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Name: Jace Bradley Styles

Gender: Male

Age: 15

God Parent: Hecate, Aphrodite, Limos

Mortal Parent: Edward Styles



Personality: Jace is a total flirt. He can never be tied down to one specific girl and has a very dirty mind. He also has a passion for singing and writing songs, like his older siblings. He also likes vlogging and making stupid little challenges. Jace is a very mischievous guy and is usually found either in The Rave or in the Recording Studio, writing songs and sometimes even singing them. Jace loves his father, step-mother and older siblings to death and would do anything for them.

History: Edward Styles, Grandson of Athena and Mortal Priest of Hestia, met Hecate while he had his evening walk with his two children, Cheryl and Marcel. Cheryl and Marcel's mother had died after giving birth to Marcel. Anyways, Edward had bumped into Hecate, making her yelp and drop the bags she was carrying. Hecate faked being mad and, having already seen him through Hestia's hearth, was mesmerized by his beauty when she laid her eyes on him.

Just like Hecate, Edward was mesmerized by the woman's beauty. Her fake name being Lucy, he had no idea of her true identity. Edward had to remind himself that he was in presence of his two children, so he did not actually do anything stupid, embarrassing or rash. He did send his children to a small playground where he could still see them so he could apologize to "Lucy".

Edward had apologized for bumping into her, but Hecate dismissed that. Hecate liked the way he acted around his children and how he was very kind and noble. Edward and Hecate got to know each other for a little until it was time to go. She had given him the number she used for the mortals she took a like on.

The next day, while the kids were in school, or preschool in Marcel's case, Edward invited Hecate over. They got to know each other even more until it was time to pick the kids up, which they did together. Edward decided to ask her out on a date, in which she agreed to go to. He left his children with his parents, before picking Hecate up in one of her "friend"'s house.

The date went better than expected, and so they went on many dates for the following month, but Hecate not once did she develop feelings greater than a liking to Edward. After yet another month of dates (two since the first ones), they had sex, thus creating Jace. The day after they had sex, Hecate disappeared with no trace or note. Edward was devastated, thinking he lost another woman.

Four months later, he was having a happy dinner with his children, when he heard a knock on the door. When he walked over and opened it, he saw a baby wrapped in a blue blanket, who was soundly sleeping, and a bag next to him and a note. When Edward read the note, he cried once again. It said the truth. Who Hecate was, who the baby was, his name, his heritage, about camp, the weapons and how to activate him, as well as the baby's name. His tears, of course, were not of sadness. They were of happiness.

Jace's childhood was a happy one. He wasn't a fussy baby, but a very bubbly and happy child. As soon as he could walk, he quickly began to learn how to run, in which he loved doing, thus getting away from his siblings often, which annoyed them in a good way, like their dad. Jace was quite mischievous, pulling pranks on his siblings and blaming them for many thing, when it was all his fault. When he turned 4, his dad met a woman named Kendra. When he turned 6, his father married Kendra, which was no problem, since the children loved her.

When Jace began school, he was a C and below student. He had been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, making it hard for him to sit down or even learn anything. He was good in Greek, sport and music, though. His father took notice rather quickly and put him in music class. Kendra, being a well known singer, helped her stepson in that, hoping to make him better in what he loved. Jace always defend Marcel when he got bullied, but those efforts went to waste due to being smaller. His brother, who was just four years older, appeared to be quite nerdy.

At the age ten, Jace got early puberty, in which changed his voice partially and was a tad more muscular than his mates due to being in sports as well. Jace was now a bit more capable to defend his older brothers, but those efforts went to waste when Marcel hit puberty and shifted into a popular bad boy. It pissed Jace off, as Marcel no longer had time for little Jace or their older sister (six years for Jace, 2 for Marcel).

When Jace turned 13, things got bad for him. On his way home, he was attacked by a hellhound. He almost pissed his pants, but luckily, a demigod who was visiting his family saved him. The demigod summoned a sword and lunged at the hound, hoping to lure it away from the younger demigod. Making his attacks and dodging the rest, the stranger killed the hound, scaring Jace even more. The trained demigod was about to explain everything to him when Jace couldn't take it anymore and fainted from fright. The unknown demigod sighed and grabbed Jace's brand new phone, clicking on the contact that went by the name "Dad".

Two hours later, Jace woke up in his house with a major headache. Even with the headache, his father explained everything to him (not his mom's identity) and how to activate the weapons. Jace was very confused and mad. Why would his family keep this from him? When he asked his siblings, they were confused as well and denied knowing anything, in which Jace believed. He then asked his father about the person that saved him and the father sighed, explaining the young man had to leave for "unfinished business". Jace shrugged it off and accepted when his father suggested putting him in archery and swordsmanship for more protection. From the on, his father always made sure Jace read Greek Mythology books and researched more about the monsters, their weaknesses, their strengths and just everything they could at least an hour a day.

After a year of intense training with his mortal trainer, Jace encountered another hellhound. Summoning his bow, he notched an arrow and aimed it at the beast. He released three arrows, one which missed the hound a little, the other hit the thing's left shoulder blade, and the third hitting the right one. He notched and released three more, of which two hit the chest and the other hitting it's stomach, turning it into gold. He then began to train more and learn more about monsters and their weaknesses and strengths.

Yet another year later, Jace faced a flock of Stymphalian birds on his way home from school. He was already almost inside the subway station (he had to take it so he could get to his house's street) and quickly ran in, recalling that they got confused with a lot of noise. Disappearing through the crowd, the young Son of Hecate lost the monsters.

When he got home, he told his father he felt ready to go to camp. He had not gone earlier because he didn't feel ready and wanted to learn more before going, so he didn't look stupid. His father agreed, hoping to have more time with his father. His dad then decided they'd send him all the way to Camp half-Blood from Sydney, Australia, to gain more protection. The day that he was leaving, he was quite sad, but promised to visit way more often. On his trip to camp, he faced no monsters until he reached camp borders. He faced two hellhounds, but he shrugged and walked into camp, knowing about the magical barrier.

He then explained everything to the Camp Leader and once he finished, he was claimed by Hecate.

Weapons: Jace has a watch, in which has three buttons. If you press the one in the middle, it turns into a beautiful red and black bow with a quiver full of endless CB arrows of which are enchanted by his mother. Once the arrow hits it's target, the target stays confused and disoriented for a few seconds, before gaining recognition. The first button, if pressed, turns into a CB dagger. The last button, if pressed, turns into a shield.

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  • From whom did Jace receive more training and knowledge of monsters? My first guess, you see, was his father, since his dad was a priest of Hestia and a grandson of Athena, but if it's not too much of a bother, could you still clarify it in the history?

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