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(( Okay I don't know what the fuck I'm doing but I'm trying my best and that counts for something! Below is my entry for a character, it's for another Percy Jackson RP I like the character a lot and really want to explore her more so here I am. I am super willing to change any part about the backstory since it's a wild choice. I was particularly inspired by the fact that Hermes is a guide to the underworld so I promise I'm not pulling this out of my ass. Okay, enough defense, here is everything, I'm still new to this so pls be gentle to this newb 

Character Name: 

Helena Jolene Barlow


God Parent:






Mortal Parent Name:

Bailey Barlow (Birth Mother)

Zacharia Barlow (Legal Guardian/Grandfather)


Current Age of the Character,



Helena is a kind and very bright girl, protective of her friends and the people she cares about but tends to be a bit reckless towards themselves. Has an attitude of, “I’m just a dumb ass kid and honestly, probably going to die young. So instead of focusing on deep fear caused by a short life span I’m going to do the best that I can to make the peoples lives around me better.” She likes to make people smile, very much a trickster, thinks that chaos is the spice of life and serves as a reminder that you can’t control everything so take things as they come.

So pulling pranks, playing cards, and telling morbid jokes are all things she loves to do. Despite her happy go lucky attitude she tends to be a bit paranoid or generally anxious because of this she fiddles a lot, because of this she tends to roll coin between her knuckles or shuffle cards. Although that’s not her only skill, while she may not be intelligently smart, however she can smoothly move through social situations, read people, pickpockets and scam people with grace and ease.



Once a young woman named Bailey Barlow taught herself guitar so she could play for her towns church. The same woman kept Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers CD’s under her bed so her father wouldn’t catch her. When Bailey was nineteen she left home, particularly after a loud angry screaming match with her father. With nothing but the clothes on her back, a guitar slung across her back, and a duffle bag hanging by her hip Bailey traveled. Three years spent in total bliss melting into the noise of the world, hitchhiking across open country roads going from small town to small town. It was during this time that Bailey met a man with a kind smile, salt and pepper hair and tattoos of angel wings on his ankle. He introduced himself as Hermes, she thought it was a funny name but she didn’t mind. She spent months with him, traveling in the back of strangers vans. Days where spent playing bars and small concerts, evenings spent with her own head in his lap watching fireflies flutter through cold night air and star filled skies, comforted by the sound of her own soft guitar strumming.

Bailey fell in love, running from place to place, being in between cities, living this joyous adventure. At least that’s what happened according to her mother's diary, One of the few connections Helena actually has to the woman.

What wasn’t included in the small traveling journal, was the time Bailey McBride had to return home at the age of twenty three her voice hoarse, feeling scared and alone, with a crying baby in her arms. Another fact that unfortunately isn’t included in any journal or Helena’s memories was the fact that Baileys own father Zacharia Barlow was furious a child out of wedlock, his own daughter, some wild irresponsible hippie. They made a deal, Bailey would stay home for the next five years, take care of the child, and than sign over custody of the child to avoid any further embarrassment for the family.

So the child was named Helena, Helena Jolene Barlow. She grew up in her mothers small hometown of Georgia, the first few years raised both by her mother and grandfather. Her childhood included a few foggy memories of a woman with dark curled hair, singing her songs to fall asleep too, cooking dinner together, before the woman explained with tears in her eyes that she needed to take a trip before never returning.

At some point in her life Helena hoped that the nice woman would come back for her but thirteen years of silence can change a lot of things.

Eleven years of being stuck with someone who thinks she’s nothing but a ugly paint stain on a family tree. Eleven years of suffering and feeling completely alone in a town full of people who always know what to say, how to act, how to fit in. Eleven years of losing hope because who would want to come back to a screw up like her? To summarize Helenas childhood wasn’t the best. Her grandfather was a fire and brimstone preacher who never really wanted to keep the child, and only raised it because it was the morally ‘right’ thing to do.

The worst was when she was thirteen and she got in trouble for being late to school. She would come to class with cuts on her skin and feathers stuck in her hair. Wild stories of manic birds attacking her, her grandfather unfortunately didn’t believe a ‘bastards lies’, loud yelling matches about not being grateful, of being a lying sinner. Her grandfather's large hands pressing against the fresh cuts making them sting. She would later learn these manic birds where Stymphalian Birds, a strange dog that came close to biting her, with thick black mane and blood stained muzzle. Than there was this one horse that was just an asshole. There where a few other close calls but nothing was as bad as the anger and resentment her grandfather held for her.

He had plan to kick her out at the age of eighteen but Helena chose to leave early, running away sixteen. Helena started traveling, sneaking onto trains and the back of trucks, meeting strangers and learning a few tips and talents. and it turned out to be significantly better than living at home. Almost like she was made for it.. She picked up how to live on the street relatively easily, teaching herself how to pick pockets, how to scam, how to steal in order to pay for food, clothes, and the occasional hotel room, anything to keep this life on the run she cultivated for herself.

Things went well, minus a few strange encounters and some wild stories. Including falling asleep in a graveyard, running from strangers with skin that looks like scales, the manic birds, learning how to spin cards on her fingers, cup tricks and unclipping watches. Well everything went well until one winter, the winter she was stuck in New York. Winters where always hard, winter meant less people on the streets, winter meant less ways to get money, less warm places to sleep. It meant Helena freezing down to her core and eventually passing out on a park bench frost clinging her eyelashes, skin turning blue before passing out.


Helena’s dreams where always strange, although this wasn't a dream and more of a strange terrifying vision during a hypothermic triggered coma. She remembers most of it, a man with salt and pepper hair and angel wings tattooed on his ankles. She vaguely remembers hiking across a path, rivers with white sand and dots of poppies growing on one side, a field with silver trees and thousands of faces on the other side. She remembers soft spoken explanation, being told stories about her mother and apologies for not showing up sooner. Pride for how far she’s travelled, how she’s survived, what she’s learned, what she’s taken. She remembers a coin being pressed into her palm before sinking into water.

She probably wouldn’t have believed it happened if it wasn't for waking up on the couch of a nice boy with goat hooves and the taste of honey on her tongue. The nice boy introduced himself as M.C, explained that he got a funny message that directed him to her out cold body. He jokingly complained about how exhausted he was from carrying her back to land of the living. And although he was a strange excitable boy, Helena found it nice to have a friend and a warm place to sleep. It was nice to find kindness, and since then Helena stopped running, choosing to live year round at the camp, still getting into shit and occasionally scamming people with a smile. Diathedreamer1 (talk) 05:42, November 14, 2018 (UTC)


Hi, I'm Flopfish3, and I'll be helping out with your claim! I love your ideas, and there's just a few things you'll need to add or edit to get your character claimed:

- How did Helena meet Hermes? You'll need to have about a paragraph detailing how they met/fell in love (or generally fell for each other)/etc.

- When exactly did Helena's mother run away? I'm a little confused, it seems conflicting between the father initially telling her to never return and then her staying to raise Helena for a few more years.

- Between ages 11-13, Helena should have her first monster attack - an "easy" monster tracking her down and generally trying to kill her. This should be at least a paragraph. To see the list of easy monsters, navigate on the header/banner at the top of the wiki page to General > Lists > Monster Encyclopedia.

- Helena should also have at least one monster attack her each year after the first attack, but you don't have to write those as detailed (as long as you mention it, even in just a sentence, you should be just fine).

- I love the dream! I have to ask, though: what's the significance of the coin?

- How did Helena get to M.C.'s house?

Thanks for everything! Can't wait to see you around the wiki :)

Flopfish3 (talk) 02:55, November 18, 2018 (UTC)

All right! It's Dia and I did the editing thing, specifically just in the history although I did change the age, she's 18 instead of 19. I also...

- Wrote out how Helena's mother met Hermes, she met him on her travels, they hitch hiked across the states together. I went into a few more details I hope that's enough if it's not I can edit again!

- I cleared up the timeline a bit! Helena's mother Bailey left the house at nineteen, Twenty Two she met hermes, Twenty Three she had to return home because she had a baby, she made a deal with her father that she would help raise Helena for the first five years of her life and than be officially kicked out of the family. Helena has never seen her mother since.

- I wrote out Helena's monster attacked! Particularly an attack from a group of Stymphalian Birds. I didn't go into to much detail but I do figure Helena ran and was unsure of how to fight them. She was also attacked a few more times, including while she was homeless, I touched on this too. Once again let me know if you want me to edit.

- I have plans that the coin Hermes gave Helena is her weapon, I'll have to think of name but he gave her a way to protect herself on her travels rather than just running. I'm not sure if I should add that to the history or not. I'm glad you like the dream too! ^U^

- I gave M.C a bit more character, he did get a message of where Helena was, he carried/dragged her back to a car, than his place so he can help heal her.

Welp that's everything! Hopefully I did this somenting character stuff right, but we will see! --Diathedreamer1 (talk) 10:22, November 20, 2018 (UTC)

Hey there! I'm so sorry that I haven't checked in for so long. Thanks for your patience! Your claim looks just about good to go! One thing to note: there's only one Orthus in Greek Legend, and his owner, Geryon, is canonically dead (killed by Percy Jackson). So official claimers might hold you back on that point, but if you take out the brief mention of Orthus, you should be a-ok! As soon as you do that, I'll have a full-fledged claimer do one final check and claim Helena! Thanks again for your patience, and I'm so, so sorry for the wait. Flopfish3 (talk) 16:39, December 3, 2018 (UTC)

No worries! It happens to the best of us especially with finals, end of school semester rearing it's terrefying and sudden head. I edited the mention of Greyon to more of a vague dog/guardian type. So that should be good.. I think, thanks so much for helping! Can't wait for fully fledged and claimed Helena. --Diathedreamer1 (talk) 08:47, December 4, 2018 (UTC)

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