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Name: Gwendolyn Ash

Age: 17

God parent: Limos

Mortal Parent: Anthony Ash



Weapon: Whip


Born to a rich pilanthropist father, Gwendolyn Ash couldn't ask for more. She studied in Ivy league schools and lived in large door mansions but Gwendolyn's childhood wasn't always perfect in fact, she was once the bearer of a curse that only a man who served his children as food to gods has. Anthony Ash, her father, was once the richest man in New York. He was lonely. Limos who was on her daily stroll around New York in search for those whom she'd curse disguised as a beautiful woman found Anthony somewhere in 3rd Avenue.

“Well, if it isn't Anthony Ash.” She started, sounding flirty.

“Who are you?” Anthony asked.

“Trust me, you don't wanna know.” She winked.

That conversation was enough to spark interest in Anthony's mind. He pulled the woman inside the car and she was driven home. Strangely, the woman didn't fight back or even question him. She rode with him back to his condominium unit and just stayed silent. They stood in front of each other, not speaking, just taking each other in. Limos' eyes stirs with the images of drought and famine but Anthony wasn't hesitating, he pulled her in and kissed her. Limos was happy but Anthony's rooftop garden wasn't. Their kiss made Limos very uncontrollable. She could not control her powers. She killed the plants on the garden and inside the condominium. Anthony stopped.

“Who are you?” Anthony asked, his face confused.

“Limos, goddess of hunger, famine and drought.” She said with a smile, pulling Anthony in a kiss. They did the inevitable and Limos started concieving her Demigod daughter. She left Anthony in the condominium.

“I'm sorry. Only Demeter can revive them. Just plant new ones love.” Her voice trailed off. Anthony was left heart-broken but after a few months, he found his new love, Victoria, who was another socialite. They moved outside of New York in a mansion that was kept behind the trees. Anthony was stunned when a baby girl was left on the doorstep with a note.

Dearest Anthony,

Here is the child that I have brought to you. She is of your blood and mine. She is a half-blood. I want to ask you that upon reaching 13, you must let her be, leave her somewhere in Long Island. She will stay in a camp where she would stay and survive. I ask this of you. I still love you but I cannot be with you. She is not fit to be with me as she is not a pureblood goddess. Zeus would not permit it. I am sorry.

Lovingly yours,

Anthony has no choice but to bring her in. Victoria didn't like the child at first, Anthony didn't tell her about Limos but told her that it was just a child left on their doorstep. She eventually warmed up to the baby which they named 'Gwendolyn' meaning 'holy'. Victoria had a daughter, Aurora, a few months after. You can barely look them apart.

Limos saw Anthony and Victoria with both babies but due to her rash behavior and jealousy, she cursed her own daughter when she was four thinking that it was Anthony's daughter with Victoria. Limos visited Victoria in a dream, she became really angry at her. Victoria woke up and became really depressed until her mental thinking destabilized and she killed herself by jumping from the mansion's third floor balcony to the ground. Anthony was grief-stricken but he had to move on for the sake of his children.

After Victoria's death, Aurora hated Gwen. The latter was cursed with unbearable hunger. Demeter saw the child's pain and asked Hypnos and Morpheus to help the baby. They appeared before Anthony and spoke with a voice that's sounds so distant yet so near.

A child mistaken for a woman's spawn

a-cursed with hunger and unbreakable bond

shall sleep and wake when the right time comes

marked by a kiss from true love's hums

Awake from a deep and sweet slumber be

the child of hunger cursed with hunger shall see

The deities spoke in unison, they glowed with a radiant light that was so bright Anthony had to squint his eyes.

“Take the other child. Leave from here and leave her.” Demeter told Anthony. He did as said and went back to the city. Demeter appeased her hunger, Hypnos put her to sleep and Morpheus gave her dreams to have her entertained. They raised the child in the mansion that was eventually kept from civilization with the trees and the plants that Demeter charmed to grow. They left by night and came back by day. Gwen was put in eternal sleep but she grows and grows until she was 16. It was almost night, the deities left and came back to Olympus. A strapping young man came to the mansion. He needed a place to stay because he was on a quest. He is also a demigod. He figured that the mansion is abandoned but upon searching the rooms, he saw Gwen's body, lying down, seemingly asleep. He was so struck with the girl's beauty that he couldn't bear his want any longer. He kissed the girl. She must have felt it because the moment their lips touched, she opened her eyes. He ran and was never seen again. Whoever he was, she never knew.

She called and called but no one responded until a Satyr came and sensed her bloodline. He brought her to camp which happened to be near without delay. She felt unbearable hunger but a few minutes upon entering camp, Limos claimed her and her curse was lifted. Limos finally knew that she was her daughter. Gwen knew about her curse because of Limos visiting her in a dream. She hated her since but she started to warm up to her mother. She knew how Demeter, Hypnos and Morpheus helped her through. Gwen didn't care about anything but finding the one who opened her eyes when she was eternally asleep.


Gwen is very outspoken and eccentric but she's never mean. She is new to most of the things because she just woke up after a 12-year sleep. Gwen is the kind of friend who will stick up to you even though you're wrong. She will rather fight physically than negotiate.

Sending the satyrs would be too biased, that's also a lot of godly help just for one demigod, who has yet to even take part in anything significant

"long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    


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