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Name: Jacksen Irwin

Species: Demigod

Age: 15

God Parent: Cybele

Mortal Parent: Gabriel Irwin


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Personality: Jacksen, being raised in a good family, is kind to everyone he meets. Even though, he likes to be alone and just listen to either music in his phone or whatever rides with the wind. Just as a Cybele kid would, he likes being surrounded by full nature and taking care of whatever grows from it.


Gabriel Irwin was on a vacation trip then with his colleagues to the forest reserve of Amazon. Though he lived in Australia, he decided to come with his friends for probably a once-in-a-lifetime visit to another country that is far away from him. There, he met a woman, also on a vacation. She introduced herself as Cindy, and she asked Gabriel if they could be partners for the wildlife tour in the Amazon forest. Gabriel agreed, and there they went.

Gabriel had a stay in Brazil for a two weeks, and during that time, he and Cindy got along together well. Later on, his friends called him for a party at another friend's house, and they said to bring Cindy along. They agreed, and the party was all fun. There were dancing, karaoke, buffets, and drinking. A lot of Gabriel's friends got drunk and crazy, which the others didn't mind. But so did the pair, and there went their future.

After the stay, Gabriel had to go back home, and so he left Brazil and Cindy. Four months later, Cindy came knocking on Gabriel's door in Australia. To his surprise, Cindy had a baby in her arms, then told everything to Gabriel—that she was the goddess Cybele, that the kid is their child, and that he must take care of the child for she is not allowed to, according to Olympus' laws. Gabriel was confused at first, but accepted the truth, and the child. Before leaving, Cybele left him a simple, bronze chain-necklace with a solid pendant shaped like a prism. Cybele told him to train the child with it, then left without anymore explanation. So Gabriel took the child and cared for him as a father would.

Jacksen grew up living as a normal kid, with normal friends. Not many friends, though, but his closest was Mike since fifth grade. Jacksen was good at Economics and History, but not in Math and subjects related to it, for his dyslexia has been bothering him much. Gabriel did not tell anything he knew to Jacksen about his mother, but gave some descriptions about her, which Jacksen was getting more curious about. Mike used to stay at Jacksen's house to do assginments and stuff, but little did Jacksen know that his friend was a satyr, which is something Gabriel knows but had been keeping it, and told Mike to wait for a moment.

Months after his 13th birthday, Jacksen had an encounter with a small group of Stymphalian birds. Yes, Gabriel did as promised that he would train Jacksen using the necklace that Cybele gave him, which could turn into a gleaming Celestial bronze sword. Shocked, Jacksen went running fast from the birds, but Mike caught up with him. With his Celestial bronze dagger, he slashed at birds, and told Jacksen to help him. So Jacksen used his sword and slashed, hitting birds accurately.

Later then, Mike explained about the monsters, the weapons, and about Greek myths. Jacksen was confused, and told Mike he had no time for children's stories. Gabriel then told Mike to maybe just wait for another while. Mike hesitated, buth then agreed to Jacksen's father. Mike started to be alert for more monsters that might come and attack his friend. Over the years mike was able to defeate some of the monsters that came for Jacksen, until the age of 15.

When Jacksen turned 15, with Mike protecting him for a while, telkhines came chasing them down on a beach they wandered into. Both kids were surprised, and started slashing at the pair of monsters. Turning them to dust, Mike again tried to convince Jacksen to come with him, but he refused. Months later, a hellhound came after the family, including Mike, when they had a hiking trip. This time, Jacksen knew it was all real and bravely fought the monster with Mike's help.

Mike then told Gabriel that Jacksen should be seriously brought to Camp Half-Blood, and that he'll be safe. Gabriel agreed, booked a flight for the three of them and flew to New York. Gabriel suggested he'd stay, just in case, and also told Jacksen everything about his mother. So while on the trip to camp, Mike explained more things that Jacksen's father hadn't told him yet, leaving Jacksen still perplexed for a moment until they reached the borders of Camp.

Weapons: A Celestial bronze sword that can turn into a bronze chain-neckalce with a prism pendant as its mundane form.

CupcakeParis (talk) 10:45, October 29, 2015 (UTC)


  • There are a few grammer errors in the claim which makes it a bit hard to read so please fix them as best as you can
  • also did Jacksen get to camp at the end of the claim? If i read correctly jacksen was still on his way to camp. Please end the clai with him just getting to camp
  • thats about all i can see

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I think I've fixed it :) Thanks.

CupcakeParis (talk) 12:57, November 4, 2015 (UTC)

a satyrs main job is to find demigods and bring them to camp as soon as possible so why didnt Mike do that? You could come up with some sort of reason as to why he decided not to take Jacksen to camp right when he found him

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Well, his dad told Mike to let Jacksen stay for a while. Mike sure did hesitate, but gave Gabriel one more chance with Jacksen. Fixed it :)

CupcakeParis (talk) 12:54, November 9, 2015 (UTC)

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