, 3 months later, she's adopted. The couple aren't very rich, aren't particularly mean or nice. But they're Grace's family now and she loves them. And everything is okay for 5 years, Grace is 15 and though some things do happen, everythings good. Until Grace's first monster.

Grace was suddenly regular. She had some good friends, her best friend a girl named Genivieve (she'll be important soon enough) call her Jenny. Everything was great. Grace was on the Girl's soccer team, her grades weren't the best, but she thought she was doing well (Grace was dyslexic and had ADHD) plus, she was the best in the Class at Physical Education (even better than the boys, but she didn't understand why everyone thought this surprising.) Everything was great. Jonathon and Allison Greggory loved their foster daughter, but didn't know her fate. Grace was starting to get scared though, as she entered 10th Grade. There was a looming sense of danger, one that hadn't hit in its full power yet. Grace was jumpy and freaked out for about 2 months, until the new boy arrived. His name was Ehkash (pronounced Cash), a handsome African American boy. Grace would never admit it, but she had a crush on Ehkash. He was the first 'Boy' she ever loved and the last. They grew to be great friends, though Jenny would tell Grace to stay away from Ehkash. Grace never listened. When Grace was alone with Ehkash one day...he looked down. And he had one, large blue coloured eye. In the center of his head. Ehkash slammed Grace against the wall, knocking her out. But Genivieve came in, a flute thing in one hand, small knife in other...and were her legs furry? When Grace woke up she was on a bus, heading for a place named Camp Half Blood. Genivieve was such a liar, wasn't she? Oh, yeah, Ehkash...

Grace hated boys. She hated them. Because they were all liars, were all selfish, they couldn't be alive without women yet they cheated them. They left them. With their alcoholic Fathers. Love wasn't real, that was what she'd tell the stupid twits in Aphrodite Cabin.If it was, why wasn't she with her Father!? They'd giggle, say that's something Artemis would say. That she totally had a crush on that boy from Hephaestus. Genivieve was a Satyress, apparently. They had become less and less close, for Genivieve had gone all 'School Girl Crush' over a son of Apollo. Grace became friends with some of the girls from Hermes, though she never felt like they were family. She stayed there, in Hermes Cabin. During the Summer she went home, and informed her foster parents of her powers, heritage. Of course they didn't believe her, that's why she had brought Jenny along. Of course they said it was a trick, because Allison and Jon were terrified of change. But Grace convinced them, lived at home for a couple of weeks. Then returned to Camp, to stay in Hermes Cabin once again.  Her Mother had not yet claimed her. She would never claim her, right? That was until, when Grace was 17, the Hunters of Artemis arrived at Camp. They were so strong, so beautiful. Trying to convince girls into doing the right thing. The minute they saw Grace they brought her into their silver tent, despite protests of Campers, annoyed at The Hunters, who took away at least 3 of their Female friends during every visit. And Grace, angry at those who had lied to her, who should have loved her, said those words:

"I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the Hunt"

Exactly 5 seconds after saying those words, a large purple hologram appeared above her head. Violet scales, the sign of Nemesis. Grace joined the Hunt for revenge. Nemesis, proud of her daughter, claimed her.

Grace never regretted the words she said that day. The last 14 years have been the best of her long, eternal life. She visits Jonathon and Allison from time to time, comes to camp when the Hunters do. It's amazing and perfect and everything Grace feels she deserves. It's everything she does deserve.

Weapons: Grace is wicked with throwing knives, though of course using a Bow and arrow is her strength. Her Hunter's bow is made of mahogany (as are her throwing knives, even the blades) and the arrows are silver. The Hunting knives are tipped with Celestial Steel.

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