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Name: Heathcliff Opperman

Gender: Male

God Parent: Prometheus, Astraeus or Deimos. (pref. Prometheus)

Mortal Parent: Elenora Cairnholm

Appearance: Picture. 

Personality: Heathcliff is a very friendly boy. He is brave and will stand up to people that bully his friends. He likes cracking jokes and going on adventures. He can be a bit of a social butterfly and is a little rebellious.


Elenora was just a regular citizen of Long Island, New York who thought that no luck will ever come to her, until one night a man who introduced himself as Romeo flirted with her and had an affair with her in a bar. Later, in October 10, 1996 Heathcliff was born. 'Romeo' told her that he was actually Prometheus/Astraeus/Deimos in disguise. He gave her a fountain pen with Heathcliff's name on it that when uncapped turns into a CB Rapier with "Earthtwister" written in Greek to protect Heathcliff when he grows up. Prometheus/Astraeus/Deimos explained what it was for and what she needed to do and left her. Elenora was heartbroken but accepted it, she knew that she had to keep her son safe until such a time.

Heathcliff's early wife was pretty good. He always did well in school and had a lot of friends. He never caused any trouble, but he was always blamed for things he didn't do and yet he forgave those who blamed him. His mom, Elenora married a man named Augustine Opperman and married him when Heathcliff was only 5. He always hated his step-father because he used to beat him but later stopped and eventually became nicer to Heathcliff. Elenora trained him in sword-fighting during summers from when he was 6-7. He didn't know that Elenora was actually training him for when he was older. Elenora explained to Augustine and he pledged himself into keeping Heathcliff safe.

One day, 2 weeks after his 15th Birthday he was attacked by a Hellhound and he remembered what Elenora said "Only uncap your special pen when you are in great danger" the Hellhound was snarling at him and he immediately took his pen and uncapped it. He stood in shock when he saw that the pen was turning into a rapier and stabbed the Hellhound and saw it turn into dust. He remembered instructions that his mom gave him, "If you want to turn it back press the hilt 3 times" he did so and it turned back into a pen. He grabbed his bag and ran home, not looking back to check if there was anything chasing him. He told his parents what happened and they explained to him that he was actually a Demigod and that he needed to go to a special camp for Demigods like him. Elenora and Augustine drove him to Camp where he can live in safety. Minutes later, he was claimed by Prometheus/Astraeus/Deimos.

Weapons: CB Rapier, Bow and CB arrows.


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