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Name: Helena Moon

Gender: Female

God Parent: Hecate

Mortal Parent Name: Unknown

Age: 16

Appearance: Helena is about 4'9" and has a heart shaped face with a slightly too big forehead. Her eyes are a deep brown that she thinks resembles mud. She is slightly chubby but she doesn't mind because she likes the way it makes her butt look. Lastly her hair has started to prematurely go grey so she has mostly dark hair with grey streaks in it.

Personality: Helena is very outgoing but only because she forces herself to be. Doing this is very draining for her so she tends to like to be alone but only when no one else is around, She is very shy around boys and doesn't really know how to speak to them so she comes across as mousy when they are around. For the most part however she is very nice she just needs to get to know you first.


Helena's parents had apparently met and hooked up at Coachella some time during the Kardashian craze. Not long after her mom had her did she try to give her to her father only for him to drop her off at social services relinquishing parental rights. So she had been back and forth in several different foster homes all over washington state her whole life. It never lasted more then a year because something strange always happened causing her to need to be moved. Three years ago she apparently had a psychiatric break and witnessed her social worker kill her foster parents after they turned into some kind of snake things.

The most recent ones that Helena had moved in with were the worlds nicest gay couple but maybe she was being biased. Her very first night there they made her a three course meal and they spent the whole night just getting to know her. For the first time in nearly eight years she had her own room which she was allowed to decorate within a month of moving in. She genuinely began to wish for her foster dads to adopt her over the course of the year she had spent with them.

Thats also how she came to be standing in her social workers office with her would be dads to find out if she even could be adopted. What Helena did not expect was for her social worker to turn into some kind of crab thing as soon as she mentioned her intentions. It was orange and ugly and had pincers the size of her head not to mention it was the size of a tank itself. It also was staring at her like a snack the way it always had she just originally thought it was cause it was a pervert not cause it wanted to eat her.

"Absolutely not," it hissed menacingly "Years of fighting off other beasts and beings all to let you grow ripe enough to eat only for you to be snatched away you poor delectable morsel,"

"Absolutely not," it hissed one last time before slashing out with a pincer as Helena backed away unfortunately her dads weren't so lucky as they had stood up to protect her and were cut in half causing Helena to let out a scream of anguish.

Its tantrum did not last long because some weird boy on crutches who she had seen in the lobby briefly pulled out a pan flute of all things and began to play a jaunty tune. That would not have been so impressive if it weren't for the fact that it made the crab thing begin to turn into flowers. Scale became bark and barnacle became roses and soon enough where a crab thing once stood was now a rose bush. The weird boy then told her she wasn't safe and she should come with him if she wanted to live. So she followed him to camp half-blood and she was happy there even if she did just show up last night.

Weapons: None yet


Ayyy! My name is Audrey and I'll be checking your claim! :D

  • Can you explain how Helena's parents met?
  • Also, you don't need three choices anymore. Just one.
  • When was her first monster attack? Also, how old was she when she was attacked? The oldest she can be is thirteen.
  • I'm going to assume the crab thing is a Scorpion so... Anyway, the scorpion wouldn't attack her Dads unless they stood in the way of it getting to Helena.
  • So how come Helena didn't notice the saytr earlier?
  • How did she get to Camp Half-Blood unharmed?
  • How long as she been at Camp? Two weeks is the max.

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