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Gender: Female

Age: 16

God Parent: Dionysus, Zeus, Phobos

Mortal Parent: Mia Yeltsin

Appearance: She's 5'5 with purple eyes and blackish brown hair. She usually wears a white blouse, with a faded grey sweatshirt. Along with that she wears jeans and white sneakers.

Personality: Irina is a party animal. Who's always up for a good drink. She like to be happy and hates depressed people. Although she can sometimes be depressed herself but nothing like a good drink can't fix. She can be a bit paranoid and is afraid of intimacy bit she does care about the people closest to her.

History: Mia met Dionysus/Zeus/Phobos at a club. She had just broken up with her long term boyfriend. When the god walked up to her, he bought her a few drinks and they slept together. They went out for a couple of weeks and, 9 months later a bouncing baby girl was born. Mia took her child and went to work/live at her parents work place. Where she made and sold wine.

Due to her life being pretty uneventful she doesn't remember much of her earlier years. Due to her living so far into the country her mom home schooled her. Her mom taught her to read, write, and do basic mathematics. But besides that her mom taught her about wine and how to make it, but her favorite thing to do was to taste the wine. Her first account with monsters was a run in with a hellhound. She was about 13 at the time. She had been walking back from the market when she heard some growling. Passing it off as a dog she continued to walk down the dirt path. Again she heard the growling this time it sounded louder and closer. This time she turned around and saw a huge hellhound. She dropped the groceries in shock. The dog got ready to pounce. Suddenly grape vines shot through the dirt path. They strangled the dog, but she didn't stick around to see the outcome. She ran all the way back home. When she got home she told her mom everything. Her mom tossed it off as a late night out and an angry dog (she didn't know her daughter was a demigod). The next few years were uneventful she continued to work at the vineyards. In till one day she was making some wine and she saw a manticore. It had blood on its muzzle. My moms body was right below its head. Her neck had deep gash wounds she was dead. Irina couldn't scream she was frozen with fear. Suddenly another demigod and a satyr jumped out of the bushes. The demigod battled the manticore. Meanwhile the satyr grabbed Irina and pulled her behind some wheel barrels. The satyr's name was Gong and the demigods name was Sammy. Eventually there was a shriek of agony the young demigod had killed the manticore with his sword. The manticore turned into dust. Irina slowly got up and thanked the demigod. They told her they would take her to a safe place. The demigod handed her a knife for protection and told her all about camp half-blood. With no where else to go she followed them.

Weapons: A short celestial bronze knife

You don't have a baby if you just 'sleep together'. Also, please sign your claim with the 4 tildes/~'s. ~ What'sNewOwlz? 17:35, May 31, 2012 (UTC)

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What did they kill it with? Let the haters hate, You're like way too late. 18:30, May 31, 2012 (UTC)

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Let the haters hate, You're like way too late. 18:41, May 31, 2012 (UTC)

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