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Name:Issac Drayton

GodParent choices:Aphrodite,Apollo,Poseidon


Mortal Parent:Ian Drayton




Personality:Issac is very relaxed, calm, and laid-back, though he tends to slack and lay off responsibility. He tends to be a flirt at times,is an extrovert, very talkative and has an easy time finding friends since he's very social.

History:Ian Drayton was always popular with the ladies, even going back to his high school years. Once he began playing for Chicago Bulls in the NBA, his attention with women only increased. So, it was no surprise to him when a beautiful woman approached him after a game, propositioning him.

After the sex, Ian commented on how good she was. To this she giggled and replied. "Well, I AM the goddess of love. I'm RATHER well-versed in these things." Ian seemed to shrug off the word "goddess", and chuckled as well. "Good point." He then asked when he would be able to see her again. To this, the woman giggled again. "Now, Ian Drayton, you wouldn't happen to be in love now, would you?" He quickly responded, "No, of course no-" She pressed her finger to his lips. "You'll see me again soon enough. Now, good luck in your next game" She kissed him and left his hotel room, and he didn't see her again.

For months, Ian obsessed over the woman. It began to throw off his game, he would miss shots, lose the ball, and trip over his own feet. After one such game, the woman appeared to him again, carrying a small baby boy. She explained that the boy was his son, that she was indeed the goddess Aphrodite, that the boy's name was Issac, and that he would at some point need to be taken to New York for his own protection when he got older. Ian acknowledged all of this,still in shock that he was now a father. He told Aphrodite that he would do his best to make sure that he was raised properly. She smiled and kissed him one last time, and left, never to see either of them again.

Ian did his best to raise Issac properly, telling him of his lineage early on,wanting Issac to have a greater sense of pride. He paid one of his teammates, a proud Apache, to teach Issac how to fight using guerrilla tactics. Issac did well at his lessons, but growing up, he never believed his father about how he was a demigod. Even from a young age, Ian raised Issac to be somewhat materialistic, even causing Issac to develop an obsession with Air Jordans, with him having 2 air of every pair that was released since his first pair at 7 years old. Around the age of 13, Issac began to display an impressive talent for basketball, much like his father, to the point of making Point Guard of his high school's team, the Spartans. At 15, after one of the Spartans' basketball games, Issac was attacked by a harpy on his way home. Panicking and weaponless, Issac backed away and a cloudy plume of what smelled like Aqua Di Gio appeared around him. As the harpy flew into it, it immediately fell to the ground, choking. He then noticed that it was wearing a ratty scarf around its neck. Thinking of how ugly the scarf was, Issac inadvertently made it begin to constrict and shrink around the monster's neck, causing it to thrash and struggle to remove it, until it constricted so tight that its neck snapped, then it fell to the ground, into a pile of golden dust.

Terrified, Issac ran home, and on his bed, he saw a wrapped gift. He read the card on it. "For when there isn't a scarf handy. Good job, by the way. Mommy's proud of you." He opened it, and inside were Celestial Bronze knives and tomahawks, as well as a pair of Air Jordan Six Rings that seemed to change color.

After this, Issac took to wearing a tailored jacket to hide his weapons on his person all the time. While looking for his dad after a Bulls' game, he saw two thugs trying to shake the man down. As he refused to be mugged, the thugs pulled out guns. In a panic, Issac ran at them, weapons drawn. Realizing too late that his knives wouldn't hurt them, one of the thugs grabbed him and the other held a gun to Ian's head."Ooooh, those are some nice kicks you got there, kid. How about you toss 'em over and no one gets hurt?" Issac immediately cried out, "F*ck you, punk!" "I don't think you're hearin' me right. Gimmie your kicks, and I won't blow Drayton's brains out. Tick-Tock, kid." In an act of desperation, Issac stomped on the thug's foot and swung at his face. The thug side-stepped the punch, and slammed the handle of his gun into Issac's mouth, knocking him down. As his consciousness faded, Issac could feel his shoes being taken off, and the last thing he heard before blacking out was a loud gunshot.

He was gone. Issac sat at home, looking at his Jordan collection, now in disgust. His father had been murdered over his shoes. And with a damn near arsenal, there was nothing he could do. His materialism had killed his father, and there was nothing he could do about it. Being only 17, he had no one else to really go with. Ian was emancipated at 14, so he didn't know his family, and soon, Child services would send him to a foster home. "F*ck that," he said aloud. He then packed some clothes and left for New York, for the camp his father claimed his mother told him about.

He took a plane to New York City, and he made his way to Long Island. It was there that he was attacked by the Minotaur. Issac made a valiant effort to fight it, but it proved too tough, so he ran. Through the forest, constantly falling and tumbling into trees and debris on the ground. He fell short, just short of the entrance to camp. Seeing the bull-man, running at him, he leaned against a tree, ducking down as he slammed his horns into the tree, stuck. Thinking quickly, Issac, drew his knives, and drove them into the monster's chest, killing it instantly.

He then stumbled into camp, grimy, dirty, and his clothes tattered. Just as he was about to collapse, he was claimed by Aphrodite, and he was changed into clean designer clothes and shoes, wearing a silver watch, and his dread-locked hair tied back into a ponytail. He awoke looking, but not quite feeling like a million bucks, and he hated it. He still resided in the Aphrodite cabin today.

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