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Name's: Ichor "Ike" (Shadowwalker1299) and Luka Platanov (WolfRunner)

Gender: Male's

God parent preference: Eris, Nemesis, Lyssa 


Species: Half-Blood

Mortal Parent: Adrian Platonov


Ichor- 17 (Born August 9, 1995)

Luka-16 (Born October 12, 1996)


Ichor- Top Picture

Luka- Bottom Picture

Ichor's Personality: Ichor is what you call, difficult. He is brooding, serious, and unwilling to cooperate with most. But he is extremely protective of his little brother Luka, willing to risk it all for him. He has trouble with the friends part, but in the end, he is a pretty cool dude. 


Luka's Personality: Luka is a calm and quiet person. He is headstrong and a born leader, but always looks to his older brother Ichor for advice. He loves meeting people and always tries to meet new people and grow closer friendship's. He always looks out for his friend's. despite his usual warm personality, he is a strong fighter, and sometimes hot-headed when someone insults him. Overall he is a good person and a great friend.

History: Adrian Platonov was a Corporal in the Russian Military, originally married to a woman named Antonine, who passed away early in his career to lung cancer. The departure of his beloved made him turn to alcohol, which quickly led to an addiction. This addiction led to various poor decisions on Adrian's behalf, eventually getting him kicked out of the military. So he spent most of his time then on at various bars.

One day, he was approached by a beautiful young woman who initially introduced herself as Valeria. It was love at first sight, and the two left the bar to go vandalize Moscow (Adrian was drunk at the time). The two proceeded to see each other every evening to something bad, which eventually led to one faithful night in Adrian's bed. The next morning, Valeria was gone, leaving nothing but a note.

This note explained in great detail "Valeria's" stature as a Greek goddess, and how she was now with child. Because of this, she could no longer be with Adrian. Dismayed, Adrian developed a deeper addiction to alcohol to drown his sorrows of losing another lover. Nine months later, Eris/Nemesis/Lyssa was back, with their first son, Ichor. Adrian raised their first-born son. Although, she did return once, and after a day of spending time with her son and lover, and a night in Adrian's bed, she was gone once again. Adrian slowly went back to drinking to help him cope.

After another nine months, Adrian found a basket on his doorstep. To his amazement, the basket had an infant in it, along with a note from Eris/Nemesis/Lyssa. This note truly let him know that his beloved would never return, but would always be watching over him and their two boys. Adrian tried to be strong for his sons, even trying to quit drinking. But it was tough, and he would suffer from lapses from time to time. Tis why Ichor (or Ike as he was known by some) and Luka grew up to be very close brothers, always relying on each other.

Luka and Ike were inseparable, the best of friends. They learned early on from their father of their heritage and their mother, and knew that in they're world, they only had each other. Their father tried to do his best to make sure his children were prepared for the future, so he held various jobs, some most people would refuse to take. Then that one horrible night, when Adrian suffered a horrible lapse and went on a drunk driving spree, which ended when he crashed into a gasoline truck, which erupted in a billowing cloud of flame. A body was eventually found, but it was to burnt and scarred to tell who it was, yet Ichor and Luka knew in their hearts that their father was dead.

With no parents and no place to go, Ike and Luka were on the streets by age 12 and 11, respectively. They lived off the garbage and what meager scraps ores would give them until Ichor was finally old enough for a job, which got him just enough to get him and his brother a tuition and decent enough food. It wasn't until the two boys were 14 and 13 that they faced their first monster.

They were n their usual alleyway "home" when a tall man came by. Luka approached the stranger, asking the classic, "Who goes there?" The man picked Luka up high by the arm, and the boy stared into the man's one big green Eye. "C-c-cyclops!!!" Stuttered Luka. "Hey!! Leave my brother be!!" Screamed Ike from behind as he threw a trash can lid at the Cyclops' head. The Cyclops dropped Luka hard and gave chase to Ichor. As the monster chased his brother through the streets, Luka prayed. "Mother, whoever, where-ever you be, save your sons from this demon!!" Then he ran after his brother. Ike was backed into a corner, looking desperately at the approaching monster, when Luka pounced. "Leave him alone!!" Yelled the boy, clinging wildly unto the Cyclops, who tried furiously to yank him off his back. Ike stood up and tackled the monster, knocking him and Luka to the floor. He quickly checked that Luka wasn't harmed, then proceeded to kick the Cyclops, until it stood and picked him up. Luka watched in horror as it raised his brother higher, and higher, over his head, and then.... THUNK. Ike fell to the ground, and the Cyclops stared down into his chest in shock, as there was a bronze crossbow bolt protruding through it. It exploded in ash, blanketing the two boys. Bewildered, Ichor and Luka looked around for where the bolt came from, and saw a figure, but only briefly, for then it disappeared in a dark shade. Ike ran up to where the figure was standing but a mere moment ago, and found a backpack.

The two boys took it and returned to their alley, exhausted and scarred. In it contained a letter explaining the safe haven of Camp Half-Blood, and as well as two daggers the same hue as the crossbow bolt that took down the Cyclops mere moments ago. The boys continued business-as-usual, not showing any hint of what offered, until 3 years later, where not only were they experienced, trained, and adept at handling these attacks, which occurred more often as they matured. But they had also saved up enough money for two plane fares from Moscow, Russia, to Long Island, New York. After arriving, they faced one more threat, this time in the form of a Harpy, but they were aided by a stranger, who revealed to be a Saytr from the Camp. This Saytr led Ichor and Luka to Camp Half-Blood, where they were claimed by their mother at entry.

Ichor's Weapon of preference: Fighting Batons, CB knuckles

Luka's Weapon of preference: Scythe and Daggers

I'm the soccer-playing, mythology-loving, fun-loving me! ~WolfRunner  82px-0%2C194%2C0%2C194-Wolf.png     Shadowwalker1299 (talk) 05:58, July 31, 2013 (UTC)


Why weren't they put in foster care? And how is it two demigods made it so liong with only one moster attack? Why didn't they go to camp right away? RAWR!! I'm a ferocious animalWait...No I'm not, I'm just AstridResized.gif

19:40, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

1. They weren't put in foster care because Adrian's (Their father's) body was so damaged it was unidentifiable so no-one knew they were without a guardian. 2. They had two monster attacks, the Cyclops and the Harpy. 3. They didn't go to camp right away because they needed the money for a flight and so Ichor eventually got a job to get enough money to provide for them and eventually save enough to buy two plane tickets. I'm the soccer-playing, mythology-loving, fun-loving me! ~WolfRunner  82px-0%2C194%2C0%2C194-Wolf.png    

The godparent would not turn up again to help raise he child. Direct interference and such. Urgh2.pngFacillis Decensus Averni-OnyxUrgh2.png Fixed I'm the soccer-playing, mythology-loving, fun-loving me! ~WolfRunner  82px-0%2C194%2C0%2C194-Wolf.png    

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