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Name: Bella Harman

Gender: Female

God Parent: Mnemosyne. Tyche, Iris

Mortal Parent: Elias Harman

Appearance: White-blonde hair with a pale skin tone. Crystal blue eyes and a gentle heart-shaped face. Bella has a slim petite figure due to her past.

Bella 2

Model: Juno Temple

Personality: Bella has a calming air around her. She is a down to earth type of person, who tries to find ways out a situations that wouldn't involve a catastrophe. She can also be very restless, impatient and quick-witted (A side of her that not many see). She is often sensitive and compassionate towards others. Bella has a creative mind and a very good memory. She's also fiercely loyal to the people that she loves, a family trait.

History: It was the year 1938 and a young man by the name of Elias Harman was out celebrating. He had just finished another successful year as a ring-leader to the 'Harman & Harrison' Circus. His cousin Charles Harrison had taken them out for a few drinks. That's where Elias met Mnemosyne, who was going by the alias of Mary-Lynette; a lady of intelligence who Elias had charmingly spilt a drink on.

The two were nothing alike. But they hit it off anyway, which led to a one night stand. Months later when Elias has just finished setting up his trailer Mnemosyne appeared holding a child. She explained to the Ringleader that the child belonged to them, and that she was the Greek goddess Mnemosyne. At first Elias didn't believe her, who in their right mind would? But after showing him some proof with her powers, she really had no choice. He took their child in, who he names Isabella, and raised her in the circus.

As a child Bella had much fun with the performers. She especially liked the Acrobats, who taught her how to become Flexible and increase her stamina. She made friends with Billy, a son of an acrobat in the circus who was a year older than she, and became incredibly close with him. She was never seen without her friend, even when she started the preform. They have a duo-act together, as high-flyers. When they weren't practising they were being homeschooled by Charles, the only member of the circus who could read. Bella developed a passion for books. Being able to transport to another reality was amazing to her. 

First attack: Harpy, 13 years old Just before her 14th birthday, the circus had set up camp in a small town somewhere in the countryside. Bella had snuck away for a couple of hours with Billy, who was currently climbing the tree Bella was leaning on. "Bella, Bella look!"Bella looked up at her friend and saw him at the top of the tree. "Be careful Billy, you don't want to hurt yourself. She saw her friend's eyes widen, not from her warning but from something in the distance."Not again" She heard him mutter before he told her to run. She looked around and spotted why. Flying towards them at an alarming rate was a large bird. No, not a bird. It seemed to have the face of a woman. Bella was frozen as it flew at her. Suddenly Billy was in front of her holding a golden coloured sword. As the bird/women swooped down Billy stepped to the side and landed a cut on its wing. The creature landed face first into the ground were Billy jumped on its back and stabbed it. Bella coughed as she breathed in golden dust. "What just happened" She questioned frantically. He shrugged and the dagger shrank into a letter-opener."Dunno, but it's been happening for the past year or too" He patted his pocket where he had put the small object "I'm just glad i have this, it protects me well enough"Second attack: Hellhound, 14 years old

Everything was quiet for about a year. Bella didn't ask about what happened with the bird/women, and Billy never brought it up. Bella supposed it was best that way, neither of them knew what happened. But they were both afraid it would happen again. Which it did.

This time they were in Kansas. When it happened, Bella was practicing on the aerial silks and Bobby not far from her on the trapeize. A large net lay out below them, and they were the only ones awake at this time in the morning after a show. 

Bella was upside down when Billy gave a grunt of pain, without Bella noticing a pair of birds had started to attack Billy who was clinging to the Trapize desperatly. Bella yelled at him to let go and drop to the net, which he did and she followed quickly. Springing off the net the two of them turned to the birds swooping towards them. 

"Billy, your sword" Bella gasped, he fumbled for it and finally gor ir out of his pocket and to it's normal size. Bella swatted at a bird with her hand when it got close, sucessfully cuting her hand. She wished she has a weapon. Just like in her storybooks. The valiant hero saves the day with his gleaming sword, then rides of on his trusty stead. Bella felt a weigth in her hand, she looked down to see words forming the shape of a sword before it solified into a weapon just as she'd imagined it.

Bella waited for the right moment to swing the sword as the bird advanced on her again. With a mighty swing she sliced the bird and watched it dissapear in a cloud of gold dust. The sword in her hand vaperized into words before fading compleatly, Billy, by her side once more.

"That was-"

"Amazing" Billy cut her off, placing the letter-opener into his pocket "Now you have somthing to fight with too"

"Well" Bella sighed "I just hope i won't have to use it again"

Third attack: Hellhound, 15 years old

The circus had reached their final destination for the year, Vegas. Bella stared up at the fancy lights and decorations in this city, it was like she was in another land. Girls in elaborate dresses, men in tuxedo's. It was a dream to the teenager. Night had fallen and her father and all of the over-aged circus members had gone to celebrate after their last show of the year. Leaving Billy and Bella to explore the new land.

It didn't take long for the pair to get lost in an alleyway out the back of some casino's. As they walked Bella heard a growl from behind them. Billy must've heard it too because he looked behind them and yelled at them to run. Bella refused to look behind her and started to sprint to the end of the alleyway where there was a door, Billy right behind her. Bella reached the door and tore it open, thanking god for letting it be unlocked, and dashed inside holding the door open for Billy. She screamed when the large black dog landed on her friend. "Go, Just go" He screamed at her, Bella didn't know what to do. So she ran to get help. A decision she would come to regret. She arrived in the main hall of the casino, and was amazed. It was a wonderland. Games and Music all around. She got lost in the moment, forgetting what she came in to do. The next thing she knew a boy was shaking her, and pulling her out of the paradise. Once outside she started to freak out. The world had changed, and she hadn't even realised it. Cars and technology were alien to the girl. The boy, whose name was Hank, explained to her that she was a daughter of a god or goddess. Apparently she had used some of her powers in the casino. Then she remembered Billy. Her childhood friend, the only person she could confide to, was gone. The circus, her family, was gone. In her state of distress she did what any other normal person would've done, she fainted. The next time she awoke she was in a bed at Camp Half Blood, with Hank beside her. Complaining about how much a trouble it was getting and unconscious girl to camp, she was surprised when he told her she had been out for a day, and had to call upon the Grey Sisters together to camp from the Lotus Casino.

She will have to  adjust to this life, and deal with mourning the loss of everybody she ever knew .

Weapons: Her powers for form a weapon as well as a Camp sword

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How long has she been at camp?

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She's just gotten there, sorry if that wasn't clear. I think i fixed it haha

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