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Name: Jace Bradley

Gender: Male

God Parent: Apollo (PLEASE!), Palaemon, Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Lillian Bradley

Appearance: Jace has short sandy blonde hair, usually kept in a tousled style. He has icy blue eyes and tan skin. He's about 6'0" tall and he's lean, but also muscular. Jace is considered good looking as well.

Personality: Jace is one of those "calm and collected guys" that never seem to panic, no matter how bad a situation seems. He's a charmer, he knows the right thing to say at the right time. Jace has this artistic look on things, that's really deep and thoughtful, but most people find it as boring as hell. He plays the guitar, piano, sings, and is pretty good at sketching things. Jace is also very stubborn, and he is always right no matter what anyone else says. Jace also gets jealous very, very easily.

History: Jace was born to Lillian Bradley and Apollo, after a drunken night at a concert. Lillian was 28 at the time, and her parents were very happy that they would get a grandchild. They thought they would have one years later, after all, Lillian was a "social butterfly", she just depended on people's companionship. Lillian was in a relationship at the time, so she just pretended like it was her boyfriend, Brian's, child. He was estatic, and everything seemed to go good for Lillian. Jace was born a healthy baby, Brian and Lillian got married, Brian was happy with his life as was Lillian.

But nothing good can last forever. When Jace was 15, Brian died. A car crash is what he was told, but he would later learn it was his scent, it attracted a harpy, and Jace's scent was on Brian so much, it had mistaken Brian for a demigod and mauled him and killed him. After this, Lillian left. She told her parents that she wanted to move on with her life, and they supported her. After several interviews, she got a job as a meteorologist on some deserted mountain in Colorado. Yes, it shocked everyone. Lillian, the "social butterfly", was moving out to be a deserted mountain for however many years with no one to keep her company but Jace, who at that time, was a hyper active little boy who loved adventure. After Brian's death, he had became less and less hyper active, more quiet and calm.

So, Jace and Lillian had to adapt to living on this Mountain in the middle of no where. Of course, they were on a little complex, but it wasn't anything spectacular. The first 6 month went by smoothly, but Lillian was on edge because of lack of human contact. She was going to snap. The Social Butterfly couldn't live that long without human companionship. Jace didn't really count, all he would do is sit in his room, fiddling with a guitar or sketching out the scenery. Lillian was going crazy in the meantime. She claimed to hear noises in her head, and she always felt like the walls of her complex were closing in on her. She couldn't leave the mountain during this time, it was avalanche season and Jace had broken their snowmobiles by running them into a tree in one of his stupid stunts. So they were forced to stay up there.

A few months later, Jace got seriously worried about her. She was crazy. She was like a small inch away from being locked in a mental institution. Then, she turned suicidal. It was a mixture of the small space, solitude for a year, and her husband dying, she just snapped. She took a rope she had found in a closet and hung herself. Imagine poor Jace, she had seen her mother hanging from a beam after coming inside from chilling outside in the snow. Jace was in shock, she hadn't even left a suicide note or anything. He just sat there, not crying or exploding with Anger, he just stared. From that moment on, Jace's spirit just broke. It became difficult to get even a smile out of him.

Jace left their complex a week after his mother died. He just left her there, he didn't know what to do with her. He didn't know how to get down a mountain, but some how, hellhounds knew how to get up. He got attacked by the hellhound, he fell to the ground, and began to fight back to no avail. The hellhound literally mauled him. He was almost dead. His blood was staining the snow, and he would have died if he hadn't been saved by a demigod, a Son of Nyx named Ryder Hunt He had received a tip from some nymphs that there was a demigod up on a mountain in Colorado, so Ryder went to get him. He shadow traveled there, stabbed the Hellhound from behind, shadow traveled back to Camp and brought Jace to the infirmary. When he woke up, the campers explained the world of the gods, and he was shocked but he accepted it quickly.

Weapons: He uses a bow and arrow

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