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  • Her main weapons, "βαλές" and "ντάμα"
  • Her "Faith" necklace, a gift from her protector. It turns to two twin daggers.

General Information

  • Name: India "Dia" Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • God Parent: Aphrodite/Athena/Hecate
  • Mortal Parent: Zayn Jordan
  • Appearance: India has long-ish brown hair and piercing green eyes. She is average height and has a slim figure. She is stylish and has an obsession with shoes. She always has her camera and sketchbook with her.
  • Personality: India is communicative and kind. She is friendly and has a great sence humor, but sometimes it's hard for her to make friends. She is artistic and when he grows up she wants to help people who struggle with eating disorders.
  • Weapons: She owns a necklace that transforms to twin celestial bronze daggers.


Zayn Jordan was a successful businessman, living in New York. Many women were attracted to him, and when Persephone first saw him, she fell in love with him. They started dating, but a few weeks later she disappeared. Zayn moved on managed to forget about his ex-girlfriend.

It was a rather cold day of September. Zayn woke up and was about to leave his house, when he noticed a basket on the doorstep. In the basket there was a beautiful little girl, with clear blue eyes which reminded him of Persephone. He noticed a little note next to the baby. It read: "Her name is India, and she's our daughter. Please take care of her, Aphrodite". Zayn was shocked to find out that he was a father, but he loved his daughter and decided to raise her on his own. Of course his sister Hayley was always there to help him out.

And so little Dia grew. Zayn and Hayley loved her and always tried their best to make her happy. She always got what she wanted, but she never was spoiled. She never really had friend in school, everyone was jealous of her.

The only friend she ever had was Ryann Black. They met when they were both 9 years old and became friends instantly. Ryann was the only person Dia could talk to, Dia was the only person who liked Ryann. They used to spend days upon days together, laughing, talking and just doing silly things. Dia even tried to convince her father to adopt Ryann, but that didn't work out so well.

When India turned 14, the Jordans moved to New York. Dia never saw Ryann again.

India was quite popular in her new school, but she really trusted only one girl. Her name was Gray Creighton. The two were arguing a lot, but, they had a really strong bond. A few months later strange things started happening. Dia's demigod powers started showing.

It was 24th of March, 2012. Dia was on her way to meet Gray, when two huge dogs attacked her. They were each the size of a bear and Dia didn't know what to do. That was when Gray showed up. She took out something that looked like a sword and threw a necklace at Dia. The girl managed to catch it, and it transformed to two daggers. India was confused for a few moments, but when she saw her friend fighting with the strange creatures she decided to join her. After a lucky hit she killed one of them, and so did Gray.

Gray grabbed Dia's hand and lead her back home. On their way she explained everything. She told her that she was her protector, and a satyress. She told her that she, Dia, was a demigod. She also talked to her about a safe place, Camp Half-blood. India agreed to go.

She packed some of her belongings, and Gray summoned the Grey Sister's Taxi. They arrived at Camp some minutes later and India was soon claimed by Aphrodite.

“It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.” -Marilyn Monroe 16:05, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

Just remember, you have until 3/26 before time's up. Like, if Picasso made a person, You'd be his masterpiece. Signatureruby 18:33, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

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