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Name: Jackson Damian Grant

Gender: Male

God Parent: Deimos, Hermes, Ares

Mortal Parent:  Heather Grant

Appearance: Picutre

Personality: Being not use to non-luxery, Jackson is quite demandive, thinking sometimes other people are his servants. He is sad and pained inside him, but doesn't want anyone to see it, so he acts cold and rude to hide the pain. 

Jackson Grant


History: Heather Grant was a rich business woman. One day, she was showing a house to a man that she found quite attractive. She started filrting somewhat, and soon found out the man had the same feelings for her. The man bought a house, but the two started dating. Everyday he'll show up at her mansion at 10am with a coffee. One day, he didn't. Instead, a note was left in his place (left by Deimos disgused as someone else). The note said that he was dead, perhapes from a car accident. Heather was shocked, but she then found out a week later she was pregnet. Then nine months later, two baby twins were born. My twin brother was named Jason. We were so different, he was timid while I was loud. He was smart while I was dumb. Our early childhood was more like living in a five-star hotel. My mother married another man, Victor. Though, we didn't mind, he was ok. Living in a mansion is great, but there's really nothing to do. No running. No screaming. No tattle-telling. Our mom didn't allow that. So, growing up we just drew and learned how to be a 'gentleman'. The only fun stuff we did was pranking the servants. Jason argeed about having no fun, so we planed pranks in a secert room. School was private, 'course. I was known as 'the fearless one' because no one could scare me- like fear kind of scary, not surpise scary- one time, a kid said that this house was haunted with rabid dogs. When I found out there was none, I was disappointed. Everyone else looked like they could finally sleep for once.

' Till 12, I lived a normal life...well for a richie. When I was 13, my world turned around. Like when one of our servants turned into a....a cyclops. That was wicked fun, not scary. So our parents were at a party when Harold, our servant, said to come into the ballroom. When we did, he almost ate our heads the second we stepped in. Thankfully, my friend Jayden was here for a sleepover. He rolled and soon disarmed the bronze sword Harold was holding. But before that, Harold swung his sword and it grazed my body. My vision blurred and turned red. I caught glimeses of the battle. Jason was charging towards Harold while Jayden got behind him. Then Jason went to the left of Harold while Jayden went to the right, stabbing it. I expected him to throw up blood, but he turned into a pile of dust, that was the last thing I saw before I felt whoozy and passed out.

Now skip to two years later, when I finally was sick of my parents. They just treated us-as in Jason and I-like servants. Meals were ate in slience, and it was ovious that they didn't give me the one thing I wanted most; their love. Being tired of being treated like junk, Jayden, Jason and I planned to run away from our homes. The night was easy to escape. Jayden was a full blown hacker and disabled all our alarms. Soon, he picked the locks and we were on our way.

Though less than 24h after we left, the police were looking for us. We found out because of a 'LOST' sign, with a reward of $300. After running into a satyr about an hour we ran away, I found out who I was. And so did Michael and Jayden. Jayden was a son of hermes, and Jason and I were Deimos' kids. Yippe. We headed towards Camp Half-Blood 'a place safe for your kind' as the satyr- Tyrone- described to us. Jayden brought a Swiss army knife, and he gave that to me, since he felt more safe with me having it. A day later, Jason died from a harpy attacking us. I don't want to describe the moment, it's to painful for me. So here's a quick summery; hapries attacked Jason first, he dies, Tyrone kills them with the sword Jayden took from Harold, I griefed over Jason's limp body, we leave. The next day, Jayden was hurled back home, being to clumpsy getting food when someone recognized him. Then the last day of the week I arrived at Camp. Tyrone left me there, on Thaila's tree. Then he left, searching for more 'demigods'. I stood there, and when I was sure no one was looking at me, I could only promise to not show my grief to anyone. I could almost see Jason's face looking down at me, smiling.

Weapons:  a Swiss army knife from Jayden

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First off, please don't use 4 different models for the same character, I reverse searched all those images and they aren't the same person, secondly the third one down is one I know the model is already in use

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Who left the note? At 11 his crazy life started, but then he lived a normal life til 13? How did they defeat Harold? And expand the personality a bit?

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