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Name: Hiroki Natsu

Gender: Male

God Parent: *Morpheus*, Posiden, Zeus (1) Morphues 2)Posiden 3) Zeus)

Mortal Parent: Mio Natsu

Appearance: Brown/blackish hair with dark brown eyes and has a slim athletic body. Rather pale skin tone. (Most say he is good-looking) Stands 5'9"                                                                                    

Personality: Cheerful and outgoing yet rather shy when meeting new people. He builds stable relationships with other people. Hiroki can be very kind and he can be very mean depending on his mood.

History:   Mio Natsu was a very talented singer. She many suitors that praised her for her beauty and talent but would not agree on dating anyone for she belived none of them would suit her. One day after a concert in Tokyo, Japan (Mio's hometown) she saw the most handsome man she had ever met. He at black/brown hair and dark brown eyes. He introdunced himself to Mio as Hisashi Jun. Mio fell in love with him just as Hisashi did too. Hisashi and Mio started dating a few weeks later. Many people were surprised at Mio but agreed that they were perfect together because of their good looks. Mio belived that Hisashi was the man that suited her just fine. After months of dating Mio was expecting a baby boy. Mio was congratulated and praised but her heart broke when Hisashi disapperead without a word on the day the baby came. Because she had loved Hisashi with all her heart she vowed to never marry another man. When the baby came she was delighted to see that he looked like a mix of Hisashi and Mio. Mio decided to name him Hiroki. Hiroki had Hisashi's brown/blackish hair and dark brown eyes and his good looks. He had Mio's pale skin tone and her good looks. Many praised Mio's baby and said he looked very handsome. Mio took care of Hiroki like a real mom even with all her busy scheluels. Mio still longed for Hisashi to come. One night in Mio's dream Hisashi appeared. Hisashi said "My dearest Mio, I have fell in love with you but this may be my last time seeing you. Let me explain everything. I am Morpheus the God of Dreams. Our child Hiroki is a demigod/half-blood which means he is half-god and half-human. His life is dangerous here. When he is 14 send him to a place called Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, New York. He will be safe there and tell him everything okay? Everything. And i will give you these two daggers for him.When you tap both of them twice it will turn into a hat. Give it to him when he's 14. It will be under your pillow. And a planed ticket to Long Island, New York will be there too. A stry will be waiting for him at the airport. Bye for now my dearest." Right when the dream ended Mio woke up she shook her head in disbelif. She looked under her pilow and there where two daggers! She quickly hid them and she longed for Hiroki to be 14 to tell him the truth.

While Hiroki was growing up he was pleased that he was Mio's child. He loved to hear all the praises of his mother. When he started school he was popular because of his mother. As he grew up he became popular of his good-looks. Like his mother he had many suitors like girls that would flirt and twirl their hair trying to get Hiroki's attention but Hiroki took no notice because, just like his mother he wanted to find the perfect person for him. He thought none of them were suitible enough for him. As he grew more popular he began to have singing lessons with his mother. He found his talent of singing. When he was 13 he met his first monster. He was rehursing for a concert when on of the crew member's eyes started glowing and her finger nail's grew long and sharp. The monster/crew member pushed him on the ground hard and then suddenly another crew member who looked like a goat rushed toward the monster/crew member. Hiroki did not want to see the goat looking man die so he closed his eyes for a few minutes and opened them. His mother was looking at him worridly. I'm fine he said while his forehead beaded with sweat. He didn't say anything because he did not want other people to think he was crazy. By the time he turned 14 he was like a professional singer. On his 14th birthday his mother told him everything. He was surprised to hear about being a demi-god and etc... When his mother gave him the two daggers his eyes grew wide.She told him that if he tapped each of them twice it would turn into a hat. He tried them out and he began to get used to it easily. When he finished practicing his mother called for him again. His mother handed him a plane ticket to Long Island, New York. Mio said to go there tomorrow. So the next day he went to the airport with all his stuff (and hat/daggers) and when the landed he saw exactly the same goat-man from the rehursal long time ago. He said he was a stry and he summouned the Gray Sister's Taxi and when they reached Camp Half-Blood he went into the undetermined cabin and was claimed 2 days later. He moved to Morpheus's Cabin where he was welcomed and greeted. 

Weapons: 2 Daggers

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First off, you need three god choices.

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Still need 3 god parent choices in order of preference

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He went to camp when he was forteen and was claimed two days after and now he's 16? Shouldn't he still be 14 or if his b-day's tom, 15? BTW Squee It's L!! >.<There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32

I'll change it so he's 14. (I know it's L!!! :D)  

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