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Name:Ileana Bennett

Age: 14


Species: Demigod

God Parent:(Preferred!) Poseidon, Zeus or Apollo

Mortal Parent:Emelia Bennett


Appearance: ------------>

Personality: Ileana is a soft-hearted girl. She is a girly girl but sometimes doesn't act like it. She loves pink and her favorite color is purple. She is quite bubbly but doesn't fall for people's tricks. She can be mean sometimes but doesn't occasionally mean to be angry or whatever bad mood she is in. She can be a sucker for love, but she can see if they are a bad person or good person so she knows if you are deceiving her.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze sword disguised as a bracelet. History:

Parents Meeting

Emelia Bennett was at the mall when she came across a mysterious man. He was quite muscular. She discovered his name is Noel. She noticed he held a trident in his hand all the time. She noticed this a lot. He came up to her and said hello. She was busy shopping for a new dress for her job. They engaged in a long conversation and then he paid for her new dress. She blushed. She asked him to eat at her house for dinner. They ate together and chatted together for ages. They talked all night. Emelia and Noel got inebriated.

The Birth

A couple of weeks after, she discovered she was pregnant. She found out that Noel left and she wondered why. She called her sister Maria to help her with the pregnancy. Emelia was crying because Noel left her. Her sister told her to calm down and she knows he will come back. She wasn't sure. For 9 months he didn't come back. After Emelia gave birth, she named her child Ileana. A few days after the baby was born, she got a message from Noel revealing everything about him. It said he was Poseidon, God of the seas and everything. He told her about the Greek gods and that her daughter is a demigod. She would have ADHD and Dyslexia. He told her that she can see through the mist because she noticed his trident when she first met him. He knew this because one day a giant dog(hellhound) has chasing a person and she knew it wasn't a dog, it was a monster. She hid the letter from her sister and started to cry. She had a baby to carry through life...

Early Life

Most of Ileana's life, her Aunty was the one who took care of her all of her life. Her mum was too busy earning money to raise her. Her Aunty was like her best friend. She was the only person who understood her. She helped her through her dyslexia and her ADHD. She helped her through the ups and downs. She took her around the Earth and helped her explore life. The first year of her life was sort of hectic. Her aunt was quite busy with her own job so Emelia was so stressed that she had to quit her job for a while until Ileana was on track. Once Maria had stopped work is when her mum returned to her work. Maria didn't know what to do with Ileana so she had to buy parenting books on how to change diapers and what to feed babies. But after a year, she got used to it. The second year was a bit easier because she is crying less but couldn't talk very well.But they got through it... When she became 5, she could only say some words like hello and mum and dad. Her aunt was concerned. She took her to the hospital and diagnosed her with Dyslexia and ADHD. Maria told Emelia and they entered Ileana into a special school to help her.

Going to Camp

First attack:

Ileana is now 11 and doesn't know a thing about anything. Her best friend Jamie is always sighing at her and is always frustrated but Jamie wouldn't give up on her. After that night, Ileana woke up and was late to school. Her mum was angry at her and she got shouted at. She got in trouble. She went to school and got shouted at by Mr Jameson. She got up and Jamie grabbed her. Jamie asked her why she was late and she said she woke up late. Jamie sighed at her and they went to their next class. As they walked to their next class, they got interrupted by the new supply teacher, Miss Waters. Miss Waters dragged them to the next room. She shut the door so they couldn't get out. Jamie and Ileana were afraid. Bear in mind, Jamie is a satyr. Jamie knew something Ileana didn't. He banged at the door shouting for help. All of a sudden, Miss Waters manifested into a creature, a harpy. Ileana screamed. She banged at the door with Jamie. 'HELP!' they both screamed. Jamie looked in his pocket and gave Ileana a bracelet her to push the button. All of a sudden, it turned into a sword. Miss Waters ran into Ileana and she stabbed it in her stomach. Jamie helped her by holding her hand with the sword in the hand.It disintegrated. Ileana was in shock. They ran out of the room and Ileana felt like she had a heart attack. Jamie went to Mr Jameson and told him if he could take her home. He said that Jamie could. Ileana told her mum about what happened and she didn't believe her. Jamie denied it as well. She was angry at Jamie because he was there. They denied it to protect her from danger of what she is until she reaches the right age, 14.

Second attack:

When she was 12, she saw monsters around the town, but managed to get away from it. Ileana is now 13. She still hasn't got over the monster attack and always has dreams about it. Her mum is concerned. She talked to her about and hasn't succeeded. Ileana went to school and talked to Jamie. She still thinks she is right and Jamie is wrong. They walked along to class and it was the end of the school year. She was glad. Jamie and Ileana went to the park and they saw a monster. They didn't know what it was. They ran away as fast as they could. They could see the monsters chasing after other demigods around the area. Jamie said it was a Stymphalian bird and they had to go very fast. Ileana was very angry. "Jamie, you say this thing is a whatever-you-said bird. How do you know?" She exclaimed. "I'll explain later. Let's go!" Jamie replied. The bird started to peck at Ileana's head. Ileana screamed. She tried to run away but she couldn't. Jamie gave her a bracelet like last time. He told her to press the button. She did what she was told. It turned into a Celestial Bronze sword. She swung it at the bird. It didn't work. She fell over. Her music turned on from her phone. The bird let go of her and went mental. Jamie took her home.

Going to camp.

Jamie took her home and told her mum everything. Emelia thought it was time for Ileana to go to camp. She told Ileana about her dad and about the monsters and that she wasn't crazy. She told her all about the Greek gods and that they were real. She told her that she was a demigod. She fell on her knees. Jamie comforted her. Her mum called a taxi to take her to the strawberry fields in New York. She put all of Ileana's clothes in her bag. As the taxi came, she said her goodbyes and went. As she approached Camp Half-Blood, she looked at Jamie and saw he had goats legs. She screamed. She was going to stay with this place for a long time. She arrived safely at camp, without anything wrong...

Side note: *A couple of weeks after, she had a little birthday party with her new friends...*



Before anything else, if the comments below seem lengthy, please do not panic. These are just observations that need to be improved on/addressed to ensure that your character gets a better chance of getting approved.

  • I'd recommend mentioning that Emilia and Noel got inebriated, so that the sudden intercourse doesn't seem as surprising.
  • Then, since not everyone's aware of it, a woman doesn't know she's pregnant the following day. Normally it takes about 2 weeks for the signs to show.
  • Dyslexia and ADHD doesn't show for a baby yet. Normally, it starts to manifest at around 5 - 7.
  • Kindly add more to her early life. From what I've understood, her early life was only when she was 1 to 2 years old. The next section however, occurs when she was already 11. It's too large a gap, so please add more events. I'd recommend some monster sightings, or manifestations of her power.
  • It was stated in the Percy Jackson series that the usage of technology easily attracts monsters. So, with that in mind, how was she able to use the computer (and consequently, the internet) without once getting attacked?
  • In the 1st monster attack, it was never mentioned that the room was sealed off, so why didn't Ileana and Jamie just run out of the room?
  • Why didn't Emilia believe Ileana when all along she knew about Ileana's parentage?
  • What happened between the ages of 11 and 13? Did she get another attack?
  • Kindly also mention that Ileana safely arrived at Camp, because there are quite a number of things that could happen while she was walking from the road just beyond the strawberry fields to the barrier which hides Camp from mortal eyes.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Thanks Demi! I took what you said and I hope it is better? {{User:AriLovesIt/sigcoding}}

How did Poseidon know that her mother could see through the mist if she never once demonstrated the ability to do so? 

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I explained it in the parents meeting section. Is it ok now?


Almost there

You mentioned above that she is currently 14 but she arrived to camp at 13. What happened in that one year gap?

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She had her birthday at camp a couple weeks after she arrived. {{User:AriLovesIt/sigcoding}}

One more thing, were the monsters that she saw (at age 12) going after her, or were they going after other demigods? ApricotI’m like a bright good looking wild apricot. Can’t you see?  ~Sophie 

They were going after other demigods in the area. Is it ok now? {{User:AriLovesIt/sigcoding}}

There is one final thing I'm unsure about. In the first monster attack, I don't think Ileana would be able to kill the monster by herself. I suggest maybe saying Jamie aided her in killing it.

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