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Name: Izumi Miyako


Gender: Female

God Parent: *Athena*, Iris, Nyx

Mortal Parent: Riku Miyako

Appearance: Izumi has brown/black hair and hazel eyes.Also has a pretty smile, she stands 5'9" and has a slim athletic body. Her skin tone is rather pale and likes her hair down most of the time.


History: Riku Miyako was a famous scientist in Japan.(He's partly Korean too) He had the "smarts". He was a young handsome man, and belived that no women should interfere in his life. But that changed when a new scientist, Suki Tsubasa joined the team. He first took no interest in her, but when they got to know each other and chatted, he thought Suki was the most intelligent women (scientist) he had ever met. He soon began falling in love with her every second he was with her. And of course, Suki soon did too. They began dating and soon everyone was spreading rumours of Riku's shocking relationship. Riku did not care as usual. He began planning a wedding when suddenly, Suki disapperead. He was shocked and heart-broken. When many people began to ask, he just said that she went on a trip to visit her family, for he did not want anyone to know what had actully happened. He decided to never date or marry anyone else. A few months later, a basket was sent to him. He wondered what it was. By this time he had almost forgotten about Suki. When he curiously opened the basket, a baby was in there! It was a baby girl and he had found a letter addressed to him. He carefully ripped the envelope and read the letter:

Dear Riku,                                                                                                                                                              This is Suki or should i say *Athena*. Yes, i am the goddess, goddess of wisdom. I loved you very much but now all I can say is i cannot see you anymore... I am busy with my life too but here is a baby girl. Name what you would like her. There are many thing i have to explain to you. As i, a goddess and you a mortal, our girl is a demigod. Half human half god. Now don't get freaked out by this. This information is very important. When she turns 13, tell her that she is a half-blood and who i really am. Send her to a place in Long Island, New York. Yes, i know it's across the world but that is were she will be safe. The night of her 15th birthday she will have a dream from me. The dream will give her more information she needs to know. Take care... ~~*Athena*

He carefully read the letter and understood. He gently picked up the baby girl. I shall name you..... Izumi.

Izumi was smart, and also had a creative and imaginative mind. She loved daydreaming and was in her own world most of the time. Well she always bugged her dad who her mom was and all he replied was, "She's gone sweetie." And Izumi did not belive him. One day when she turned 10, she encountered her 1st monster. Izumi was walking with her friends and she was visiting an Ice cream store to get ice-cream. While she was ordering her ice-cream she saw that one of the workers was smiling at her creepily. The worker was a girl, who was pretty but, Izumi chose to ignore it the really creepy smile and told herself that she was imagining again. She looked again to be sure. The worker's eyes and started burning and blazed on fire and her lips were changing color. Her whole body deformed into some kind of monster. Izumi stared in shock and gasped. Her friends didn't know anything but told her to stay calm. The monster slowly walked toward Izumi and started to chase her. She was really scared and ran out of the ice-cream shop. As she was running the monster was gaining speed. Then a goat-man suddenly appeared.She quickly hid behind a building and gasped for air. After s minute or two she peeked out. Nothing was there. No goat-man or monster. She sighed in relif. As she turned around she saw th goat-man behind her. She screamed. The goat-man told her that he wasn't bad. Are you okay? he asked. No reply but the satry knew her answer. Then he disapperead. Izumi stared in shock she ran straight back to her apartment. She told her dad what had happened and all he said was... "Must have been your imgination again." He desperatly wanted to tell his daughter that it actully wasn't. Finally, it was Izumi's 13th birthday. Riku was so excited, and he told her everything. Half-blood, Camp Half-Blood, Mist etc... She understood now. That same night she had a dream from her mother, *Athena*.

Hello Izumi. I have many things to explain to you. Ah.. First, i am *Athena*, your mother. You are a demigod and i know your father has explained all of this too you. At the airport there will be a stry waiting for you to pick you up. He can be easily spotted. He looks like a goat, cause he is partly one. Well i don't have much time but, underneath your pillow will be a hat that turns into your main weapon, daggers. And there will be plane tickets for Long Island, New York. Goodbye Izumi and happy birthday.

Izumi woke up and found, a red hat and she tapped it twice and turned into daggers. She changed it back to hat form. She also found a plane ticket scheuled for the next day. She showed her dad and he understood she had to go the next day. She tried the daggers and found out she could handle it easily. She didn't really need to pack anything. The next day she arrived at the airport and went all the way to Long Island, New York. She saw a man that looked like a goat coming toward her. He looked very familiar. Are you the satry? He nodded and winked. They reached Camp Half-Blood where Izumi headed to Athena's cabin.

Weapons: Daggers (Turns into a hat)

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Alright.. so you only have 3 more days to finish this, I'm gonna remind you.

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Siobs, do you need an extension of another week for this claim?:)There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32.gif

No its okay. I'll finish it today. >.< 

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Why didn't the monster attack? And why did Athena send her the dream on her 15th birthday, not 13?

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How did she escape the monster? It wouldn't just give up and probably is much faster than her. Also, children of Athena are claimed at birth, so there's no need to have her be claimed when she gets to camp

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If a satyr defeated the monster, why wouldn't he search for the demigod/try to help her?

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Wha? Why would the satyr search for her?

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Because that's what they do...? I mean, if there's a monster in the vicinity, a demigod is probably nearby anyway, and that's the reason a satyr would be there in the first place. If he wasn't there for Izumi, what was he doing?

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Oh.. Now i get it. I'll fix it.

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Why didn't he bring her to camp right then? How did he know he'd see her in 3 years?

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So a different satyr came then? But I still don't get why the first would just leave.

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Just fix the grammar and spelling etc. when you make the page.

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