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Name: Hans Himmler

Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Leon Himmler

God/Titan: Aphrodite

Appearance (optional): See Image 

Personality (at least a sentence or two): Hans has a largely ambitious personality, and isn't afraid to use his looks to get what he wants, however, he has an affinity for strategy, and can often be seen with children of Athena. His less openly shown side is his genuine care for most people, whether human or other.

History (more than a paragraph): Hans was the lovechild of Leon and Aphrodite, who met on a trip to the Reichstag in Berlin.He was a historian, and a quite good looking fellow. She was disguised as a famousgerman supermodel at the time, and was therefore quite suprised to find out she had an interest in him, and even more so when she revealed her true nature as a god. They both shared a fasination of arcitecture, and it helped that he was a great greek art lover.

Not long after, the two fell in love, and before Aphrodite left, gave him the small gift of Hans, in a small, highly beuatiful cradle. As he grew up, he knew that he could manipulate others to his whim, but couldn't understand why. He noticed it seemed to work on both genders, but didn't care. His general life was quite relaxed, for someone of his looks. He got decent grades in school, won many trophies, but often was watched from afar, by a strange lady, who he later learnt was his mother. Leon knew the reason Aphrodite had to left, but he still felt depressed about it all, and often broke down into tears when reminded. Leon however, made sure to give his bright young lad a good life, even if he was a tad overprotective, barely letting him out of his sight, causing friction between the two. The only people he considered friends were Alara and Sarah. They were twins, and a quite funny pair to be around. 

When he hit thirteen, his father finally told him the truth about his mother. It was around then, that a new teacher came to the school and Mrs Seiprah was her name. His friends told him to be careful of her, as he was, as they put it, different. It turns out, that she was a Harpie in disguise, and attacked him when on a trip camping in the Italian mountains. The strange creature made Hans scared, and a furious brawl broke out, with Hans blocking her off with a swiss army knife. By the end, both combatents were hurt, and in an attempt to win, the Harpie jumped at him, and he sliced across one of it's wing, sending the Harpie tumbling down the mountain into a ravine. 

His two friends then revealed themselves to be Satyrs, and assisted him in his travel to Camp Half Blood, using boats and planes to hide their tracks. His dad thinks he is dead, and he thinks the same about his dad. As he reached camp, he found a  broken tree, hit by lighting. The tree was uprooted, and underneath was the weapons and armour he uses to this day. It seemed the equipment was from a time when the camp was set up, back when Washington was there. Ingraved in the blade was the symbol of Pi, though Hans wasn't sure of the reasoning for it. 

He then entered the campsite, keeping the discovery a secret, before collecting it after getting settled in. He turned fourteen the next day, and has been at camp for just under a week.

Weapon(s) (optional):

A full set of Iron Armour

A Bronze Scimitar

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Hi, my name is Audrey and I'll be your claim checker today.

  • First of all, your history should be at least three to four paragraphs.
  • Can you elaborate more on how the parents met? 
  • Expand more on his early childhood. A good three sentences should be enough if you don't want to go in-depth. Guiding questions: Was he enrolled in school? How was his general day-to-day life before the monster attacks began happening? Did he have any friends, and who were they? Was Leon upset that Aphrodite left him? Did Leon neglect Hans?
  • Nine is a pretty early age to be attacked by monsters if you're not in the Big Three.... I don't have a particular issue with it but did anything possibly reveal his scent to the monsters?
  • It says he's 14 but you hardly even explained what happened during his first monster attack or what happened after that. How did he fight them off? How and where did he get his weapons? If there were any mortals around without the Sight, what did they see?
  • Pretty sure if Apollo assisted him, that would be direct interference.
  • How long has he been at Camp? Two weeks is the maximum to avoid metagaming.

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Ah alright cheers, I'll do all of this tuesday next week, as I'm going off on holiday.Thurs-Mon

Hi there its me (if you wanna sing the song go on ahead while I read your claim) and I'm sorry for being a tiny bit nit picky >.<

  • How did he get the armor? and if its made from CB (celestrial bronze) do mention how the char got it (if you want to make it simple you could just say "he found it on camp") - It's explained in the second to last paragraph-Lordi  My Wall 21:24, May 29, 2017 (UTC)
  • ...the two satrys... I have one question why didn't they tell him before the attack? cause the satyrs "smell" demigods and dont need to always save them

again sorry for being nit picky ( good luck!

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 14:53, May 27, 2017 (UTC)

Who put the weapons and armor there? Was it another demigod or was it just conveniently left there?

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Currently, it's convieniently, but In rp, I'll flesh it out.-Lordi  My Wall 11:50, June 10, 2017 (UTC)


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