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1.Harmond "Dismond" Landon


3. He's the kid that everyone loves and wants to be, the prodigy with a lovely smile and original personality. He is the pacifist that would rather talk it out than duke it out but like everyone he is hiding a secret. He suffers from a two sicknesses both starting with W's the first is called wolff-parkison-white and the second is called Wilson disease. Which work in harmony due to his mother but lead to strange mood swings. When under stress, panic, or sometimes randomly like during something that might lead to a change in heart rate. While in this enraged state his heart rate increases to one hundred and ninety sometimes two hundred beats per minute which increases the oxygen in his blood. This increase in oxygen makes him stronger and faster for minutes at a time depending on how many ounces of copper are in the blood at a time because of the stress it puts on the body. Every 2 milligram gets him one minute in that state and while there he is a bit above the level an an Ares kid with just natural talent.

4. He dresses business casual at almost all times a pair of black or khaki slacks, a white or blue button up shirt, comfortable dress boots and an extended tail jacket. Though when he loses control and becomes Dismon his attitude almost physically changes his appearance. His shirt is untucked and the jacket flares no longer hugging so close to his legs. His eyes and hair do the near same when calm his eyes are deep and dark brown his hair lies flat though still wiry and afro-ish. When he becomes amped up due to the heat coming off his body his hair flares and becomes wild sticking straight up in spike like formations, his eyes dilate widely which would make his eyes completely black but a thick amber line surrounds the eye intimidatingly.

5. Harmonia

6. Daniel Landon (Adoptive) Marion Landon

7.1. Daniel Landon was a man reaching the end of the prime of his youth a man who seemed immortal while alive. His attitude was that of a charismatic and outstanding leader; a man you wanted to be around just because of his potential. Attracting people to him was never a problem at all until he met a woman that he didn't attract. They were both college freshman at a party and the night was young but for the first time in his life he had to work for someone's attention and work he did. They courted for the a couple of months before his work finally paid off. A couple of months later after everything paying off he is sitting in a hospital waiting for his son to be born when all the lights go off in the hospital. A voice in his head whispers "Take care of our little boy" and, when all the lights come back he walks into the room his girlfriend holding their child and smiling. They both rub their eyes wet with tears and he begins to wonder why everything looks so Misty.

7.2. Officially he started school around six years old, he had been in and out of school due to telltale signs of health problems that couldn't be identified due to them mysteriously disappearing. He is just starting sixth grade and leading a concert when he passes out nearly falling off the stage. He is rushed to the hospital and is diagnosed with Wilson disease and Wolff-Parkison-White diseases which were working in tandem with each other. The electricity from the Wilson disease burning through the left over deposits of copper but as he grew older his heart rate seemed to stabilize making his deposits larger which lead to less frequent but more chaotic episodes and black outs. The two illnesses would make a normal person ill but his mothers advanced healing rate slowed down his heart and restored blood flow as soon as the copper dissappeared. Though he should have been sickly when his heart would beat faster it would pump more oxygen into the blood which made it easier for the muscles to absorb and process blood the dieases making him stronger instead of weaker. Though it baffled the scientist who worked on his case they deduced that because the diseases and his healing rate cancled each other out so perfectly he was just operating on a "Higher gear" compared to other people.

7.3 Despite all of his problems pets, family, friends, and most importantly his parents truly loved the boy and wished for him to reach the heights he was destined to. It was his thirteenth birthday and he had been dragging around the house for a week in a funk for no apparent reason when his mother decided to take him shopping to lift his spirits. He was ecstatic and they drove for nearly the whole day stopping at stores, outlet malls, even the farmers market before stopping one last place on the way back home. They were in a plaza full of multiple stores but he felt drawn to one very specific store in the plaza, it looked eerie and out of place but that didn't stop him for walking to the door and opening it. He hadn't looked around for long before noticing the display case near the back, and in the display case there were prop swords that looked extremely realistic about to reach out and touch them the store clerk appeared out of no where. The old woman smiled a near toothless smile before saying "Looks like we have someone with a birthday! How old are you turning Harmond" he replied twelve and chatted with the woman before turning back to the swords. She catches his wandering eyes and she smiles that same toothless smile before saying "Just for the birthday boy you can have these swords free of charge. Not going to be much use to me anyways". His eyes light up before taking the swords the base metal of both a bronze type metal but either blade intertwined with two different kinds of stones his guess being obsidian and the other being a crystal type possibly diamond. She handed him rings that matched the stones in the swords with a wink and waved them out the door of her shop. He was back in the car before he thought about how the woman knew today was his birthday or his name for that matter. He looked out of the rearview mirror of his mom's car and the store is empty as if it was never there unbeknowest to Harmond the old woman wasn't a woman at all. It was a nymph sent by Nemisis to provide balance to the life of a demigod she found interesting. Her job was complete once she handed him the swords; the only balance he needed was a weapon to represent himself.

7.4 After getting the blades his twelfth year of life was a highlight as he took up gymnastics, fencing and acrobatics along with his other hobbies. All good things must come to an end though and come to an end it did when he ran into a monster; the stuff of nightmares. It was raining hard one day when he was walking home from practice at school and he hears flapping or a slapping against the slick, wet pavement behind him. He takes a look back and he notices there is something wrong with the group of people behind him. Namely the big one in the front who seemed to be carrying a bat or anther type of weapon and like any kid would do he ran. He reaches the door of his house ,the kids behind him making barking noises while also giving chase, and fumbles with his keys dropping them before finally jamming them in the lock. He was just about to twist the doorknob when he feels a cold, wet, scaly fin type appendage touch the back of his neck. He is yanked back with force and when he looks up he is staring into the face of a Doberman which is when he screams and his scream echo's through the neighborhood. It reaches the ears of his neighbors and his mother and father inside in response they rush to the voice of their child. What they see is their child being bullied or jump by four older kids and like any good parent his mother runs and tries to get the large one off her child. Time slows in Harmond's eyes for the next series of event he counts the second by his frantic breathes. 'One' His mom slips and misses a step but reaches for him 'Two' His dad reaches for his mom and misses his fingers grazing her shirt 'Three' He struggles and breaks free trying to catch his mom 'Four' One of the kids pull their arm back and throws a spear or trident of some sort 'Five' The thing flies past him cutting his arm in a line deep enough to scar but continues, hitting his mom in the chest 'Six' His dad cries out and reaches for the biggest one but is hit across the face with the bat and he goes down not moving 'Seven' Harmond closes his eyes and he let's out of wail of sorrow louder than his scream 'Eight' When his eyes open they are dark save for the thick shining amber line surrounding his pupil and his hair frizzes spiking despite the rain 'Nine' He clenches his fist and suddenly his swords are in his hands his rings glinting against the porch light 'Ten' The next sound to be heard through the neighborhood are the cries of wounded animals some human some canine and police sirens.

7.5 Four years had passed sense that time and Harmond had been fractured over the past years. After being questioned by the police about what happened Harmond was put into a foster home; still assumed to be the bright and joyful child from before. He kept the guise up getting even better at the natural talent he has talking, smiling, playing instruments, acrobatics, gymnastics, fencing, and staying calm. A year after the accident he was still in therapy and finally he remembered all of the fight from that night. The large one with the bat made a hard swing at him and with his diamond sword he turns the bat into a toothpick with a swift slice. Everything still moving in slow motion he mid-air barrel rolls over one with a sword like his swinging at his side using the rain to his advantage he spins from his crouched position and slices upward with his obsidian sword cutting the large one from between his legs to his stomach. He runs forward kicking off of the large ones stomach hoping to push his boy into his subordinates but it explodes into dust. With the little distracted he brings his swords down in a v slice the to swords cutting through the shoulders and connecting at the base of the dogs neck. He drives his swords into the stomachs of the dogs on either side of them just as their eyes open his weight bringing all three to the ground. His swords disappear before their points touch the ground and his rings glow before turning into normal rings again. He remembers walking into the house setting his bag on the floor and putting his head down on the table lifting it when he notices the cake in the kitchen. He cries himself to sleep that night in the foster home just like he did a year ago. After therapy and the time spent at the foster home he runs not able to stomach something happening again.

7.6 He waits for his chance and gets it when the school takes a trip up to Ney York in a month; his plan to pay his way onto the trip with the money saved but have his permission slip go missing. That whole month he is on edge ,worrying the disappearance may get interrupted, but his birthday passed without much notice making him fifteen now but what he is looking for is a whole new start. He lands in New York a month later and while everyone is asleep in the hotel he grabs his bag and leaves striking out on his own in the middle of summer by himself. He runs into trouble almost immediately when he is attacked by a woman offering him free pastries. The Woman grows wings and lunges at him his finger brushes by his ring and his obsidian sword comes out she spits at him "I will kill you little 'Demigod'". The fight is over in seconds when he parries her claws and thrust forward his blade going through her chest. Upon being called a demi-god he looks up the meaning to the words she spoke so vehemently and what he finds makes him reconsider his entire life. He walks out of the library awakened to his surrounds watching out for half human boars, bulls, birds and the likes more thankful than ever for his swords. That year he lays low and talks his way into a hotel down the street from where he was staying getting a job and a place to sleep at the same time. He goes by the name of Dismond while in New York and soon he is just another missing kid in the city. Another year passes bringing him to the age of sixteen and still on the streets of New York not knowing next year is the year that changes everything.

7.7 He was finally seventeen a grown man in his own right due to his time on the streets and the many fights he has been in human or otherwise. While working in the hotel as a bell hop he is approached by another bell hop who for some reason or another decided to speak to him. He tells him of a fighting ring to earn some extra cash and offers to train him a bit in street fighting and what little martial arts he knows. Pared with his already incredible acrobatic and gymnastic skill he became deadly with his hands and weapons. Soon known on the streets as Dismond due to him blacking out and going berserk from time to time and despite this they still came to knocked down. He survived by betting on his own fights from time to time, stealing from those he beat or charming people into giving him food and money when he needed, even amoung street rats Harmond was still an amazing person. It was another warm night when he was approached by some man wearing a hat and high tops as this man moved closer he felt his guard go up but still let the guy approach. First thing out his mouth was "Do you already know" and despite the act Harmond shouldn't have had a clue he knew exactly what the guy was talking about and his scalp tingles in anticipation. The man turns out to be a satyr on a quest from a goddess to find a boy wearing two rings on black one clear. He explained the goddess who sent him was Nemisis and that he should be found, he says going off the fact that his name is Harmond or Dismond it was probably him. After listening to the satyr the satyr asked him what he wanted to do, find the place he belonged or continue to live on the streets. The satyr mumbles to himself that what he was doing was breaking rules but the reason the rules were being bent is because Harmond would have been found by another Satyr had he not come along, he just shook his head and whisteled for the taxi knowing Harmond's choice. Needless to say he choose finding the place he belonged and they took a wild taxi ride up a hill to a little camp named Calf-Blodd (Dyslexia kicking in ;) ) Half-Blood

8.0 Twin Acrobatic Double edge serrated Dao blades has a chain feature that activates when the blades are touched together on certain spikes. Both blades are connected to rings on his middle fingers that call them from the rings themselves and, are combined with Obsidian and a Diamond like crystal respectively. He carries one thousand milligrams of copper on him in pill form for different occasions (Ten MG in every pill).


Hi Nin! Nice to see you've done another claim. I'm going to be a little harsh on this one, as I know you enjoy the challenge. Please let me know if you need any further advice or if there's anything that you feel is unjustified. "Peace out!" c: 

  • Wouldn't the two diseases make him extremely ill? In addition, I don't think the illness would make him stronger because of the oxygen getting to his heart; as it would be leaving other areas such as his brain to facilitate this. (I'm not a scientist but I can ask people who are.) However, I think this needs editing. Also, how does being a kid of Harmonia stabilise physical illness? 
  • I'd recommend that you specifically state how his dad meets Harmonia?
  • How did the old woman in the shop know Harmond?
  • How did a sick kid like Harmond participate in so many sports?
  • How did Harmond survive alone on the streets? Did he need medication etc? 
  • I liked the dyslexic bit! But how did the satyr find Hammond? Why doesn't this count as direct interference? 

LipstickYou know you love me, XOXO gossip girl  ~Alex CrownA

  • As Fate had commented, won't he be really ill? Only the Wilson disease itself has a lot of symptoms that may not give him the opportunity to have the hobbies you had put that he does. And these sicknesses leading to heart diseases and liver diseases really are bad.
  • Was he attacked during the four years after the incident?
  • What were the first monsters that attacked him? I was a bit confused, since during the first description of the incident they were like big kids (was it in only in the eyes of mortals?), and one even threw a spear like thinggy. But the second, during therapy (right?) it seemed like he was battling with huge doggies-like-hellhounds. Or was there two different monsters?
  • What happened to his parents? (sorry if i missed it)
  • With his sickness, he can have malseizures and a lot of stuff like that. So, how'd he survive in the streets with those symptoms? Didn't the cops try to catch him for doing such mess and berserks? 

All I see for now.

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

So, how long has Harmond been at Camp?

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

That is him just getting to camp so I suppose just one day

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Oh god nin you and omnia both can make my head spin with your long ass history.. still I dont have much complaints other than the obvious "did he get some medications? or did he just went to surgery for his situation?" and the other question I have is what happen to the nymph? she was send to give "some balance" to harmond life... so where is she? did she provide enough balance? and last but not least the part about the hospital... I dont really mind but a lot of claim checkers would comment on how goddess dont give birth at hospitals... but of course you can disregard this >.<

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.......I'm gonna apologize in advance cause I might seem a bit stingy... with the rules... but the part of him living in the streets... I know its merely an idiom but where does he live exactly? cause I'm assuming he ran away to stay in new york... and my other question is wouldnt his foster parents look for him? and if its a school trip wouldnt the school look for him too? cause they're liable for any missing kids... Here's another thing I'm curious about... how did he manage to find the fight club? I ask this cause I'm gonna assume its an illegal one... as I doubt anyone would offer a minor with zero identity records... unless he was kidnap... but then again thats another story right?

Again sorry but I'm really am concern with these points.. cause even if this place is full of magical creature we do follow real world rules >.< Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

Alright nin you win

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