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Name: Jade Severson

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: James Halliday


Personality: Jade is a very... Interesting character. She is quite shy, and shows this by pulling the sleeves of her sweatshirt over her hands to cover her face often. She is not too girly, and has a very sexual mind. She's quite nerdy, fangirling a lot. When you get to know her, her strange side comes out, but it take a LOT to get her to be comfortable. She has trust issues, and is EXTREMELY loyal to her friends. She is bisexual towards girls. She tends to talk to herself, usually chastising herself.

History: James Halliday was a very handsome model. He, in fact, was the most renowned model in America. He often slept with fans. Well, one of those fans happened to be Aphrodite. 5 months later, a little baby girl appeared on his bed with a note. On the child was a beanie, and a sweatshirt was included. The note read:

"Dear James, I am a greek goddess named Aphrodite. Everything from greek myths are real. I was a "fan" you slept with a few weeks ago. This is your child, whom i've named Jade. Take care of her. When she turns 11, tell her about camp HalfBlood, the brochure included. Herbeanie morphs into a bow and arros, and her sweatshirt can draw combat knives from the pockets. Give these to her whe she is ready."

James was a tad confused. Who wouldn't be? He decided to raise the little girl on his own, not thinking too much about her mother or the greek gods.

Jade was a very introverted child. Her father was often away, leaving her alone with her maid. They were rich and lived in a mansion, but she never took advantage of that money. She loved being alone, but was often sad that no one at school talked to her. She had a knack for drawing, and loved to draw her favorite anime characters.

When she was 10, her father was murdered. She watched it happen as the man broke in, stabbing James and his maid. The man didn't notice the girl behind the couch, he simply took a few items and left. She hid as the ambulance came. She clutched the sweatshirt and beanie her father had gotten her just the day before. For the year, she was bounced around from foster home to foster home, eventually wracking up 12 homes. On her last, she ran away. She was only 13, and it was her vs the workd. Her home was on Long Island, and she ran until she figured she was safe. On her way, she was in the outskirts of a town. She saw a cute little black lab puppy, and she walks over to pet it. "Awe!" She says. She has a soft spot for cats, but loves dogs. As she reached her had out, the dog growled and grew into a hellhound,leaping at her. She barely managed to roll away on innsinct, but the hellhound hit her side. She went down, and searched frantically for a weapon as the hellhound turned. "I need a weapon..." She thought. She remembered she still had her pocket knife in her bag, but that was under her on her back. Then, she remembered that she had her pencils in her sweatshirt pocket, and she thought she could try those. She rolled away as the hellhound leapt.

"It'd be good if had a knife..." She whispered. She reached into her pocket for the pencil, but her hand closed around what felt like a grip. She pulled out the object in question, and it was a combat knife. She had used knives before, playing with them as a child, pretending to spar with fake enemies. So she was somewhat comfortable. She stood, sidestepping the hellhound. As she did, she hopped on its back. She drove the knife into the hound's neck, and it poofed into dust, causing her to fall hard. Adrenaline wore off, making her aware of the pain in her side. She got up and limped the direction, calculating and reliving what just happened in her head. She put the knife back in and removed her hand. She limped up a hill and looked down to see a strawberry field. As she limped towards it to get help, it shimmered and turned into a campground crawling with kids. Her vision got blurry and she faintly heard someone yelling and looked to see them pointing at her. Then all went black.

She had a dream while blacked out. She was in a limo, and there was an extremely pretty lady across from her. The lady smiled. "Hello there, Jade. I Don't have much time. I'm Aphrodite, and you are my child. You are half god, and the campers will explain that. I need to tell you something. Your beanie. Take it off when you need it in battle and it shall turn to a bow. A quiver will appear on your back. Your sweatshirt pockets fit knives when you call on them. Both articles will always fit. Wake up now, child."

She awoke in what appeared to be a camp infirmary, the fading light of a holographic red dove above her head.

Her birthday was August 3rd, 3 days after she arrved at camp. She's been at camp for a week and a hlaf and is currently 14.

Weapons: she loves practicing with her bow and celestial bronze tipped arrows. Her backup is dual combat knives. Her bow morphs out of her beanie. Her combat knives appear in her sweatshirt pockets when called upon, and can be sheathed into them to disappear.

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Hey there, Jakie! I'm back, and I have to say your claim's really good..just some few things:

  • In your claim, Aphrodite was one of the "fans" James slept with, and a few weeks after that a kid came. First thing, godesses give birth after maybe four or five months (just asking to be quite specific on "few"). And second, won't James be confused since he isn't probably a believer of Greek gods and all he knew was that people give birth for 9 months?
  • Before the attack, you stated that "..she ran until she couldn't." So probably that means she's tired. How come she was so comfortable in fighting with a hell hound that she's tired and maybe, her feet were sore?
  • And some typos.. you can just fix 'em :)

That's all Jakie! Good job!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

The only thing i would like to know is how old she is now? Once that is clarified we will see if anything else needs to be fixed

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Added that, she was 13 when she ran away and is currently 14

I don't see anything else particularly wrong here so, congrats!

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