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NameItzi Heydrik (she prefers not to use her last name as it reminds her of bad memories)

Gender: Female

Age: 12 (first monster attack, 13 when arrived at camp)

God Parent: 1-Poseidon 2- Dionysus 3- Palaemon

Mortal ParentJane Heydrik

Appearance: When not disguising herself, she has waist-length, ragged black hair, and blue eyes and pink glasses.

PersonalityVery insecure, has trouble reading people. Would rather run than fight someone even though she's a good fighter, very strategic in battle. Is blind without her glasses. Very ashamed of herself and never expects things from other people, when they help her she is so grateful it's almost annoying. Is afraid of the dark and being beaten physically.

HistoryOn Jane weekly trip to the YMCA, after working out she went to the lap pool to relax. Usually she was the only one there, but there was a young man swimming laps in the pool she watched him for awhile. Later when he got out of the pool, she commented on his swimming and asked if he was a pro or thinking about becoming a pro. He laughed, "I wish, but I've always just done it for fun." He turned and went to the lockers, and when he came back, she asked him to dinner, if he wanted she'd drive. He was taken aback, but then smiled, and said ok. Jane treated him to the best restaurant in town, they talked and dinned and he had a little too much to drink. She took him to his house; she stayed in his car over night to make sure he was ok. In the morning she woke up to a rapping on the car window, opening her eyes she saw it was him and unlocked the car, he waved and jumped in the car. She was caught off guard but then he said, "Well what are you waiting for? Let's go to your house!" When she questioned him, he put his finger on her lips, motioning her to be quiet. When they arrived at her house, he claimed that he could no longer control himself and flung himself  on to her, tearing off her clothes.

Over the next couple of months, they became inseparable; he taught her how to swim for exercise to get rid of the little "love handles" on her waist. They seemed like the perfect couple to any outsider who saw them, always laughing and kissing each other. When she found she was pregnant, he seemed somewhat sad. However when she proposed, he suddenly broke down crying, telling him he was Poseidon a Greek god, and that after the baby was born he would have to leave both her and the child. As he sat crying, she put her arm around him but couldn't understand why he didn't tell her earlier. In the last few months, of her pregnancy, she withdrew from him almost completely, she felt that he had lied to her and had used her. When the baby came he was completely cold toward him and had retreated into religious studies. She took the child named; Izquixochitl (Itzi) retreated into the wilderness making many writings about the retreat into nature and a religious abstention of water.

Izquixochitl grew up in her mother’s modern hippy-cult colony: WATER Wonderful Abstinence from the Earthly Realms, which made no sense, but had no trouble attracting followers. After her 12th birthday the colony located near water, Izquixochitl felt a strong pull to the water, she tried to ignore it but it kept pulling her. She would eventually dream of what it would feel like to be in water. One day while walking along the lake she could stand it no more, she jumped in, feeling the water on her skin she felt like it was heaven and almost as if in a minute, it was gone, her mother found her and had dragging her to the shore. She then dragged her by her hair all the way to the colony square where rule breakers were taken and whipped; because she had committed the highest crime she received 10 lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails. After recieving medical help in the "rehab" center, she was summoned and thrown at her mother’s feet and disowned. Then she took Itzi back to her chambers and told her who she really was and that her father Poseidon, god of the water, had broken her heart, hence her aversion to water and the reason the cult was founded. She gave Itzi the cat-o-nine-tails which she had been whipped with, claiming that it was tangled in her hair when she pulled Itzi out of the water, saying it was probably a gift from her father and since it was now defiled Itzi would have it, and it would bring her misfortune (cult beliefs). He then took her back to the middle of the square and left. As part of tradition no one could speak to someone who had left the cult, so she could tell no one the truth.

After being thrown out she used the money that she got from pitpocketing and begging, to go to Las Vegas. Once there she broke into a penthouse to take a shower, but she didn't know the reisdents had a daughter who woke up and scared Itzi. Angelique let her stay hiding Itzi from her parents. They started dating, until Itzli had to leave, Angelique begged to come, but Itzli was afraid for her and asked her to stay there, and promised to call or visit often.

She traveled from the colony to L.A. receiving help from kind people and avoided saytrs, not wanting to go to camp; she began to disguise herself, few people ever seeing her as she really was. Through her travels she learned more about herself and taught herself how to fight, she never strayed too far away from water, as it was her life-blood. When she reached the Pacific Ocean, hidden in the sand next to her was a double Scythe, with her father’s name carved on the hilt, assuming it was for her she took it. When Itzli returen to Vegas (around her 13th birhtday), she thought it was safe enough to take Angelique with her. So they ran away to LA. But on the way there they were attacked by a harpy, disguised as a mugger. When Angelique tried to protect Itzli, the harpy threw her against the wall, killing her instantly, because she Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a genetic disease that cause bones to be extremely delicate and break easily. Itzli severed its wing and was almost beaten. Against her better judgment, she came to Camp Half-Blood, by letting a saytr find her.

WeaponsCat-O-Nine-Tails and Double Scythe

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If this is a regular demigod, the character needs to have a defined first and last name for page creation purposes. Also, it is advisable that you have slightly less complex names.

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If you can, can you fix a bit of your grammar, since there are quite a few pronouns conflict can make reading it a bit confusing. One of the ones I found is: "When she questioned her, he put her finger on his lips" (From what I interpreted it says 'When Jane questioned herself, Poseidon put Jane's finger over his lips') should be, "When he questioned her, she put her finger on his lips."

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Where did she meet her girlfriend?. Why would the harpy kill her? Harpies do not kill mortals. It would just ignore her.
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  • First attack needed
  • more detail about trip to camp

15:55, March 19, 2014 (UTC)

who ever this is, i did the first attack, its in the last paragraph, and there is 2 paragraphs about her eventual trip to camp

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Please expand on her childhood before the age of 13. A 13 year old would have immense difficulty recovering from that many lashes, she would have been incapacitated for a while. Please clarify if she has a first name and a surname. "claiming that it was tangled in her hair when he pulled her out of the water" What do you mean by this? How old was she when she reached Las Vegas? How long did she stay there? How old was she in the first monster attack? Was she attacked when she travelled from LA to NY the first time (with all the demigods)? Did her father leave the scythe there for her? Why didn't the satyr protect Itzi when she was attacked by the harpy? How old is she at the end of the history?

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Where did the other demigods come from? ( unless I missed that. )


they are scattered around the US, making their way to camp or, on other adventures, like her.

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Did one demigod send her to the next demigod and so on or by luck did she just come across all of them?

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she got lucky

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It seems like a bit of a stretch that she would get that lucky. Please fix this.

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  • 200 lashes would most likely leave the girl bleeding out, and if just left there, without any medical help would likely get infected as they are in the woods, and she would loose a lot of blood probably making her dizzy and nauseous. This situation would most likely kill her eventually without medical help.
  • if Angellica she had a disease like that how did she manage to hit another girl hard enough to knock them out without breaking something herself? Especially if bumping into her would break her arm.
  • A girl after breaking her arm wouldn't just be completely fine and then just kiss the person who broke into your room and broke your arm.
  • It isn't realistic that a girl could be wandering around and survive on her own for that long living off of nothing for 3 years... if she is getting money by pick pocketing she would likely get caught at some point and be arrested, or turned to the authorities to be sent to her relatives depending on age. 
  • How did the demigods know that she was also a demigod and to help her?
  • Why would she return to Vegas after reaching New York? if this is not what happened please re-write this in chronological order so that it is easier to understand what and when things are happening
  • Angelique's parents wouldn't let their daughter leave to live on the streets, that would be very unreasonable especially with her disease
  • The Harpy wouldn't give up after only getting it's wing clipped, and it would have just ignored Angelique. How did she escape or kill the Harpy? A girl without proper training isn't likely to survive a fight like that.
  • How did the char find the satyr again?
  • A child of the big three would have gotten attacked earlier than age 15, at around 11-13

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50 is still too much for a person to survive without professional medical attention afterwards. 10 is probably the highest and still be reasonable. Also, there are still the other things to fix, not just the whipping.

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wait, (clarification question) so her current age is 13 right?



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  • How did her mother know that she was a demigod?

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her father was Poseidon; please see paragraphs 2 and 3

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Woah woah, what? If read correctly, her first attack couldn't have been at the age of 14. Since she's one of the Big Three her first attack would've been at the age of 11-12. 


how long did it take the satyr to refind her again and can you explain their journey to camp?


she was already 13 tho, just change the age of when she left her  "group" thing.


It's very unlikely that she would be found by the same Satyr, since they work regionally and don't generally pursue individual demigods.

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looks good to me.

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