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Name: Hester Fitzgerald

Age: 16

Born: November 10, 2000

Alias: Neckbrace 

God: Hermes

Mortal: Mason Fitzgerald

  • Hermes
  • Mason
  • Hester's Brace
  • Hester

Personality: Hester is a child of abuse and mental scarring from a young age and as such tries her best to be there for everyone she loves and cares about. She shoulders the pain of all of those around her if only to see someone she is close to smile; while at the same time concealing how much she hurts on the inside. Though her smile may hide the tears she would like to shed a lot of the time she is rarely without a smile and the people sure to wipe it off is a person fitting the stereotypical “Cool Kid” role. The bullying from her young age made her a bitter person and that darkness is something she has to contend with everyday she is still alive much like the pain in her back.

History: How Parents Met: Mason met Hermes during an All-Star Olympic Games in the year of 2000. Hermes was the captain of the United States Basketball team as Mason was the captain of the Canadian Basketball team. Both of them were incredible captains and they did everything that they can to ensure victory for their home and to bring home the gold. For Mason, he was quite devastated when his team lost by only 5 points but when Hermes saw Mason and his team with sad looks upon their faces, he decided to do something that was nice and generous. He took them all out to eat with his team and had a victory celebration because at least they both made it to All-Star Game Finals.

Later on that same night Hermes was chilling with Mason down at a bar, they were having some drinks, drinks that were filled with the most expensive liquor could buy. Within the time of them being intoxicated, they decided to head back towards Mason's room and had a very passionate and romantic night that involved their naked bodies ravaging each other like animals would. Few months go on and Mason haven't heard from Hermes since their romantic time together on that one night and when Mason heard a knock on his door, he went to open the door and found a beautiful girl in rainbow clothing and in her arms she was holding a small baby girl that was wrapped in a light pink blanket and hand her over to him. Iris told Mason that Hermes asked Aphrodite, because she's the Goddess of Procreation, to let Mason and him to have a child, she let it happen but with one condition or price, the child would suffer from the spine on her back for the rest of her life. (Scoliosis)

Early Childhood: When Hester was only 6 years old she started school at being in the first grade and she's enjoying it. She made a lot of new friends just within a couple of weeks and shortly afterwards she was the top student of her class, passing milestones with reading , counting and even writing. But every good thing has it's day and well for Hester, it was that one day, it was Parent Night at her school and she lived in a small community where being a member of the LGBTQ+ community is frowned upon by them. Well for Hester she brought in her dad to meet her teacher and when she did brought him in and everyone just looked at him weird, because 1. He is an open gay man 2. he's a dad to a girl who has no mother which they find it to be awkward. They face so much crap from the community and they themselves will overcome whatever people give them, and come out strong as a family. Mason took his time away from playing ball to settle down and take care of his child and wants to try to give her an incredible life.

A couple years go on and she's 9 years old and during the Summer of that year, her back is getting to the point where she had to wear a brace cause of her situation. When she first put it on she was doing a pretty good job with going along with it until the Summer was over and when she went back to school, no one paid attention to her and what she had on because the school had a assembly about a student appearing different than they were last year. Also the teachers had a lesson with disabilities so the students would understand how it can affect someone who has one rather with someone who doesn't. 

Later on through the school year, it began to change when Hester was beginning to be classified as "Neckbrace" by this one student who was a 5th grader, and every single day he picked and teased her. It got to the point where she told her dad and when he went to Hester's school he informed the principal of what was going on because the teacher didn't do anything about it, because it was his son who was making fun of her. When the principal asked the teacher do come down to his office and when he did, he saw Hester sitting outside of the office and knew who was already inside. A few moments go by and Mason stormed out of the principals office and took Hester out of the school entirely ,  because he doesn't want his daughter to be around someone who was against Same Sex anything  to be honest. 

Monster Encounter: Four years have went on and she's now a 13 year old girl, she's very excited because Mason promised her that when you become a teenager (13) she can head back to doing a public school system. But during those 4 years, it was okay and not so great either, her back has gotten worse because she hardly wore her brace in the summer caused it gave her some pain on top of the pain of her back, it wasn't pleasent for her. But on the other hand she was doing her schooling online and it was exciting for her because one of things that she got to do was study greek mythology for a semester because Mason made sure that she had that class, because of "personal reasons". So on one of the things that she had to do was write an essay on a given Olympian, even Hades (they said). So for Hester she asked her dad to help her out by picking out a God and help her to type out an essay, he was excited for this because he told her to choose a god that seems closer to your thoughts of one, she chose Hermes, which made Mason smile. 

When she finished her essay, Mason had her sat down on her bed and he began to tell her what happened 13 years ago with her being born and shortly after she was happy, because she was a daughter of the God, Hermes and she fully understand why and it's not like he wasn't watching her all the time from Olympus as Mason said. Later on that night he gave her, her birthday present from which Hermes left for her 13 years ago and Mason hid her from it for all these years. Until now, when she opened the present box and saw a set of Celestial Bronze sword and she picked it up and smiled and placed them down in the box and hugged her dad. On the following morning she left her home and Mason was back at work, and Hester decided to head to back to the school, because that's where she had to turn it in and as she did, she met a rottweiler outside in the school's parking lot.

She went to go up to it and pet it and right before her eyes it began to morph into a hellhound and she realized what it was, she ran. She runs through the woods with them following behind her, she threw a bunch of rocks at when it leaped, they all missed and she tripped over a stump when she wasn't looking. She looked behind her and saw the one snarling and baring it's teeth and it leaped onto her, she was using her hand to hold it back and for a minutes later her arms were giving out until you could hear it yelped and vanished by having sword (CB) went through it. When she looked up she saw Xavier (a satyr that hid his identity), he helped her up and she picked up her knives from the way back to school and she went home along side with him. On the way back they began to talk to each other and they talked about stuff and she found out about Camp Half-Blood and she was a happy for a while but given her condition, she probably won't be accepted. (She thinks it's like a original camp) He reassured her that aslong as your a demigod, you're welcome to join, she began to think about it and decided no, she couldn't leave her dad behind, at least not like this. (The reason why she didn't leave, she was scared that something would come after her dad)

Camp Arrival: It's been three years since the attack from the Hellhound and through those years she's been dealing with the "cool kids" who make fun of her and tease her all day for it, but on the bright side of things she's owning her skills with some weapons, the best one being the throwing knives above all. She has fought a couple monsters along side Xavier and her father, because he could see through the mist. He was pretty good himself but when Hester moved away to live with her grandparents in Long Island, New York, he went back to doing his usual thing and always prayed that Hester writes him every Friday and that promise is always kept. He made her leave Quebec in Canada in order to go to camp along side Xavier. She was 16 when this happened and now she's ready for life at CHB.

When Xavier and Hester were getting ready to pack and go to camp, because she lived with her grandparents almost a full year and they decided that you shouldn't keep this behind you, it's what she shouldve done along time ago, but Hester hesitated back then but now she's committed to go. When her Grams came into the door, Hester saw her reflection in the mirror  (Grams) and noticed that her legs were actually tentacles (a scythian dracanae) and they began to wrap around Hester's legs but before she could do it, Hester used her quicked agility by grabbing a CB Sword and sliced the monster's head off from it's body. They then looked at each other and nodded and grabbed their things and hurried downstairs to get into her Gramps truck with Hester in the driver seat and Xavier in the back of truck, sword ready to fight off anything. 

The truck shortly drove off, he was fighting off some harpies with his Bow and Arrows, for which Mason gave to him to protect his daughter. he cocked three arrows into the bow and fired them off, each one hitting a harpy. It was about midday now and Hester said that just a few more minutes until we get to Camp, well for them out of completely nowhere a Chimera comes charging and it hides the truck hard, luckily for Hester she was ok, had a few cuts but okay. As for Xavier his body got flung from the impact and his landed pretty hard against a tree, rendering him unconscious, probably dead even. Hester felt her head and it was giving her a massive headache but she came back to reality when the Chimera tore off the door of the driver's side. It couldn't see Hester anyway, because she got out on the other side and tried to run but her brace wasn't functioning. (The impact of the hit, broke something on the brace.) Hester could feel the massive pain that her back was giving her, she screamed in agony which it got the attention of the Chimera and it began chasing after her. Hester knew that she was close because she could see a sign in the distance, being the strawberry thing. Luckily for Hester she made it through the barrier before the Chimera could get to her, she hold onto her brace and she started to daze off and collapsed to the ground.

Shortly after she collapsed and was taken into the infirmary to be checked on, and she was there for the rest of day, sleeping. On the following next day, she wakes up and puts on her brace (that the Hephaestus Cabin fixed for her) and heads outside to begin her new life and to leave her old own behind. I hope Camp Half-Blood is ready for Hester because Hester is ready for what happens with her new life in the Camp.

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Hi there! I'm up to check your claim :)

  • Why did Hermes need to beg to the Fates to let him and Mason have a child? Last I checked, gods can make crazy things with their own power, and that includes having a child with a mortal of the same sex. Feel free to speak up, though.
  • Based on what I've read, Hester didn't have enough training for her to throw 3 daggers and kill hellhounds with such proficiency. Neither was the shooting of 3 arrows hitting 3 targets simultaneously. It'd also be harder for her to move due to her condition.
  • How did she bring weapons in school? Do they morph into something more mundane?
  • How long has Xavier been watching her in school? Remember that a satyr's job is to immediately bring a half-blood to Camp, no matter what, save for if there's a valid reason why they wouldn't bring them yet. 
  • What kind of monster pretended to be her grandmother? Since it has tentacles, I assume it is dependent on water. So, basically, a monster like that wouldn't go deeper into land but only by banks or shores.
  • I'm sure that after having the truck flying into the air, Hester would have difficulty in recovering to get up and run to Camp. Plus, a Chimera, being a creature that has human intelligence, wouldn't waste time gobbling up a dead satyr but run after the demigod.

Welp, all that for now. See ya again!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

I really only have one question with this claim

  • Since she has scoliosis, Wouldn't A Lot harder for her to use weapons? Especially throwing knives? From what i know, Throwing knives reguires a lot of movement of the body (I'm not an expert with this but, thats what i'm guessing since you wouldn't just be able to stand still and throw a knife hard enough to go through something). Again i'm not an expert with weapons so, your more than welcome to prove me wrong. 

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Like i said, my above point was my only question and since you changed the weapon i guess thats it

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