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Name: Hei Ryung Park (English name: Amelia)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

God Parent: (1) Nyx, (2) Apate, (3) Asteria

Mortal Parent: Hyun Shik Park


Hei Ryung

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Personality: She grew up as a girl who has a bright personality due to the loving care of her grandparents. She knows how to respect others. She is a well-manered young lady. She knows how to control her temper though if one goes overboard, she has to show the other side of her--the tough side. 


Hei Ryung Park (or Amelia) was born in the city of Seoul in South Korea but she grew up in the city of Busan with her grandparents.

Park Hyun Shik was a very well known Korean celebrity who had a reputation of being a playboy. Of course, as a star, showbiz intrigues, rumours and the like are inevitable. When he married another celebrity named Cho Hee, more rumours arose like their marriage was only planned, they just made a contract, they won't last long and etc. And so, Hyun Shik thought that to prove their love was real, they had to have lots of children.

Before Hei Ryung was born, she had five older brothers, two younger brothers (twins) and four older sisters. She is the tenth child of Hyun Shik however her mother is not Cho Hee.

It all happened one night at a movie premiere. Hyun Shik was the star of the film and while smiling and waving at his fans, he noticed one beautiful woman. Her beauty was undeniably outstanding. It's impossible no one would ever notice her. It was Nyx.

Then, the flirty Hyun Shik asked her out and they did but secretly. He couldn't afford to ruin his new image, a man of dignity and also a responsible husband. He couldn't resist it. He was really born to be a playboy. After so many years of resisting the urge to see other women finally, he gave in.

After three months of dating secretly, they slept together and the next morning, Nyx was already gone without even saying goodbye. Then he realized he has a family. No way would he abandon them. He thought he was tricked and so he learned his lesson. He promised to himself that he won't ever see any other woman and love his wife faithfully.   

But one night, Cho Hee was going home late and so Hyun Shik would go on and sleep first. When he opened the door to his room, on his bed is a crying baby. The window was open and so he quickly went to it to see if someone got in. When he approached the baby, there was a note pinned to her clothe saying she's his child. He knew instantly that it was his child with the woman (Nyx). She was an illegitimate child. No one should know of her. So before anyone else discovered about the baby, he immediately traveled to Busan and left the baby with his parents. He was so careful of not ruining his image so he had to do it. But he wasn't that cruel to just leave the child alone. Right after he explained everything to his parents, he left. The couple named their grandchild Hei Ryung meaning "grace and brightness".

Hei Ryung grew up loved by her grandparents. They provided all what she needed. In school, she was always bullied because she was fat and short. She also wore glasses due to vision impairment. She had braces, as well. So you could just imagine her looking like a ball. But she didn't mind the insult being thrown at her besides, she had a family who loved her. Her grandparents didn't tell her about her parents until she was seven. That was also when Hyun Shik came back to bring her with him at last. It was hard for Hei Ryung because she didn't want to leave her grandparents but she had to go since Hyun Shik is her father. He had a change of heart and decided to raise the child himself instead.

When they got back to Seoul, Hyun Shik finally admitted to his family that he slept with a woman and Hei Ryung was the result. It wasn't easy for them to take in. Some of them felt anger towards Hei Ryung because she was a child of another woman while some loved her as a sibling. As for Cho Hee, she just had to forgive her husband. Besides, it already happened. What else could she do? Then, Hyun Shik thought of moving to America--start a new life there. He quit being an actor and Cho Hee did so, too. They moved to Jacksonville, Florida and it wasn't so bad at first.

The bullying just got worse for Hei Ryung. Back in Busan, insults were just the ones being thrown at her but now she's also being physically abused by her own classmates at school. Everytime she got home, she had bruises on her which made her dad worry. Again, it was all because she was fat, short and looked like an ugly nerd. Also because she didn't know how to speak English right. One of her older sisters showed sympathy to her and tried to help her. She'd always tell Hei Ryung not to eat too much and do more work so she could burn her fats. She followed her sister's advice and she even joined the girl scouts in their school. They did some drills which helped her a lot. She also did her best to study the English language.

Her life got tougher when she got diagnosed of ADHD at the same year and minor/mild dyslexia when she was twelve.

At the age of thirteen, she already got the body type she needed. She got slim. After all those years of hard work, it finally paid off. She even got her braces taken off but as for her glasses, she still wore them sometimes. If she didn't, she put on contact lenses. Not to mention, she also got way better in the English language.

One night, she dreamt of a lady. She felt there was some sort of connection between them. It was Nyx, her mother. She explained everything to her by that time about her being a demigod and all then she told Hei Ryung that she might want to wake up. She did as what her mother told and just in time to run away because telekhines started attacking her. She was in a camp for girl scouts and they are situated near a body of water. The other girl scouts were awoken by the noise they're making. They saw racoons rummaging Hei Ryung's stuff. They helped her get rid of them but Hei Ryung was afraid they'd be hurt because she DID see telekhines and not racoons. She just told them to run away. Good thing the telekhines weren't fast enough and so she managed to escape her very first monster attack. She decided not to tell her family about that matter for now. She herself had a lot to take in. She didn't even believe that she was a demigod as what her mother told her.

When she was fourteen and six months old, she was again attacked but this time, fire-breathing horses. Good thing there were three demigods out on a quest and they saw Hei Ryung being chased by two fire-breathing horses. They took care of the monsters and at that moment, they knew Hei Ryung was one of them. The way she reacted to the presence of the fire-breathing horses and besides, the monsters won't attack her if she wasn't a demigod. Hei Ryung demanded an explanation. That was the second time she got attacked. They stopped for a moment in a diner and explained everything to her. Their explanation sounded somewhat familiar then she realized it was also what Nyx told her in her dream last year. The demigods decided to bring her to camp with them. And so she did knowing that was the only safe place for them. But then there were four of them and together, their scent was strong. Three cyclopes attacked the four. They were old and strong enough to defend themselves but it was Hei Ryung they were worried about. So, one of them took Hei Ryung far away from the battle scene while the other two demigods tried to fend off the cyclopes. Hei Ryung just told the demigod to bring her home and so he did. Then the demigod needed to leave immediately and go back for his companions. The demigod just said that someone would come for her and bring her to camp. But before he left, he gave Hei Ryung something to help her defend herself. It seemed to be a metalic ball and looked heavy but it was surprisingly light. All she had to do was press it like a stress ball and it transforms into a celestial bronze corseque.

For years, Hei Ryung waited. Monsters, thankfully just attacked one to three times a year since she's a child of a minor deity. She managed to survive using the corseque given to her and using a few of her skills in martial arts, which she learned in a school her father enrolled her in during the summer when she was younger. The monsters that attacked her were also pretty much easy to deal with--hellhounds, harpies and a few of the telekhines everytime she went to a body of water. When she was finally seventeen, a satyr found her and brought her to camp. The moment she's been waiting for.



A Celestial Bronze corseque (main) and a poignard (back-up) <- she just got this one at camp

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