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Name: Jack Schultz

Age: 17

Gender: Male

God Parent: Eris, Ares, Zeus

Mortal Parent: Amery Schultz

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes, white shirt, black tuxedo vest, black church parts, and, black belt. He's 5'10. With a muscular build.

Personality: Jack is an extremly intelligent person who has trouble reading other peoples emotions. He is very quite at times but is considered by most to be emotionally unstable. He can loose his temper quickly and hurts the people he hold close. Despite his violent tendencies he is very loyal to the people that stick by him.

History: Jack was born to Amery Schult a German prostitute. She was never home and Jack spent a lot of time at the neighbors house.

When Jack was 8, Amery threaten to kill herself (her depression had reached an all time high). Jack was afraid to lose his mother. Jack ran into his room, crying. Shortly after that, he heard a door slam. Jack called his mom, but, she closed to door on Jack. He was all alone. His neighbors liked him. If he needed anything, he come over. he ran to his neighbors and asked if he could live there. His neighbors said he could stay at his neighbors for a few days. His neighbors had a boy his age named Robert who was a saytr but, Jack was too young and innocent to know. Instead of keeping Jack for a few days, they kept him like his own.

8 years later, Robert and Jack were going to high school together. Of course, they got the same rooms for every subject from Robert to protect Jack. Robert felt like they were being watched. Robert looked around, but, saw nothing. Of course, monters will be attrated to Jack now because he's much older. As they were walking to class, a big, tough jock bumbed into Jack on purpose. He turned his head coldly to the jock. He was with his cheerleader captain girlfriend and his teem mates. As they got to class, his enemy was in the seat behind him. Robert smelled danger, litterly. After second period, lunch was starting. Jack got himself into a

lot of trouble. He started a food fight with his jock enemy. The enemy turned into a monster. And so did the other teem mates. They turned into Manticore, a monster with the head of a man, the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion, and the cheerleader captain girlfriend turned into an Empousa. They were outnumbered! Robert handed Jack a watch and a pen. He told Jack to tap on the watch twice and open the pen. Jack who was still on shock over what was going on did as he was told. Suddenly the watch turned into a shield and the pen into a scythe. The Manticore attacked and Robert took out a knife and started to fight the beast. As her partner attacked Robert the empousa attacked Jack. Snapping out of his daze he blocked her with his shield and swipped his scythe at her several times. But they were out matched and slowly Jacks energy started to dwindle. The Empousa tackled and pinned him to the ground ready to kill him when suddenly an arrow came out of nowhere and hit the Empousa straight through the temple. The girls name was Kylie (an Appolo demigod)she ran over to Jack and helped him to his feet meanwhile the Manticore who had just about defeated Robert saw the pile of dust that used to be his partner and growled in anger. He attacked Kylie from the back and tackled her to the ground biting her neck and killing her instantly. Jack went into a blind rage and attacked the Manticore with all his might. The Manticore (who was still riping at Kylies body) didn't see Jack in till it was to late. Jack stabbed the beast right through the spinal cord and it turned into dust. Kylies body lay motionless and lifeless. She was still clutching the quiver and arrow. All of a sudden two other campers arrived. They looked at Jack then Kylie then at the dust and deduced what had happened. They explained that they had been on a quest to defeat and Empousa who had been causing trouble. Kylie had tracked the beast down and ran off to kill it without her teammates. Jack turned his shield and sword back to a pen and watch, and put them both in his pocket. Slowly and dramatically he took Kylies bow and arrows out of her hands. Saying that he would take the bow and arrows to defend his friends like Kylie defended him. Without another word Robert (who had recovered after some nectore and sleep) and the other campers brought Jack to camp half blood. Weapons: Bow and Arrows. Sword and shield.

How does an untrained demigod hit a giant in the heart? Particularly under stress. Believe me, it's hard enough to hit a target without training even if you have plenty of time, and much harder under stress and if you can't see the target exactly. And doing it multiple times in a row fast enough to kill giants before they can kill you is basically impossible for a person who hasn't either trained for years in situations like that, or is a child of Apollo. And even then, the shock and fear would be enough to make about 99% of the people on earth stop for a second or two, which would be enough to get him killed.

Other than that, who's Krono? And why did his mother just leave him out? "Et tu, Brute?" Julius Caesar 19:18, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

Why did his mother want to kill herself?

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Do you still plan on working on this? You haven't edited it in going on a week.

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Yeah FloatingInDarkness 00:42, May 31, 2012 (UTC)

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