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Name: Igneous  Ferron and Levi Ferron


  • Like old... but died at 21
  • Like old... but died at 20

Personality:  "

  • Igneous: He is very arrogant, and if you read his history (Wink, wink) you'd know why. His attitude towards mortals is one of both disgust and disdain, finding them quite stupid and irresponsible. To be frank, he is tired of living aimlessly as an immortal and would love to simply perish, but alas his father will not allow it. This makes him bitter, cynical, jaded, and also a hot head. His humor is harsh, but if you prove to be someone worthy of respect, he'll instill it.
  • Levi: He's a lot more quiet about his emotions. If they were two flames, Igneous would be a raging fire, while Levi remained smouldering. He was the more rational and considerate of the two, though he doesn't like mortals much more than his brother. He is a lot more humble, preferring to hide in the shadows rather than strive for recognition.

Father: Hephaestus

Mother: Eliza Ferron

Species: Fire Spirits



Human Life

Eliza was a beautiful daughter of a blacksmith named, Thorne. She was highly courted and sought after. Though, she was too smart and enjoyed her independence. Her father didn't raise a princess. Unfortunately, sickness fell upon the girl's father and she prayed to the shrine they had in their house, despite it being for Hephaestus. She was too afraid to leave her dad in order to go to the temple of the proper Goddess, Hygeia, so she settled for the God they had with them at home.

Hephaestus, having heard of the daughter's beauty all the way in Olympus, was happy to pay them a visit. Since  Thorne was a devout servant of Hephaestus, he agreed to bless the man with good health, but in exchanged he asked for Eliza to give him the honor of laying with him. Of course, for her father she could accept this blessing from a God.

Almost immediately after bedding the God, he left, leaving a small kiss on the top of her head. Joy, was evident on his face, and he promised to return if she'd allowed it. Of course, she agreed. Her father was healed and recognized the blessing bestowed upon her. Eliza, soon found herself to be pregnant. She gave birth to a handsome and beautiful child, named Igneous. A year later, Hephaestus returned to Eliza, intercepting her on her way back home from the river. Full of lust, he embraced her, and she was happy to lay with him again. This encounter lead to a second pregnancy. With the announcements came a flood of gifts from the friends and family. But some gifts, came from an anonymous source. These gifts consisted of two celestial bronze dipped, lances. She knew of the troubles that demigod's suffered from lore, and figured it would be of use later.

As the boys grew, they proved to take after their mother in beauty, but in skill... their father. They were lucky to have Thorne as a grandfather, he helped to cultivate their talents. By age thirteen and twelve, the two boys were already being recognized as remarkable apprentices. This attention brought both good and bad guests. A chimera forged its way into town, reeking havoc in search for the brothers. It burned through fields and homes.

Thorne sent his grandsons out to defeat the beast, claiming it was their responsibility as demigods to kill the beast. Not only had they been learning and mastering the art of metal work, they had also been practicing with their lances, so they felt prepared. Still, the sight of the chimera was... terrifying to say the least, especially considering it was their first monster. The beast was a challenge, but they quickly learned some of the perks that came with being sons of Hephaestus. Their skin was resistant to fire, so it wasn't hard to get close to the beast. Still, chimeras being as intelligent as they are, it caught on. He used his claws to slash at the boys, catching Igneous on his arm and disarming him of his lance. Levi took advantage of the beast's focus on his brother, and shoved his own lance into its under belly, between the ribs. While this didn't kill it, it did slow it down. He moved to Levi with a fierce rage, and Igneous quickly grabbed his lance with his uninjured arm. With strength and precision he didn't know he had, he threw his lance like a spear, catching it in it's neck and turning it to dust. Igneous, was unfortunately left with a hideous slash across his right forearm, but their people were saved.

They were heroes in their small district within Pompeii, and continued to be challenged by monsters as they grew older. Together, they were unstoppable, but apart, Levi proved not to be as talented nor as powerful as his brother. While they bother were phenomenal black smiths, Igneous had a skill that became renowned. Generals would order weapons from Igneous directly. His fighting was strong and on point. While Levi was awkward and more artistic. His designs were sought after by Kings for their Queens, his fighting resembling more of a dance than an attack.

At 18 they separated, for two different work dealings. As Igneous traveled alone, Levi traveled with their elderly grandfather, as the distance was simply through the woods. There, they discovered a manticore. The beast was fast to attack, firing off poisonous spikes from its barbed tail. While Levi was able to pull a wall of stone to protect himself, his grandfather was not so lucky. In an emotional rage, power coursed through him, and Levi charged at the beast. His body suddenly adorning metal as a strong defense. While the beast was fast, he was able to keep up. He fought strong and hard, eventually shoving the blade of his lance, through the jaw of the beast past the skull. Unfortunately, the transformation left him weak.

His brother was the one who found him, along with their dead grandfather. Levi, was never able to recover from the loss. Things changed after that. He became more reclusive, while Igneous felt the need to step up his game and make his grandfather proud. Igneous became a star, while Levi slowly faded away, only remembered by his magnificent metal sculptures.

Two years later, both of their lives changed in the most devastating way. Their volcano decided to swallow the city whole, causing them to lose everyone they knew. While they didn't die from the lava, they did smother in the smoke and ashes. Hephaestus seeing his boys, Igneous especially, as great use, decided to bring them back as Fire Spirits. Unfortunately, their young mother wasn't as lucky.

Life After Death

At first, they were grateful to live, until they realized the weren't living for themselves. They became direct helpers for their father, which was fun at first, but after 100 repetitive years it became painful. Considering their requests for some sort of freedom, Hephaestus allowed them to leave his domain in order to further experience life. Their granted vacation lasted only 50 years. Then, they would have to return for another 100. This would be their reward for every 100 years of work given to their father.

They spent their time exploring the world and all it had to offer. Soon though, Igneous became sick of it. Levi, too tired of the mortals repetitive and self destructive ways. While Igneous continued to travel and watch the demise of mankind, Levi began to stay within their father's domain.

Though, with the boom of technology and its continual expansion, Levi's interests were peaked and he decided to take the next vacation with his brother. Igneous took interest in nothing, so he was bitter and cruel, but Levi was so quiet one would never know how he truly felt about it.

Eventually they ran across some campers on a mission and were directed to CHB. Igneous didn't want to go, having a jealousy fueled resentment towards demigods, but by Levi pointing it out he was forced to deny it and come along.

Now they're at camp, Levi filled with a silent curiosity and Igneous openly irritated.


Heya! Are both chars yours?

  • I think a chimera is too strong for their first attack (I assume it was their first) since they're young, and well, it's too dangerous.
  • The manticore was, too, but Levi probably came out the fight badly wounded, so I guess it's fine.

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  • Also, yeah Levi had to get carried home by Igneous, cause he couldn't even move. Should I add more detail on that?

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Ah, you don't need to add more on the manticore situation. But, yeah, although a chimera is under easy, is still is pretty dangerous, right? They could defeat it, but it'd be super hard. Maybe more detail on that, then?

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