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Basic Info

Name: Henry Locke

God Parent: Themis

Mortal Parent: Ryan Locke

Age: 23

Species: Demigod




He is a very stubborn man, who is always lost in his head thinking. He is the type of person that doesn't mind causing problems to solve a bigger problem. He tends to only like to work with a few people, and would easily leave them behind if they do not keep up, at the same time he is willing to be left behind if he is doing other things.


Congrats, She's Pregnant

Ryan Locke was a defense attorney who worked hard at his job, and always studied the new laws, and bills that were being passed along legislation. His head was often in paperwork if he wasn't on the phone, and out talking to clients and witnesses when he wasn't doing paperwork. One day, he was in court defending a client who was pretty much a lost cause. Themis just happened to be observing the court case disguised as an absentee in the jury. Ryan sat there listening to the prosecutor babble on and on about morality issues and working to turn the jury's emotional sides over in his favor, the last straw in cooking Ryan's client. However, a small spark of inspiration hit, and he stood up to make his hearing, where he stole the jury's attention, won them over, and saved his client from wrongful prosecution. Somewhat impressed, Themis caught Ryan after the case, asking a few questions. Ryan simply said that he knew they were innocent, but he had no real evidence for it, he had just gotten lucky. They continued their conversation over dinner, and that dinner turned into an overnight stay... That overnight stay turned into a kid. 3 Months later, Ryan woke up to squealing, laying on his couch was a bundle or writhing blankets, in the center a small baby boy.

Toddler Stuff, Things You Don't Remember or Care About Really

As a young little boy, Henry grew up rather normally. In kindergarden he got rambunctious, and was quickly diagnosed with ADHD. He was a bit troublesome, and his father was quick to teach him about rules and laws, which you shouldn't ever break. While this of course wouldn't keep a toddler from doing exactly that, it at least helped him to understand why he was punished for it. If he did something wrong, it would reach from no dessert, all the way to a spanking. He eventually began learning how to control himself, and his ADHD to avoid trouble. Meanwhile his dad was not home too often, a lot of times he would be out late in the office going over law books, and speaking with clients. Henry of course didn't completely know what his father did, but he was perfectly fine entertaining himself with a babysitter.

That Time Just Before Puberty, or Right as You are Going Through It

Henry continued growing up, eventually learning the reasons behind right and wrong, and that laws and rules are there for a reason. Almost rapidly he started adjusting to the rules of the school, and even becoming a middle school hall monitor to enforce them. Meanwhile, his dad realized he was spending a lot of time at work, and little with his son. He promised that he would go out with him on the weekends when he gets a day off, and Henry insisted he would somehow try and help his dad with work and get done sooner. One night, he even helped his father find clues in evidence that helped him win the court case. One night, Ryan and Henry were walking down the road. Henry noticed that Ryan seemed a bit nervous for some reason, but didn't question it or anything. Ryan aksed Henry if he wanted to stop in one of the shops, or wanted anything to eat. Henry nodded, and suggested a small ice-cream place. Ryan agreed, and Henry wanted to show him his shortcut to get there. The icecream place was on the block next to theirs, so Henry pulled Ryan down one of the fenced allyways that would lead to the other block. Pulling back some scrap metal revealed a small hole in the fence. Henry always used this shortcut after school, although in the evening the alleyway just seemed more spooky... Henry began feeling the same nervousness Ryan felt. As they were walking out of the alleyway Henry asked Ryan what was wrong, Ryan said it was nothing he just saw the car of someone he knew. Right on que, a car pulled down into the alleyway blocking them. Henry was pulled to a stop by Ryan, but just then two gunshots rang out, and Ryan's hand jerked Henry over. The car tires squealed as the car tried to frantically back up, and drive away. Henry just stood there looking at the blood pool around his father. "Dad..." was all he could mumble. "Don't worry, don't worry, call 911." Ryan said softly. "Tell them it was Derek... Snowfor" Ryan said again. "Who is he?" Henry asked, pulling his dad's phone out from his pocket. "Don't worry about it..." Henry continued, "Son, just follow the rules, don't break the law... and you should always be all right... your dad... broke a rule..." Ryan drifted into unconsciousness, as Henry's fingers tapped out 911. The phone rang for just a split second before a lady answered the phone. As the lady picked up, a stray old dog wondered into the alley way. The dog lifted it's head to look at Henry, and it began an incredibly bone chilling growl that seemed as though it came straight from hell. Henry turn and ran, dropping the phone in his emotional panic, and the dog, sprinted after, growing larger in size, and a deep vibrent reddish hue as a hellhound. Henry dropped to his side, and slid into the gate, quickly opening the covered hole, and closing it again, just as the hellhound slammed into it. Henry once again started running, the hellhound's bark could be heard as he turned the corner out of the alley way, and into the main road. The dog's bark faded out, Henry just kept running though... running as if he could escape reality itself. Until the dog cut him off at another alley way ahead. Henry skidded to a stop, and fell backwards, just as the sky cut loose pouring rain upon them. The dog slowly approched, it's head low, and the same hell-ish growl vibrated out of it's throat... but Henry realized it wasn't looking at him anymore. A boy, only just older looking than Henry ran past him. pulling out what looked like an umbrella, the dog pounced onto him, knocking him on his back. The dog scratched his shoulder, then suddenly a sharp whine almost cut through the rain. A shiny bronze tip protruded through the back of the hell-ish dog. A nearby adult man was running towards the scene at this point, and pulled the dog off of the boy, the shiny bronze sliding out of the hellhound. The boy quickly grabbed Henry's sleeve, and forced him to run from the scene behind him, the man simply shouting at them to wait, but making no effort to catch them.

Those Late Teen Years Where You Just Want to Go Off on Your Own

Over the years, Henry lived with the boy and small family that consisted of all satyrs. He was the only demigod in the family, but they all loved him just the same. The boy's name was Micheal, and he was their son, also being a satyr. The parents made small trips to camp every now and then for some supplies, leaving Micheal and Henry to fend for themselves for a few days at a time. The family had a small weaponry consisting of two bows, and four different swords. Micheal had been following Henry after he had caught wind of him that faithful night. Henry and Micheal continued going to school, and each year, they would be hassled by another monster. Micheal's parents taught him how to fend off the monsters, and different lessons on demigods and greek myths. The parents however never took the two to camp, because they believed that they should have a chance at living in the "real" world, with the mortals, and thought themselves capable of fending off the monsters, which for a long while they were. Henry continued to excel in school, but never forgot the name his father told him... Derek Snowfor. His goal was to one day find that man, and have him pay for his crimes. The news long forgot the case, as well as the police. It simply remained in the depths of Henry's heart. Once he was ready to graduate high-school, he immediately went into training to become a police detective.

That Time When You Realize Working and Living Alone Kinda Sucks, but is Still Kinda Awesome

Working his but off, learning as much law as he could, and his training at home keeping him fit, and strong, he worked his mind, and analytical abilities. In police training, he was taught how to fight defensively, and without hurting an opponent too much, as well as marksmanship with a gun, which he would however not be allowed to have on him when he first starts. Micheal ended up following the same path as him, and became one of his closer partners and companions..... the way they saw it, they were brothers, no blood-line needed. They both moved out at the same time, and Henry rented a small apartment. Monsters continued hassling them, but their training prevented any fatal injuries. There were a lot of call-ins at work, and made up accidents however, at least more than normal. Together they made it through the ranks, and became detectives. Henry immediately set upon digging up information on his father's case as soon as he could.... it didn't help that no one seemed to know what happened that night... His father was laying dead in the alley way, and there were no signs as to who did it, or why he was in the alley way. They suspected that he was lured in by a mugger. Henry continued working his not-so-glamorous job, tv hypes these types of jobs as it is, and made it by living like two bachelors would... aside from having freaky visitors that tried to kill them each year.

That Moment When You Realize You Somehow Screwed Up and Got Neck Deep in Trouble

Henry's life went on, a bit dull, and rather tasking and difficult. He continued digging for as much info on Derek Snowfor as he could, figuring out that he may be connected with a gang in the local area. Making out a small list of more obvious affiliates of this gang, the leader and other higher-up members were unknown and well hidden. Until one day he hit a breakthrough. He dug up information on Derek Snowfor... including information on a day he was meeting up with this group of his. Knowing what he was doing was illegal in small and multiple ways, Henry headed out that night to Derek's home address on the day of his little meeting. Hiding just out of sight, he watched as Derek made his way out the door, and down to his car. Henry quickly hopped in his own vehical, and tailed him, trying to keep from looking suspicious the best he could. When Derek pulled off of the main roads, Henry kept going another block down, risking losing track of Derek for the sake of camouflage. Getting out of his vehicle, he quickly made his way back up the block as unalarming as he could. He spotted Derek's car another two blocks down... the buildings here looked old, and Henry was sure some of them were vacant. Hardly anyone was walking on the streets, so Henry had to keep a small, seemingly non-progressive walk down the sidewalk towards Derek's car. Pulling out his phone, pretending to be texting as to look like he was focused on his conversation, and not the scene ahead. Once Henry was close to the car, he slowed his walk, taking in the tall vacant building the car was parked in front of. Henry's hand slowly worked it's way to his hip, where his extendable police baton was sitting. Just as Henry was passing by the door, he heard a small "thump", and a smaller shadowy figure stepped out from the side out the building. Herny stopped in his tracks, a little bit puzzled, and he tried to keep his expression from showing any more than the appropriate amount of surprise. The kid made a small glance at Henry, before taking off across the street, and in-between more houses. Henry stood there for a moment, then immediately slipped into one of the broken out windows of the building. The kid had sounded like he just dropped from the second floor... Reaching under his overcoat, he pulls out a small flashlight, and finds his way to the stairs. Slowly he begins walking up the stairs, and into a large open room. He saw a figure sitting in one of many chairs set around a coffee table. Quickly pulling out his badge, and with a strong voice "Detective Henry Locke, I'm going to have to ask you to leave this area." The figure doesn't move. Henry walks fowards, putting away the flashlight, and pulling out his police baton, extending it with a small flick of his arm. And stopped dead in his tracks. Three knives were protruding out from Derek's body. The first one in his hand, laying on his lap. The second in his shoulder on the opposite side, and the last and third one fataly rests in his throat. Herny quickly swallowed the shock, and pulled on a pair of gloves he keeps in his pockets. He began searching Derek's inmoving body, fighting his wallet, and proof of identity. Then Henry saw the small scrap of paper left on the coffee table.

"Let this be a warning to those who leave too many loose ends behind.


Henry was thinking through everything that the letter implied, when it dawned on him that this should mean someone else was supposed to be coming. As if on que, the sound of the door downstairs echoed into the room. Henry quickly began looking for a way out, but aside from the lamp on the table, the room was dark. Steps could be heard walking up the stairs now, multiple of them, and Henry began running towrds the closest window. The men appeared into the room, and Henry unable to resist, turned back to look at them. There stood a few goon looking people, and among them was his boss and cheif of police. Seeing their buddie's body, Henry knew what connections they would make. Luckily he had stolen the paper, or they might have even accused him of being this kyryptos person. Henry quickly swung his first leg out of the window, as the guys began rushing towards him. "Wait, I recognize you!" The chief of police called out, just as Henry dropped down to the ground below, landing with a similar "thump" as the kid have (except a bit heavier) Henry ran up the street, and fled the scene. Ideas flooded his head. Derek Snowfor is dead. Henry has his wallet, and he is soon to be accused of his death by the chief of police... Luckily there is no evidence, and the chief wouldn't risk being exposed in order to call him out publicly... However he is no longer safe in town. Upon reaching his home, he stormed inside, grabbed some of his stuff, and headed to Michael's parent's home. On the way there, he called Micheal and explained that he had to leave town, and doesn't know when he is going to be back, and that he'd explain more later. Once Henry reached his foster parent's home, he explained the situation, and told them it may not even be safe for them here. They refused to go, but they insisted on him taking a few small boxes with him, and told them that their best place to go now was to camp half blood. Scribbling out the camp's address on a piece of paper, Henry drove off out of the corrupted town, heading to camp.



  • Cb Knife (looks like a normal pocket knife in mist) (obtained from foster parents for protection, as it was small and concealable)
  • Cb Sword (looks like an umbrella in mist) (obtained from foster parents for protection, it's more of a backup now)
  • Cb extension baton (looks like a normal extention baton in mist) (was in the box that he had been given by his foster parents just before heading to camp)


  • Handcuffs
  • Flashlight
  • Police Detective Badge and Identification
  • Pepper Spray
  • Cb swiss army knife
  • Cellular Phone
  • Clothes
  • Small amount of toiletries

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good claim just one tiny question...why didnt they send him to camp sooner? cause you know if a satyr found a demigod they would send them to camp right?

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It says in the claim that they didn't send them to camp because they wanted to give them a chance to live out in the real world, and thought they could take care of them.

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