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Name: Gus

Gender: Male

Species: Fire Nymph


Gus is known for being very manipulative and outgoing . Over years and years of social interaction he has learned keen social skills ,and has become a great pubic speaker. Gus is normally a humerus person ,but if angered he has a very hard time controlling himself. He also loves combat.


Long ago a great being known as Hephaestus had a child with a mortal queen. This child would later be known as Eric Valentine . Eric had grown up in a royal manor in which could never be reversed. He was raised to believe he was a god ,and before long Eric had began to propose himself as a god. Eric had been in belief his great control of fire and crafting skills were stronger then Hephaestus himself ,and began challenging the god in front of the kingdom. This had angered Hephaestus ,and had made the god seek only revenge. So Hephaestus had made a master plan to send a very small grouping of fire nymphs and automation’s to go destroy the tiny kingdom ,and kill everyone expect for Eric. Gus was one of the fire nymphs involved.

The plan had went successfully until Gus had stabbed Eric in the back while he was retreating mistaking Eric for a escaping Guard. Hephaestus being furious over his sons death punished Gus by forcing him to walk amongst the mortals for all of entirety.

Gus over the years had spent his days wondering the earth looking for somewhere to belong. He mainly just gambled ,and attempted to find someplace to fit in when he had finally made his way to the United States Of America. Gus had then found his way to New York , New York after winning plane tickets to New York in a small poker tournament. In his time in New York he had decided to visit the demigod camp that he had heard fellow nymphs speak of over the years . So he did and he felt almost as if he were back home with the gods and decided he could actually contribute to the gods if he were to stay.

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