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Godparent:Hepheaustus, Hermes, Thanatos

Mortal Parent:Rhonda Fields


She isn't able to describe herself, because she still doesn't know who she is. But, from what people tell her she is self-conscious about her looks, slightly perverted, but capable of hiding it.Also she's well spoken, mature, and kind. Occasionally she carries extremely bad traits. For example she can be jealous or spiteful, hold grudges easily, but then again she loses them just as easily.

She also hates to have to lie, or change constantly. Sadly, she must do this a lot. She tries to be as honest as possible, making her extremely blunt when it comes to certain things. Although she's usually focused, she can be easily distracted as well as easily flustered. She tends to fangirl to an extreme extent and struggles to contain it, this goes for all her emotions.

When she is focused, it's more like an obsession. She becomes fixated on something and if she doesn't catch herself she could end up overdoing it. This makes her extremely hard on herself. This also causes her to become bored with something quickly. With her it's all or nothing, and this can be a good or bad thing. It could lead to extreme laziness or extreme obsession, neither are considered good by others.

She has slight trust issues, and is always on guard. Few people make it past what she calls "Shallow Friendships." Some may make it to "Brother" or "Sister", but that's usually the furthest people get. Either way not many people get her whole heart. This is because it is extremely fragile and easily broken, although she tries to hide this from any and everyone.


Rhonda Fields was one of the best mechanics and hackers for the U.S Air Force. She wasn't allowed to fly, but what she did do was just as important. She was slowly being recognised for her work. She had helped designed new fighter jets, and created a new spyware program. This is what drew Heph to her.

"You're incredible..." A deep, gruff, voice said behind her as she worked on a jet engine.She turned around slowly, not recognizing the voice. What she saw was odd. The man in front of her was not dressed in the mechanic's uniform, she'd also never seen him on the small base before. He was tall with dark hair, and golden eyes. He wasn't ugly,but he wasn't a Hanes model either. "Uhm... who are you. Where is your ID and Uniform?" Rhonda clenched her jaw and kept her face passive even though she felt oddly anxious. He gave a smile and a low chuckle, his smile was warm, and Rhonda could melt in its warmness. "My name is Hephaestus, you may find me crazy, but I'm a greek god. That is why I carry no I.D and wear no uniform.

You see, your talent has caught my attention. You have an amazing mind, and it's as if you can speak to your tools. I love how much soul you put into your work." Rhonda took a back stunned, his words carried so much charm and honesty. Even so, she took a step back, trying her best not to show fear, then spoke " That's extremely sweet.... thank you. Well... I best be going now, so goodbye." Rhonda turned on her heel quickly, hoping to be able to avoid this strange man, and get to security. He anticipated this, having been watching for quite some time now, and learning how she reacts to things.

He faded away behind her and showed up again right in front of the door she was planning to use as an escape. "Please, believe me..." Hephaestus said with a smile, yet there was a bit of pained sadness in his eyes. He feared that she would reject him, even though he carried such deep feelings for her. The sincerness in his voice stunned Rhonda to a halt, and her eyes widened in surprise. Slowly she walked over to him, she felt drawn to him and her heart wielded her to act on impulse. When she reached him, she kissed him deeply...and this was the start of their relationship.

The were together for a few years before Rhonda became pregnant, and when she did she was afraid to tell Hephaestus. Thus she hid it from him as long as possible, alas her stomach grew and her weight increased. "You're pregnant," Hephaestus said. It wasn't a question, it was a statement, and one that was spoken in a solemn voice. Rhonda simply nodded, tears running down her streaks "D-don't leave yet... please." Over the time they were together Heph had explained everything to her, so she knew the rules.

"Of course not." Heph stayed with her throughout the pregnancy and after holding Jade for a few awkward seconds, he left. All he left behind was an odd charm bracelet (it's a dareon nuts and bolts bracelet). Rhonda swore to give it to Jade on Jade's twelfth birthday.

Due to Rhonda being in the Air Force, they moved A LOT. In fact, they moved so much that Jade ended up going to school online. She had very few friends and knew almost no one.The only person that seemed to come with them everywhere was her mom's very close friend, Tyler. Tyler was retired from the air force, being much older, yet for some odd reason allowed on the base. He was like an uncle or grandpa to Jade, and never let her out of his site.

She was extremely smart, and somedays her mom would come back from fixing the planes with extra material. She and Jade would create incredible things, like miniature trains,and wind up toys. Jade was extremely creative, and inventive. Not only with creating things out of nuts and bolts, but also with words. She loved poetry, always writing them in her diary.

By the time Jade was 14 she had lived in seven different states (Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, and now New York.) After a month of being in New York, Jade had already decided she hated it. She was a month away from being 15 and couldn't wait. Driver's permit equalled a bit of freedom in her mind.

One day when she and tyler were out on a stroll they were attacked by an odd horse.It was breathing fire and running towards them crazily. "Quick your bracelet!" Tyler said as he removed Jade's bracelet (the one she got when she was 12) and quickly handed it to her.

When she took it in her hand it became a large barb wired, chain whip, made with cb and silver. As she looked at it and the horse came closer she felt her instincts kick in. She flicked her wrist and the whip wrapped around the horses neck. She pulled tightly and the barb was logged in the horse's throat. Another tug, and the horse turned into dust.

Quickly tyler ran Jade home. As they went he explained everything. "I'm a satyr, you're a demigod. Your father is hephaestus and what you just killed was a monster. If we don't leave now more will come." With that they gave her mom a quick hug and kiss goodbye, her mom knew this was going to happen, and only wanted her daughter safe.

Since they were already in New York and they decided to drive, they got to camp swiftly and fairly easily. The only thing that took time was the traffic. When Jade crossed the threshold of camp she was instantly claimed by her father.

Weapons:Chain whip, with barb wire, also it's cb and silver.

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