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Name: Hyuna Choi(Oli) and Hyorin Choi (Melly)

Gender: Female

God Parent: Deimos pleaseeee c: (other gods...erm Hades and Thanatos)

Mortal Parent: Jiyeong Choi



Hyuna WB



Hyorin: Hyorin is like the yin to Hyuna's yang. She's kind and always willing to help others. She has unfailing patience and makes friends easily, and she could be as popular as she wanted, if she bothered. She doesn't care about making a lot of friends or meeting lots of people-her passion is high-jumping. Her mother's daredevil is in her genes, and she isn't afraid to pull off any stunt, no matter how outrageous. She's incredibly brave but also intelligent, and won't do something until she thinks it over first or if it has benefits. Although sometimes Hyorin and Hyuna's different personalities clash, she loves her nonetheless, even though sometimes she enjoys being a pain in Hyuna's ass.

Hyuna: Hyuna is the yang to Hyorin's yin. She's slightly more cautious and sometimes cold to others. Her patience often goes quickly and makes friends in only the people she thinks she can trust. She likes to have a small circle of close friends to support her, and very rarely does she put ice-skating before them. She often frowns upon her mother's old profession and although she could, if she wanted to, execute a stunt, she thinks against it. She's fairly smart and often acts before thinking something through. Sometimes, hers and Hyorin's personalities differ so much they clash, Hyuna loves Hyorin and will always protect her if she can....despite how much she loves to attempt to strike fear to Hyorin.

History:  Choi Jiyeon was a famous stund performer in Seoul, South Korea. When she was 21, she decided to pursue bigger ambitions and moved to Melbourne, Australia to perform her stunts. Her shows were successful and in the space of two years, she made enough money to settle into a larger house. At one of the practices of her shows, Jiyeon met Deimos. The two had a fling, and soon Deimos left her, explaining everything.

For the next nine months, Jiyeon took a break from her stunts, spending her days in and out of hopsital, her home and shops. On the 12th August 1996, Jiyeon gave birth to twin girls, naming them Hyorin and Hyuna. After the birth of her daughters, Jiyeon carried out her career as a stuntwoman, not toning down her stunts. If anything, they got more intense and dangerous. During the times their mother was out stunting, Hyorin and Hyuna were cared for by their next door neighbour's daughter Allie. Allie would often enjoy looking after them and throughout their childhood, she'd take them our for walks and play board games with them. It was by Allie that Hyuna first got called her common nickname to be; Harry.

When the girls were 8, their mother injured herself during one of her shows and was rushed to hospital. Days later she died for causes disclosed to the family and the girls were sent to live with their aunt in Seoul. Before, the girls were a mix of sporty girls and nerdy girls, and in Seoul, their sporty side shone through a bit more. Whenver she could, their aunt would take them out to practice a sport of their choice. Hyuna chose ice-skating and Hyorin chose high-jumping. On their 13th birthday, the girls were walking home after having a day out with some friends when they were confronted by a hellhound. The hellhound, being much to large and fast for the girls to outrun or attack it, pounced on the girls. If it wasn't for a nearby child of Athena, the girls would have been dead. They awoke the next day in their room, safe and sound. After the attack, the two were accepted into an Academy where they trained in their sport. The girls became considererably famous among where they lived and in the school.

As a reward for their effort, their aunt took them on a tour of America just after their 15th birthdays. In Las Vegas, the three entered the Lotus Casino without knowing and became its victims for the next two years. After two years, Deimos contacted their aunt in a dream, and told here to take the girls away from there and to Camp. After many tried by Deimos, their aunt woke up, and literally dragged the girls out. After they had calmed down and got to terms with the world, they caught a bus to Camp, where Hyorin and Hyuna were claimed by Deimos.

Weapons: Hyorin uses a shortsword and a dirk, both of which she wields in each hand. Hyuna uses a crossbow, but she's fairly well equipped when using twin daggers.

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