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Name: Gwenaella "Gwen" Fontaine

Gender: Female
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Mortal Parent: Pierre Fontaine

God Parent: Harmonia, Aphrodite, Tyche

Appearance: (See Pic)

Personality: Gwenaella is a quiet girl though she’s willing to fight for what she believes in. She’s normally a calm, shy and peaceful girl but, if you get on her nerves she’ll be ready to declare war. She respects anyone who as more power than her or is older than her and she’s very loyal to her friends and family. She’s also stubborn and hates it when people talk about her behind her back. She personally hates herself for not being able to keep the king, queen and her family alive and it’s very hard to get close to her personally.

History: Pierre Fontaine, a baker in Paris, was shutting down his bakery for the night when he noticed a young woman sitting across the street. This woman was Harmonia. It was snowing outside and she had barely any clothes so he invited her into his Bakery. The young woman was very thankful and he gave her some freshly bake bread and some extra clothes to keep her warm. Pierre let her stay for the night and the next morning offered her a job at the bakery. She eagerly accepted and began working. Pierre soon began to fall for his beautiful co-worker and as did Harmonia and one night they made love. Recently after, Harmonia left without notice, leaving behind a heartbroken Pierre but, Pierre had to move on quickly so he could keep his mind with his bakery. Though, nine months later, when he opened his shop, he found a baby lying in a basket with a note tied to the handle. The note said the child was his and he was shocked but, he took the baby in and named her Gwenaella.

Gwenaella grew up working in the bakery. She would go around to the local houses and sell bread from door to door. When she wasn’t working, she was attended the nearby school which she wasn’t a very big fan of but, if she was planning on running her father’s business when he got to old, she had to do good in school and she did. Not long after she had turned seven, she and her father began hearing rumors of a rebellion starting against the king and queen. Gwenaella didn’t like the idea of a rebellion but, her father did and he began going to the secret rebel meetings.

Not long after, Pierre packed up all of Gwenaella’s things and took her into the countryside to live with her widowed Aunt Caroline and three cousins, Henri, Liesel, and Belle on their farm. Gwenaella wasn’t happy about moving and didn’t know why but, she obeyed her father. He left a few days later and not long after that, news of the rebellion starting reached the farm. Gwenaella was devastated but, Caroline wouldn’t let her slack off so she sent Gwenaella to go work in the field with Henri. She hated working in the fields but, did it anyway so her aunt wouldn’t get angry at her.

A little while after Gwenaella’s tenth birthday, her aunt got some news from one of her church friends about the Queen needing some new ladies in waiting and anyone who offered to become one, her family would get a year’s worth of grain. Caroline was falling behind on food so she had Henri help Gwenaella pack up her things and take her into the city of Paris. When they arrived in Paris, the city was practically in ruins, people were starving and homeless. In Gwenaella’s eyes, it was a living nightmare. Henri and Gwenaella went to the palace, hoping that the queen wouldn’t pick her but, she did. That night, Henri tried to help her escape but, the two were caught by the night guards and Henri was put into the prison over night.

The next day, Gwenaella began her training as a lady in waiting. At first, she wasn’t very sure of herself but, after many words of encouragement from the maids and several long days of lessons, she was finally ready to begin working for the queen. She enjoyed working for Queen Marie Antoinette though she missed her father and cousins. Sometime after her fifteenth birthday, the rebellion was overwhelming the palace so the King had the queen and her most trusted guards and servants move to the queen’s private home, Hameau de la Reine.

When Gwenaella arrived at Hameau de la Reine, she found her cousins working there, Henri as a stable hand, Liesel as a cook and Belle as a maid. She was so happy to be reunited with her cousins and she began hoping that the rebellion might be over soon and she might get to return to her father and continue working at the bakery. But, her hope ran out as the rebellion got worse as the year passed on. The queen noticed her servants getting gloomier as the days went on so one sunny day she picked several servants and guards and went on an outing.

Around the middle of the day, the queen decided to stop to have a picnic and while they were eating, her favorite horse, Lenag, spooked and ran off and Gwenaella chased after him. After awhile, Gwenaella got lost in the forest and it began to rain so she took cover in a nearby cave. During the storm, a lightning strike hit the rocks above the cave causing the rocks to block the exit. She struggled to move the rocks but, they wouldn’t budge so she sat down and cried until she fell asleep from exhaustion. Meanwhile on Olympus, Harmonia took pity on her daughter so she went to Zeus and asked him if he could put her into a never aging sleep.

Zeus agreed but, told her that as Gwenaella was a demigod, he wouldn’t keep her asleep forever. Harmonia understood what he was saying and went out to ask nymphs to guard the cave from unwanted visitors until she awoke. As the years passed, Zeus forgot about Gwenaella and during this time, nymphs protected the cave from nearby monsters that’d smelled Gwenaella. 216 years later, Harmonia decided that it was time to wake her daughter from her slumber and Harmonia went to Zeus and asked him to wake her. Zeus quickly did, embarrassed that he forgot about the demigod.

When Gwenaella awoke, the nymphs began removing the rocks from the cave entrance and waiting outside for her were two satyrs, brought to take Gwenaella to camp. She was confused until the satyrs explained what had happen, and then she became devastated. The Satyrs and nymphs felt bad for her but told her that they had to get moving as they didn’t want to draw in any monsters. She agreed and the two satyrs took her to camp, teaching her the basics as they traveled to camp.

When she arrived at camp, Harmonia claimed her and she now resides with her half-siblings in their cabin.

Weapons: Her Axe/ring, Yang and her shield/bracelet, Yin

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I only have 1 question. Why would Harmonia go to Zeus instead of to either Morpheus or Hypnos? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

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