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Chris Sheffield 3

Name: Ian Moore

Age: 17

Mortal Parent: Hannah Moore

God/Titan: Poseideon

Appearance (optional): Chris Sheffield ->

Personality (at least a sentence or two):

Ian's got what some may call a temper. However... that temper only comes into play when someone decides to mess with his siblings. In a non-teasing manner, that is. Other than that, he's one of the most laid-back and easy-going guys you'll ever meet. He also doesn't really care how people treat him, he's got an iron skin after his family life. He knows who he is, and that's all that matters. If you don't like it, you can go cry yourself to sleep. Because Ian won't lose any sleep over it.

Ian's got a good on his shoulders and almost never cracks under pressure. He's also very good at looking at things objectively, which means he's very good at giving advice to his friends and siblings, something he thoroughly enjoys doing. Ian loves to help people and never asks for anything in return. Knowing that he did a good thing for someone else is all that matters to Ian. Ian will help anyone out, even his worst enemy. Because, in his view of things, they're still human. Of course, that courtesy isn't applied on the battlefield but that's another matter.

Ian is very self-deprecating, again that comes back to the emotionally abusive home life he went through. If someone like your half-sibling tells you that you're worthless and will never amount to anything in life, eventually you'll start to believe it yourself. As stated previously, this also gave him an iron skin, he shrugs off most insults and taunts nowadays.

History (more than a paragraph):

Ian Moore is the child of mortal human Hannah Moore and the greek god Poseidon. Hannah was a young preschool teacher at the time and Poseidon fell in love with her kindness and generosity towards kids. One day when the parents were coming to pick up the kids, Poseidon came to Hannah in disguise of a single father looking to enroll his kid in the program. They talked for a while and Poseidon asked if he could have her number in case she has any more questions. She obliged, and after more than a few text conversations, Poseidon asked her out on a date. That date went very well, so he asked her out on another. And another. And another, eventually one thing led to another and they made love. Poseidon never contacted her again.

Nine months later, Hannah gave birth to her eldest and only son, whom she named Ian. Ian was a fairly easy baby, never really fussing or causing all that much trouble for his mother. Which was a good thing, considering she was all alone. Eventually, Hannah married another man, named Jonathan Smith, or as he liked to be called Jon. Jon was a pilot for the USCG stationed at Air Station Cap Cod. Now Ian had a father figure to look up to, and even if Ian wasn't his own kid, Jon treated Ian as such. Something that Ian, who's now 17 years old admires about Jon.

When Ian was about five years old, Jon and Hannah had a daughter, named Joanna. Three years after Joanna, they had another daughter who was named Mary. Their little family seemed perfect, and for a while they were. That was until Ian's eleventh birthday rolled around...

The family was celebrating Ian's birthday, and everything was going great until this great big, black dog came out of the closet. I mean it literally broke down the door of the closet and jumped up onto Ian's chest. Acting on instinct, Ian pushed against the dog with all his might and with Jon's help, the dog flew back into the chimney which sent this antique sword the family straight into the dog's head which promptly turned into dust. The whole family was very confused, of course, but there were more pressing concerns. Ian was bleeding very badly. So they loaded him into a car and brought him to the ER. They told the doctors that a wild dog had attacked him.

From that day on, Hannah and Joanna were scared of Ian. Clearly, the dog had been targeting Ian, and Joanna believed that they should have let the dog finish the job. Ian was a safety hazard and she often voiced this opinion. To his face, and while Hannah never openly agreed... her silence was enough. Jon would always put a stop to it, but he wasn't around very much. His job kept him very busy. Either way, those kinds of words can really get to a kid's head. It didn't take long for Ian to believe that he was a safety hazard and dangerous to his family, but he wasn't ready to run away. Yet.

There weren't any more strange attacks for about a year, but the next one did come eventually. And this time, someone other than Ian was hurt during the whole thing. The family was taking a hike through the woods even this huge-as* scorpion came out of nowhere and started attacking Ian again. It scurried towards Ian, but the young man jumped out of the way. Unfortunately, the scorpion accidentally hit Joanna instead, breaking her arm in one of its massive pincers. The scorpion scurried towards Ian again, who was on the edge of a ravine that was about thirty feet high. Remembering what happened last time... Ian rolled out of the way and the scorpion fell down thirty feet, and was unable to get back up to attack the family. The family brought Joanna to the hospital, this time saying that she fell the wrong way. The family said that it was a bear that attacked Joanna... and Ian kept his mouth shut, since saying that it was giant scorpion would only make him look crazy.

Now that someone else had gotten hurt on account of Ian, the torment only got worse for the boy. Every day, Joanna would tell Ian that it was his fault her arm was broken and of course, Hannah would say nothing. Jon, as usual, stuck up for Ian but he wasn't there enough. Mary did as well, but Joanna would just tell her to shut up, which usually ended with Ian hitting Joanna, which only got him in more trouble.

Another year passed before the next attack came. It was Mary's fourth birthday and it was ruined by the appearance of horses. Mary, being a four-year-old girl, always wanted a pony, but she didn't want an adult fire-breathing horse bearing down on her party. The horse crashed through the window and took Ian out, sending Mary's cake everywhere. Jon, acting on instinct and using his military training grabbed a rifle, took aim at the horse and fired. Because the bullets weren't celestial bronze it wouldn't kill the horse but it certainly injured it. And multiple bullets got Jon's message across, leading the horse to flee out the way it came, leaving Ian with multiple burns. They took him to the hospital again, claiming his shirt caught fire.

Now Ian was at the point that he was noticing girls, and for the most part they didn't notice Ian. Except for this one really cute redhead girl named Susan... Ian and Susan had been flirting for a while and one thing led to another and she led Ian into the girl's locker room. She lured him in for a kiss before revealing her true form and lunging at his neck. Ian rolled out of the way and she lunged again, crashing into a mirror which shattered. Ian grabbed a piece of it and acting on impulse stabbed it into her neck. Again, it wouldn't kill her but she was severely incapacitated. Ian explained to them that she attacked him first and he was just defending himself. Having no proof to say otherwise... the school believed him and the girl was 'expelled'.

Roughly a year passed with things continuing as they were. The family was walking down a street when the next attack came. This time no one was hurt, but the end result was still different than normal. This huge one-eyed, beefy man came charging straight at Ian who bolted it down the street without a second thought. The cyclops blew past Ian's bewildered family as it gave pursuit to Ian. Ian, acting quickly ran across the straight and the cyclops did as well... until a bus rammed into it at 30 miles an hour, leaving the giant one-eyed man dazed and confused. Ian, not wanting to go back home to his abusive sister and mother ran off down the street and away from the accident.

Ian took shelter in an abandoned warehouse that night, he didn't know what would become of him now, but he wasn't ever going back home. The next morning, Ian stowed away on a freight train bound for NYC. He was in a boxcar with a bunch of flour that was probably going to various bakeries in and around the city. When the train arrived at its destination, Ian snuck back off and ran into the city.

Ian lived on the streets, playing himself off as just another homeless boy and giving vague answers when asked where his family was. But it wouldn't last long and Ian knew that which is why he was making plans to escape to a different city when he was attacked again.

It was a week or so after his 15th birthday when Ian was attacked again by a pack of harpies. He was in another abandoned warehouse when three harpies broke through a window. Ian, once again acting on instinct grabbed a lead pipe and struck at the head of one of the harpies, knocking it out. He then rolled out of the attack range and struck at another's wings, breaking them instantly. The third flew at Ian, claws extended, and Ian struck it over the head, knocking that one out as well.

Ian quickly ran out of the warehouse fast as his feet could take him only to run into one of the other homeless boys that Ian had talked with on occasion, named Steve. Ian, acting on impulse and wanting to tell someone about the attacks told Steve everything. To his surprise, Steve wasn't shocked and completely believed Ian. Then he took his pants and shoes off and revealed goat legs. Steve told Ian he should sit down because he was gonna be confused as hell. Steve, the satyr told Ian everything about Camp Half-Blood and the greek gods, and Ian was good until Steve said that Ian was a demigod. Ian didn't believe him at that point but having nothing else to do... he followed Steve to this supposed camp. He was desperate and honestly, it wasn't the craziest thing that would have ever happened to him.

Ian wasn't at camp for more 24 hours when he was claimed by Poseidon, the god of the sea. Ian was just kind of rolling with it... but he wasn't a huge fan of the camp. The only reason he hadn't left was because of one of his half-sisters, Phoebe Lauritsen. After like a week at camp, the pair decided that they were going to leave. Phoebe knew an older demigod who was willing to train them, the next morning they left camp to train with the older demigod.

The next two years were difficult and arduous but at the same time they flew by and now Ian knew how to fight better, and had accepted that he was a son of Poseidon at this point. The attacks just kept coming everything from hellhounds to fire-breathing horses. Eventually, Phoebe and Ian agreed to return to camp, so they could live a more normal life. The older demigod, Nathan and a mortal named Chase stayed behind while Phoebe, Ian, and Phoebe's mom left for Camp Half-Blood.

Before they arrived, they were ambushed by rogue demigods. Ian doesn't care why they ambushed... only the end result of their attack and a pack of hellhounds was the death of Phoebe's mom. Ian had to forcefully drag Phoebe away from the body and into the camp, the only safe place for them now.

Weapon(s) (optional): A celestial bronze short sword named Παλιρροϊκό κύμα and a round shield


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  6. He was in camp for about a week before leaving again, and he came back less than a week ago. So... in total it's been less than two weeks. His half-sister, Phoebe Lauritsen was sorted with the same thing.

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