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Name: Isabella Richardson

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite, Eros, Apollo

Age: 16

Mortal Parent Name: Ashton Richardson

Personality: Isabella is very kind, however, she can be vain at times. She loves making a great first impression, which tends to make her focus more on her appearance than anything else. She enjoys solving other peoples problems and usually gives wise advice freely. Some say she's indecisive, but that's only because likes to know all the facts before she comes up with any kind of decision, and rushing her only makes her panic. However, one she has examined all the facts and had made her choice, there is very little people can do to change it.

She works better when people are using mild tones and not screaming at her to do something. Isabella is very flirty, even when she doesn't try to be. She's very sweet and rather calm, but she has a mean side people rarely see. She's very funny and silly, and she gets upset when people she cares about are upset.


Her parents Meeting:

Her parents met at an art museum, and her father, Ashton, found himself taking an instant liking to her mother. Luckily, the feeling was mutual. Together, they went on countless dates where Ashton would shower Aphrodite with the finest of things such as fancy restaurants, expensive jewelry, and would always give her red roses. The nights they spent together, Ashton would keep in his mind forever. He gave her poems and was just head over heels for her. One day wh Aphrodite told Ashton she was pregnant and Ashton was ecstatic with the news. He had plans to propose to her after Isabella was born, only to have the plans soured by the tragic leave of Aphrodite. He knew she had to leave, and tried to get her to stay, but failed. After Isabella was born, Aphrodite told Ashton of a place where Isabella would be protected, where she would be surrounded with kids like her. A place called Camp Half Blood in Long Island, New York. She told him to take her there after her inevitable first monster attack, something he did not listen too. She gave him a tube of lipstick that, once the cap was pulled off, would turn into a celestial bronze sword she had Hephaestus make. She ordered him to give it to her when she turned thirteen, and then she took her leave.

Growing Up:

Growing up, Isabella lived a relatively normal life. Her father was the director Museum of Photographic Art in San Diego, so she spent a lot of her life in art museums learning how to draw, and take pictures. Her first five years he taught her 2 languages including Japanese and Italian, and had plans to teach her french as well. However, when he tried to do so, she ended up speaking to him entirely in french, so he obviously found no reason for that lesson. She was naturally gifted at musical instruments, such as the piano and violin. He enrolled her into a private school, where she was fine until 8th grade. Her teachers had complained about her stealing things from other students, and then when they confronted her about it, they said she would lie to them, telling them that she merely asked for the things and the students gave them to her. A sign of a rare power she had inherited from her mother, Charm Speak, had begun to show itself. That's when Ashton first started to suspect that Isabella would soon be in danger. He immediately moved to New York, in hopes to protect her. 

That summer, when she was 13 years old, Isabella was walking home with her best friend, Logan. They were talking and laughing with each other before a hell hound emerged from the shadows. Isabella of course screamed her lungs out, and tried to get away. Logan grabbed her and tried to calm her down (Well as calm as he could make her in this position), telling her to take out the tube of lipstick her dad had given her and to take off the cap. Once she took it off, it revealed it's true form of celestial bronze and Logan instructed her how to use it, helping Isabella slay the beast. She put the cap back on, and obviously shaken up, returned home to her father where Ashton finally explained what she was and that her mother was the Goddess, Aphrodite. Logan explained to Isabella that he was her protector, and that she was to come with him to Camp Half blood were she would be safe. Isabella lived that summer in denial, and Ashton had argued repeatedly with Logan that he was not sending her to camp.

It only got worse from there. On top of her problems at school, she now had to deal with annual monsters that attacked her due to her "scent" that had peaked since she learned she was a demi god. She fought hellhounds, even fire breathing horses! Luckily, Logan taught her how to protect herself from them and kill them as best he could, and he continually tried to convince Ashton that the best place for her to learn was at the camp. Ashton always said no, he didn't want their bond to break.  Finally when she was sixteen, Ashton had finally been convinced that Camp Half Blood was indeed the best place for her to go, and agreed to take her there. Logan would show them the way and help Isabella get comfortable.

Once they got to camp under Logan's guidance, Ashton walked the two up as far as the barrier would let him. Once the barrier stopped him from getting through, he gave her a locket with a picture of him and her mother inside. After a long a tearful goodbye, Isabella walked into the camp with Logan, leaving her father to return home. Two weeks later, she's settled in nicely. Sometimes it feels like she's just in some sort of dream and that she's still home with her dad, but then she realizes how lucky she is to be who she is. She's still trying to find her way in camp, but luckily has made a few friends along the way. 


A tube of lipstick that is really a celestial bronze sword in it's true form.


A picture of her dad and her at the beach when she was little, and a locket with a picture of her mom and dad.

--Jackieee (talk) 06:04, April 9, 2015 (UTC)


This is coming along real nicely, Jackie! Sadly though there are still some things that need work, so I'll just list what I've noticed

  • you'll need more details about the monster attack - it should be about a paragraph itself, and talk about what monster it was, where it happened, and how she got away
  • especially because her father explained to her that she was a demigod, which strengthens her "scent," she needs one attack per year or more after the first one. You don't need to be as specific about these encounters, but we should still know what attacked her and how she dealt with it

One of the other claim workers may catch more things, but that's the most apparent stuff.


I fixed it some, thank you so much for pointing the things out c: Is it okay now or should I edit some more? If so, what things need fixing? Thanks again for helping me become better!

I just had a quick glance at the claim and it looks good so far. Just a few points. 

  • Children of Aphrodite innately know and understand French as it is the language of love, so her dad wouldn't need to teach her it.
  • Isabella as an young and untrained demigod would probably not be able to take down monsters such as "demons" or "empousai" which are classed as medium monsters, which require 3-5 people to kill.

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