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Name: Hunter (Hydrizzle c:) and Pepper (Moonseh) Kelly

Gender: Hunter is a male, Pepper a female.

God Parent: Asteria, Astraeus, or Pandia

Mortal Parent: Jate Kelly

Appearance: (Zoe passed the vote, I guess Joey did too but we still need a reply from District3.)





Pepper:  Pepper's a very intelligent girl. She can be kind, but she can have a big ego and a bit arrogant. However, she absolutely wants the best for her friends and will get incredibly pissed off if her friends pass up a good opportunity. She's also a rebel and hates following the rules, and would rather make her own set of rules. She'll play the game, but only by her own terms. She's also a bit reckless and incredibly brave, and won't be afraid to try any stunt, because most likely she'll execute it perfectly, thanks to her toned, athletic body. However arrogant she acts, shes actually a hopeless romantic and can actually be quite charming. Overall, she's fiercely loyal and will stick with her friends, even if it means walking into her own grave. And despite Hunter's arrogant, rude nature, she still loves him and probably the one one who can tone him down.

Hunter: Hunter is very hateful and violent. Quick to hate a person or start a fight. He can be very arrogant and rude. Much like his sister, Hunter acts very rebellious and brave hearted. Never afraid to make a douche comment. Despite what he'd say Hunter actually cares about his sister and can be very protective of her

History: Welp, this is Pepper telling our life story, just 'cause Hunter's a lazy asshole. Love ya, bro.

So, our dad Jate liked stars. Like, a lot. Too dull? Yeah? Okay. Anyway, Dad was a grave keeper. Simple. He always believed in ghosts, and even studied Greek myth. He declared Asteria was his favorite goddess. Asteria was flattered and decided to meet this man herself. The two fell in love, all that crap, and what do you know? Hunter's born.

Jate was heartbroken when Asteria disappeared and cared for Hunter himself. However, Asteria was surprised when she saw she was yet again pregnant, and a year alter a baby girl appeared on Jate's doorstep. That girl was me, Pepper Kelly. I don't know why I'm named Pepper-Dad thought it was "cute".

Anyway, Dad could barely pay the rent, what with his petty grave keeping job and two kids. So he got kicked out, and we had to live in a trailer park. That's right, I said we grew up in a trailer park. Screw you.

I had studied all of Dad's books. Why do you think i'm so smart? I'm joking, joking! While Hunter was off being the local bully, he's a prick i know... But we had to learn to fend for ourselves. Dad could barely hold on to a job. He was a drunk and was super abusive. He was a super pissed off douche and always beat Hunter, it's no wonder where he gets it from. That and a trailer park is no walk in the park, when you're neighbors to some crazy cat lady and a cocaine-addicted guy. People never came to our "house", unless it was some Jehovah's Witnesses or crap.

The first attack was when I was thirteen, Hunter fourteen. Me, Dad, and Hunter were driving to visit my dying grandmother, when a giant cyclops overhead dropped a boulder (from the forest e.e)in front of us. Dad was startled, swerved away, and drove right off the highway, tumbling into the forest. Somehow, me and Hunter survived. Dad wasn't so lucky. But hey, karma's a bitch.

So me and Hunter went straight to a foster home. We got attacked, time and time again, but woop de do, what do you know? The foster home patron's a demigod. She could sense one of her foster kids was a demigod, but she wasn't so bright, and didn't see the flashing arrows pointing straight to me and Hunter. So she just assumed it was her demigod scent spiking up again.

She took in another foster kid, who just so happened to be a satyr. The satyr sensed our presence, and since we were homeschooled, this was how he could keep an eye on us. And when I was fifteen, Hunter sixteen, A friend adopted a puppy for me. But it was actually a hellhound, and hell itself exploded that day. But our lil' goat friend helped us out, took us to camp, and we got claimed by the star lady! Woop!

Weapons: Pepper uses long, curved knives.

Where did the giant get the boulder from? I don't think it's possible for a demigod to accidentally adopt a hellhound.

"You are in every line I have ever read."   -Ruby

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