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Species:Hypnosis Nymph

Appearance:She has blue green hair and light brown eyes. She is a thousand five years old but she always appears to be like a 15 year old.

Personality:She is tough and loves to bully others. But if she is alone, she tends to be emo and sad. For short, she is a "tsudere". Powers: -Can make people asleep or hypnotized into doing her bidding -Can look into the thoughts and dreams of a people and it will drain her if she maniplulates it -Can let a person feel nothing at all, no pain, no emotion which is good if a person is about to die -She can affect other's sleep, thought, and movement


Species:Healing Nymph

Appearance:She has light brown hair and blue green eyes. She is physically fit. She is a thousand five years old but she always appears to be like a 15 year old.

Personality:She is the opposite of Hypnosa, she is soft outside and hard inside, you do not want to mess with her. She is tougher than she looks, that is why the 1 are always together.


-She expertly knows how to use music, water, herbs, and chemicals to her favor

-She naturally knows every kind of sickness and its cure

-Her healing isn't painless if its a large wound

-She has magical properties to heal which doesn't drain her that much unless that person if close to dying

-If the person is close to dying then it drains her to keep them alive by every minute

-She can affect a person's health

History: On May 25, year 1007, Hypnosa and Healana were created to serve their masters; for Healana, it was Apollo, for Hypnosa, it was Hypnos, they were truly happy in Olympus.

When war came, Ares was glad, but Apollo wasn't, he didn't want his worshipers to be hurt, then forget, curse, or forsake him. Since the gods weren't allowed to directly interfere with the mortals, Apollo thought of sending Healana, but Healana's healing has a big flaw, it isn't at all painless if it is a large wound and she might be called a witch and be staked. Apollo then remembered Healena's best friend Hypnosa was a hypnosis nymph so proposed a treaty with Hypnos that Hypnosa would go down to earth with Healana if there was any tragic war. Hypnos agreed since if there was war, most people couldn't sleep well also he want to be loved by the humans. So then the two nymphs would go down to earth whenever there was war, they would heal the worthy, those who worship their masters, Hypnosa would make them fall asleep then Healana would heal them afterwards.

After World War 2, the nymphs waited long for a tragic war but so far none came. The two nymphs then opened a free clinic on the top of the mountains in the China while waiting, Hypnosa would gather the fresh herbs while Healana would serve the patients food and herbal medicine, so it wouldn't be obvious that they have powers and only few people will come to not destroy the balnce of the living and dead. Back in Olympus, Hyponos suggested to Apollo what if they were to be in camp and help the campers if there is no war, that way it would be easier to help the mortals and half-bloods. Apollo agreed, but they should come back to Olympus every December and continue their clinic business for the rest of the Winter season.

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