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Name: Greyson Torres

Age: 16 (really 73)

Mother: Serena Torres

Father: Poseidon/Palaemon/Hades

Personality: Greyson is slightly more mature than Riley, but he has his moments. He's very cold at first, but as you progress in conversation with him, he becomes warmer and warmer. He's arrogant and likes to be lazy. He rarely goes that extra mile for anyone, only really for Riley. He's very critical and will often point out flaws in people when he first meets them.

History: Serena Torres met Poseidon at a party in LA in 1940, and the two clicked right away. After a few more meetings, the two had a one night stand, leaving Serena pregnant. After getting pregnant, Serena moved to Pearl Harbour with her older brother when he joined the navy. At the Harbour, she met Martin Turner, who she quickly became best friends with. The two did everything together, and would always arrange play dates for their sons. Despite moving from LA, Serena kept up her job of being a nurse, and always put others before herself. Along with that, she was dedicated to protecting ocean life. This is what originally caught the attention of both Apollo and Poseidon to her.

Sadly, on the 7th December 1941, Serena and Martin were caught in the bombing of the habor, killing them both. Poseidon went down to the underworld, with Athena, to beg Hades to spare the parents of their children's lives, as the parents always put others before themselves, and their children needed them. Hades, at first, refused, but soon Athena's wisdom aided hers and Poseidon's argument. She suggested that maybe they could bargin for the lives. Hades soon came to his deal of making sure that the two sons, Riley and Greyson, would serve him in the underworld for a limit amount of time. At first, Athena and Poseidon disagreed, but when Hades played the card that they too could also die, and that one of the reasons they came to bargain with him was for their safety, they agreed. Hades sent Serena and Martin back to Earth with the instructions that when their sons reach the age of 16 or 17, they shall be taken away to the underworld.

Back on Earth, Serena moved herself and Greyson back to her home city of LA, and lived back with her parents. Being a daughter of Aphrodite, she was attractive and soon got herself a husband, who she told about her ordeal with Hades. Her husband cared for Greyson as if he was his own son, and would always give him the best in life, knowing the age was coming closer. For Greyson, life never differed from going out to the beach, going to school, and having fun in general, until he was 12 and he had his first monster attack.

The attack itself happened one day in a park, when the family were enjoying a day out. The monster that attacked them was a hellhound. Serena instantly took about defeating the monster, whilst her husband made sure Greyson was safe. That night, Poseidon went back and spoke to Serena as she walked along the beach. They discussed the terms he did to save her and Greyson, and with it, handed her a small bracelet, telling her it was for Greyson to use when he was free of Hades. That night, Serena returned to her home and did everything she could to make sure Greyson was safe.

As Greyson turned 15, he had another monster attack. This time, it was a harpy and he was all alone. Having no tactics, he ran and hope it would stop following him. Somewhere down the line of running back to his house, a satyr had attacked the monster, causing it to focus its attention on him, and not Greyson. For the next year, Serena prevented Greyson from going outside, claiming it to be too risky for him. On his 17th birthday, Greyson was collected by furies that Hades has sent for him, taking him down to the underworld.

In the underworld, Greyson and Riley had different roles; Greyson was a servant of Persephone, whereas Riley was Hades'. Persephone treated Greyson well, but he quickly changed from his old, happy go lucky self, to a more serious and cold person, only being kind to Riley and Persephone. He resented Hades for stealing him away, and started to hate Poseidon more and more. For the many years to come, Greyson attended to Persephone, and did her every command.

Roughly, about forty years after he had been taken, Greyson learned that his mother had died, and Poseidon had saved her from Hades by turning her into a water nymph. From that, Greyson showed respect, and what he could only describe as love towards his father. Ten years from his mother's death, Poseidon decided he had enough with his son being captive, and went to Hades along with Athena to bargain once more. The two appealed that 63 years had been enough for the two boys. Hades disagreed once more and told them that they were his and Persephone's servants. Athena proposed that they boys had some limitations on them, meaning, if they broke the curse set on them, they'd work for Hades in the Underworld for eternity. Hades agreed once more, liking the idea of having his servants back. For Greyson, Hades put on the curse that if he should speak ill mindedly about him, he shall be sent back to the Underworld.

Once being released from the Underworld, Riley and Greyson were escorted to Camp by some satyrs sent by Dionysus per request of Athena.

Weapon: Sword named "παλίρροιας" or Tidal

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Why would Poseidon and Athena care if the parents died? Most demigods parents die, why are these ones so special?

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They cared so much more about these two because they contributed more to their scopes. Serena with protecting Ocean life and Oceans in general, and I haven't done Riley's claim, so idk about him yet, but his dad would have done a lot for wisdom.

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