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Name: Hollie Ann Wishburrow

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite, Persephone, Iris

Mortal Parent: William Wishburrow

Appearance: Hollie has medium length light blonde hair. She has light blue eyes, She is also only 5'0 and weighs 108 lbs, She is very tiny for her age. Hollie has sun-tanned skin and a nose ring. Other details look at picture.

Personality: Hollie is very nice a free spirited, She loves people and is very friendly. She is also very outgoing. Hollie loves to help people and she is very bubbly.

History:In 1996 William was working in his office and in a very bad mood. He had an appointment minutes and it was his last one of the day. William is a lawyer and is very busy. He was on the phone yelling as a lady walked in. The first thought that came to his mind was oh my she is gorgeous, but he knows better than to admire his clients. She talked about legal rights of citizens since she claims she's from grease. He answered every question polity and honest. Once she was done she asked him if he wanted to show her around. He agreed and grabbed his stuff and left with her. He walked up and down the boardwalk with her since they were in New Jersey. They went back to his place around 1:00 in the morning and she stayed the night. She also stayed for the next week then she just left. He figured that she only was staying in America for a week and he continued his daily activities. He couldn't help but wonder if she would ever come back. After three months passed he regained custody of his 5 year old daughter Paige. Paige was the child from his previous marriage, he and his x-wife Jillian didn't work out. She was really bossy and complained about his word schedule, as 2 years proceeded and Paige was a year old he found Jillian cheating on him and then they got a divorce. During the custody battle Paige's mother started drinking and doing drugs so now that it has finally ended William got Paige. He and Paige were the best father and daughter you would ever see. He made her dinner and read her a story every night. His live couldn't get any better. 6 months later that lady came back he was excited yet crushed to see her. She told him that she had to tell him something. He was hesitant but let her, She told him that she was a goddess and that she just gave birth to there daughter he wasn't surprised that she was a goddess but he was surprised that they had a daughter and that she was leaving! After that day he sent Paige to him parents house for a week. The first two days he called the child 'Baby' but then her bright smile grew on him and he named her Hollie after his sister. When Paige came back she didn't know what to think she was scared and excited to have a baby sister, she was also mad that she had to share her dad. As Hollie grew older she wasn't very school smart she failed every class. Hollie, Paige and William moved a lot because of his job. They lived in California for two years, Illinois for 3, and now she spends her live in New York. One day she was attacked by a Monster her friend Eliot jumped in to save her, he killed the monster and grabbed her and took her away. He took off his shoes and showed her that he was a satyr and then they traveled an hour to this place called 'Camp Half-Blood'. He told her it? was a camp for people like her. Now she is 15 it's a year later and believes she's a demigod.?

Weapons: Celestial Bronze double bladed Sword

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