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Name: Isa Fairchild

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nyx, Hecate, Athena

Mortal Parent: James Fairchild 

Appearance: Isa is beautiful. Well, she was. She was one of those girls that people would think would grow up to be a model. But it changed when she got that scar. Isa is a tiny bit taller than most 13-year-olds, standing 5'3. She doesn't have very many muscles and looks weak but not frail. She's pretty thin, but not skinny. Isa has long blonde, almost white hair that goes all the way to her waistline. Her eyes are dark green like a healthy forest. She would look beautiful. But her scar hinders that. An ugly scar created of three lines, stretching from her hairline, all the way down to her jaw. They go through eyebrows and over eyelits, making it look very brutal. People used to call Isa "beautiful". Now, they just look away from her, saddened.

Personality: A shy girl who rarely smile. She likes being alone and doesn't say that much because when she's with people they tend to stare at her scars, making her uncomtable. Because of that people usually underestimate her. People think that she's a daydreamer but she's actually very observant. She is quite intelligent and tend to calculate everything. She has a tendency to  underestimate  herself just like others usually underestimate her, she is very insecure. She also tends to overthink problems to make sure she got all perspectives and motives and possible plans figured out however she can make quick decesions if she has to. She used to care a lot for her looks but when she got the scar the turned from the outgoing and kinda selfish girl to the quiet and shy but very kind girl. She is the opposite of a "hot-head" and will rather just say nothing than fight back when yelled at. She has turned quite humble since the abusement began. She's matured quite a lot by living with her sister and her abusive father, because she usually had to take care of herself. She sets very high demands to herself and tries her best to live up to her own expectations to herself.

History: Isa’s story started with her father. Her father name was James Fairchild. James used to be a lovely man who lived in a small town in Connecticut. He worked as a businessman. He had a beautiful wife (Hanna Fairchild) whom he treasured deeply and two girls, Danielle and Sarah Fairchild. They lived a lovely life together, undisturbed by anything. But their happiness was soon to end. Hanna got incurable breast cancer, and although the doctors tried their best, they were not able to safe her.  She died and so, James became distant.

One day, going to a lunch meeting a new girl was in the reception. She introduced herself as Nadia (Nyx as human) and they began to see each other. Their meetings began to turn from “just talking” into affairs. And one day Nadia was gone, just like she vanished. James didn’t take it that hard. It had been nice but platonic.  But nine months later, a surprise came up, literally right at the doorstep. Isa was lying in a basket as a tiny baby with green forest eyes and short white-blond hairs on head. The father soon figured that it was probably Nadia’s. Although he really didn’t want another child to take care of, already having Sarah and Danielle (Danielle was 13, Sarah 15) he took her into the family. But she was never treated as good as Sarah and Danielle.

In her early childhood she grew much attached to her two siblings. She was always a bit timid and shy and Danielle and Sarah was like her new mothers, taking care of her because James didn’t.  Isa never really needed her father and was more than happy just to be together with her two sisters. But they were also her only friends;  she was always a bit shy and careful. They would always help her when she was in trouble and she loved her sisters deeply but that didn’t last long either because the breast cancer that James’ wife had had was found in Danielle too, passed on by genetics.  Isa, Sarah and James now went through the same trauma as with the wife, and Danielle died too. The father took this hard. He became even more distant, and got anger problems. Sarah moved out, leaving Isa and James by themselves, and it was here the worst part of Isa’s life started. She was 9 at that point.

Isa’s father began to drink and then abuse Isa physically, beating her almost every day. She lived with the pain for until she turned 12. But one day it went too far. She broke a silver picture frame that had a picture of her mother by accident. Her father, already drunk and mad, smacked her face into the wall and pressed her face upwards against the walls but none of them saw the three nails stuck in the wall. Isa's face was pressed against the three nails causing three extremely deep wounds on from her hairline to her chin. Her father threw her at the floor as if it was her own fault and then he walk out of the backdoor, leaving Isa alone on the floor with three bleeding wounds in her face. Isa knew that she had to think fast. That panicking wouldn't help. She rushed to get a towel that she pressed against her face. Then she dialed 911 and got an ambulance. She was rushed to the hospital but when the doctors and the ambulance people asked how it happened she just said that she had fallen on asphalt ground. Even after that, she still tried to protect her father and didn't blame him. The doctors didn't believe it of course and called the police. The same night her father was hitting her, the police came busting in through the door and saw him hit Isa. They arrested them and Isa was moved to live with her sister, Sarah. Sarah took a job as a waiter down at the local dinner in the city. I did not bring in much money but enough so that they could make it through daily living.

Sarah lived quite away from the city, and lived by the start of the forest line. Isa always liked the forest, as no one would stare at her scars like in the city, and she would often stroll around in there.  But one day her forest-walks turned out a bit differently. She heard the sound of fast running feet over the wood-grounds and suddenly found herself face to face with a dog like creature she had never seen before. The animal charged against her and out of pure reflexes and adrenalin, Isa dove to the side, got her hands on a stick lying on the ground and swung it at the dog using all her strength, hitting right over the snout, making it bleed. Shocked by the pain the hellhound fled leaving Isa with a stick in her hand, even more confused.

But soon after, she would get her answer. After she turned 14, a few weeks before summer, there were a knock on the door, one day when her sister weren’t home. A boy from her school stood in the door. The boy and her had talked a bit and seemed to be one of the few kids who didn’t use all day staring at her scars. He had even been at her house before. She let him and they sat down with a cup of tea and then he told her about everything. About her being a demi-god and about the Half Blood camp. That she needed to learn how defend her from various monsters. That he wasn’t really a human boy, that he was a satyr. That it was dangerous for both her and Sarah to stay. Leaving Sarah was weird. Sarah had left Isa with her father which had in the end caused her to be abused but she had also opened her arms for Isa so that she didn’t have to live in an orphanage. Sarah had been through enough, losing her sister, mother and having her father in jail, and Isa felt it would be unfair to just leave her without notice. Isa wrote a note saying:

Dearest Sarah           

I thank you for everything you have done for me. Something has happened and I sorry but I have to go away for the summer… I know it’s confusing and I promise I will tell you everything, so that you don’t have to worry about me. I will find a phonebox somewhere, and I promise I will call you as soon as I can, explaining everything. I know this is sudden and I am sorry this happened so quickly, but this is easier this way. I am  so thankful  for everything  you  did to me, and  I love you forever, my sweet sister.


And with that she packed some personal belongings in a backpack and travelled to Camp Half Blood with the satyr. Being from Connecticut, the travel only took a week, using different trains and sleeping wherever they could find place. Sometimes that would be motels, and sometimes it would be benches in the parks at nigh. They would eat at dinners they found or buy some bread they could eat while taking the train. At one dinner where they stopped to eat, she made her call back to her sister, using a phonebox and explained. It was shocking for her sister as first, but as Isa gradually explained, she believed more and more in the idea.

It was a hard journey. Isa knew that what she was going to face was gonna be hard. But she also believed that maybe she could make something better of herself. She never had many friends, maybe she could find some at the camp who did not judge her cause of the scars. Become a part of a communety instead of straying away from everyone. tha was the idea that kept Isa going. Of a new and better fate. After 7 long days, they arrived at camp.

After a few days in the camp, testing out the different weapons she found out she was best with a bow and arrow and a dagger, and was given them

Weapons: Bow and arrow, dagger

Mon anglais c'est trés bien... Oh wait, crap, that was French. (talk) 08:30, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

Having a cellphone is bad for a demigod. Using it is even worse because it alerts every monster of the demigod's whereabouts. With that in mind, Isa couldn't have used the phone without attracting at least 1 monster. How did they get to camp? Also, it would be hard for Isa to rush herself to the hospital due to blood loss and, from what I've read, I doubt that James would bring her there.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

I weren't aware of the cellphone thing, I will change that and make her use a phonebox before arrival at the camp. The reason why I didn't mention how they get to camp is that the story is already pretty filled with dramatic stuff and such so I didn't want to add more to make it "overdramaticed" but I guesss I can add a few more details to that. 

For the last, I really just imagined that Isa would get a towel to her head, fill it with ice and then phone an ambulance, I can write that in. From personal experince, you actually do remain pretty constious even with bleeding wounds from your head. Probably too scared to run all the way to the hospital yourself, but conisiouns enough to make a phonecall. 

Mon anglais c'est trés bien... Oh wait, crap, that was French. (talk) 13:53, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

Fixed! :3

Mon anglais c'est trés bien... Oh wait, crap, that was French. (talk) 15:22, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

Wouldn't her father be there when the ambulance came? If yes, then wouldn't he be interrogated on what happened to Isa?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Nah he probably left the house, going away before anyone noticed. I will add that :3

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Mon anglais c'est trés bien... Oh wait, crap, that was French. (talk) 15:31, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

After Isa moved in with Sarah, did Sarah provide for Isa's education? Did she send Isa to school? If yes, how was she able to pay the tuition fee?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Oh sorry, I thought school was free... I mean it is in Denmark, isn't there a law in USA that you get so and so many years of free education? If not then through work I guess. Sarah would also receive (I don't know the official word in English) "Child-money" from the government, for having a child. And single mother's get even bigger bonusses. And Sarah got a job so I think that would work.

Added her job!

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Everything looks fine to me so...

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