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Name: Ione Chandler

God Parent: Cybele, Mnemosyne, Demeter

Species: Demigod

Age: 18

Mortal Parent: Damian Chandler

Appearance: 5'9", Image

Ione Chandler (Model: Kate Bianco)

Personality:​ She is gentle and mature but fierce in battle. She cares for those who she believes are hurt. She is a very sympathetic and trustworthy person. She holds a high amount of respect for those who are selfless and caring. She wishes nothing but the best to everyone. She has a long-lasting rivalry with Whitney Clemmons.


Damian was a young man who worked as an employee for a green energy company. One day after work, he was walking home when he saw a dying plant. He took the plant in the soil with him and cared for it at home. The next day it was looking very well. It was a Saturday, so he decided he would take a walk. While he was walking, he met a beautiful woman dressed in green (Cybele). He stopped and asked for her name, and she told him her name was Celia. They were both obviously attracted to each other, so they continued the walk together until the two got to Damian's house. He asked her if she wanted to stay the night, and she decide to do so. Celia saw the well and alive plant and smiled. It was then that she decided this man would be the father to another child of hers. Damian and Celia had a wonderful night together. They ended it with a little time in bed. Damian woke up to find that there was no trace of the woman. The next three months he spent feeling very lonely. The woman finally came back, but she was not there to stay. Celia, who now revealed her identity as Cybele, gave Damian a child wearing a crown of violets. For this reason he named the child Ione, or "violet flower."

Damian and Ione lived in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Ione was a lonely girl, but she loved to garden. By 7, she had made a gorgeous garden with her father. Damian and Ione were incredibly close in interests. Damian was upset when the poor child Ione had been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at the age of 8. Still, Damian and Ione were very close. Ione was very alone in school. She enjoyed time outside laying down in the sun. She even started a campaign for a park in her city and made it a huge success at the age of 11! She never had many friends. In fact, at the age of 12 she made a really bad enemy. She saw this one girl named Whitney throwing trash in her garden while she walking home. She was very upset and ran in front of Whitney to scold her. Whitney just glared and laughed at her. "You really think I care about your garden, flower freak?" Ione was looking at the ground and said, "The environment doesn't like it, okay?" She shoved Whitney in a fit, grabbed the trash, threw it away. Whitney yelled some threat at Ione, but she wasn't listening. She closed the door and went to her room.

One day at the age of 12, she walking to meet her father at work. She bumped into Whitney, who started yelling at her for the other day. Whitney then pulled out a boomerang that had odd glowing metal on it. "This wouldn't work on someone like you..." she said with disgust (implying that Whitney thinks Ione is mortal). Whitney then kicked Ione, and Ione doubled over from the pain. Ione shouted, "What are you doing?" and Whitney laughed. Suddenly, Ione heard the sound of crawling and chewing. She assumed Whitney heard it too, for she froze in her place too. Ione saw an over-sized scorpion come out of the shadows. Whitney shouted some order at her, but Ione was too in shock to respond. Whitney charged out, this time with a halberd in hand, and swung it at the scorpion. The scorpion easily evaded. Whitney said, "Crap!" then looked over at Ione and said, "Hey useless junk! Take this!" Whitney threw 2 odd looking weapons at her, which Ione identified as a butterfly knife and a cutlass. Ione stood up tall, and the scorpion lunged at her. Ione covered herself with her hands in fear, but the scorpion's wrath never came down upon her. She looked up and saw a wall made of earth. She looked over to see Whitney with a look of surprise. "So you are a..." she trailed off. The scorpion dug through and the fight was back on. Whitney came running at the scorpion at full force while it was distracted and stabbed it on the side. It yelped in pain but didn't die. Ione noticed something really quickly. "Whitney, the underside!" Whitney replied, saying, "Okay stupid!" Whitney was able hold it down by jumping on it and pushing down with her halberd. Ione rolled under it and jabbed it with her newly acquired butterfly knife. The scorpion squealed and exploded into golden dust. The two girls were silent and left the golden dust on the ground, going their separate ways.

The next 6 years of her life were pretty normal, except for the occasional monster attacks. Whitney and Ione always somehow ended up fighting them together. At 13, they fought 3 over-sized dogs winning just barely. At 14, they fought a snake lady who almost suffocated Whitney. At 15, they fought weird fish-like dogs near a lake. At 16, they fought bird humans that scratched Ione pretty badly. Finally at 17, they fought another large amount of the same dogs, which turned out to be called hellhounds (as learned from Whitney's mom), but they defeated the easily this time. Whitney and Ione barely talked at all, but they still resented each other. Whitney told Ione that they were demigods, children of the gods. Whitney did tell Ione about the weapons she had given her. She said the metal was special. She mentioned how her mother, Rachel, was the same as the two of them. Rachel was also how Whitney got supplies for making these weapons. Rachel apparently got them from a friend of hers when she was younger who was a child Hephaestus. Oh yeah, and Whitney told Ione that she had built the weapons. Whitney said she had an odd ability to be able to do it. Ione wondered what she could do, and who her mother was. Ione's questions would all be answered soon.

Ione was with her father, who had somehow fallen in love with Whitney's mom over the years. That meant that Whitney and Ione had to spend more time together. They had an okay night at dinner, but on the way home in an alley, some rather large birds flew to attack the group. Ione and Whitney were about to get hit, but Rachel suddenly took them out in one swift slash. Rachel looked at the two with pain in her eyes. "Come," Rachel said, "you two are going to come with me someplace safe. It brings back memories to think of it just now, but that doesn't matter. Go home and pack up." Damian agreed to let this happen, but he didn't even know about this place. Ione did as she was told and packed her things up. Rachel announced the destination as a place called Camp Half-Blood. The 4 people rode by train to Long Island. Rachel served well as a guide, quickly defeating any and all monsters trying to attack them. She eventually stopped in front of a sign that read the same name as she had mentioned earlier. Rachel gestured them to the gate. The two girls walked in, to their future.

Weapons/Possessions: Celestial Bronze butterfly knife, Celestial bronze cutlass, crown of flowers that she commonly wears.

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama


"The next six years of her life were pretty normal. No attacks from anything strange came." Could you please fix that? A demigod could not have gone with out a monster attack for six years straight. At least one monster attack per year will do.


Fixed. ;D "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama

you are a bit vague when you explained the monster attacks. could you expand on them? like actually give out ages and what type of monster they fought?


Fixed! ;D "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama

Since this claim is tied to the other, I will add in a few comments that includes the other. Why did she wait until 17 to go to camp? Also, why didn't Rachel give Whitney ordinary pre-made weapons instead of letting her craft it. Where did she get the place to do it?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

1. It was 18, not 17 (she had her last monster attack at 17 and I explained the 18th one. Rachel was unaware of what was going on with the two other than the fact that Whitney had met Ione, another demigod. Since Rachel wasn't told of the monster attacks, she assumed they were safe. 2. I'm going to add a little more to that part.

Please explain more of her childhood. Template:Kat claim sig

Okay, I decided to add a park campaign thingy she did when she was 11 and where she actually lived. "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama

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Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

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