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Name: Jae Jun

Age: 17

Godparent: Thanatos, Zeus, Hermes

Gender: Female

Personality: Jae Jun is a tease. She likes getting guys to fall for her but, doesn't really like commitment. Jae Jun can be patient, couragous and adventurous. Jae Jun can be impulsive, sneaky and self-centered but, really does have a kind heart, and, will end up doing the right thing in the end.


History: Sun Jun was born in South Korea, though, she was raised in New York City. She grew up having a set life ahead of her, and, she loved that. She ended up growing up and becoming a Pathologist, a person who diagnoses and studies diseases, as well as preforms autopsies. One day, while she was preforming an autopsy, she noticed a man in the hallway, lurking over the door. She went out, and confronted him, and, the two decided to meet later for coffee. As the two met up later, they had their coffee, and, ended up having a one night stand, which, 9 months later, resulted in Jae Jun.

Growing up, she was well cared for and, Sun opted not to go for any guys. So, while Sun rejected all the guy, yet, continued to flirt, that was where Jae got her flirty and teasing nature. Though, when she was younger, she was bullied quite a bit. So, one day, in the fourth grade, she was being bullied particularly badly at recess, so, she attempted to run but, was quickly cornered. She then wanted to just go away so, she covered her eyes, and, pretended to disappear. However, as her powers were starting to come in at the ripe age of 10, she, unknowingly to her, bent the shadows around her and, disappeared. The bullies, now unable to see her, ended up giving up on her.

On her 12th birthday, she was in her backyard, sun-tanning. All of a sudden, a hellhound jumped over the fence, into her back yard, growling. She shrieked and began to go into her house but,  the hound cornered her. She continued to shriek, slightly irritating it, so, it began to snap at her as she began to sob. Suddenly, a woman hopped over the fence, who, unknown to Jae, was Artemis, and, she shot the hellhound with a bow and arrow. As the girl was hopping back over the fence, Jae called to her, asking who she was. The lady answered that it wasn't her place, or the right time to say, and, she hopped over the fence, out of Jae's life.

When she was 14, she was walking with a boy in the woods, flirting with him. However, as they got deep enough in the woods, the boy revealed himself to be a rogue Discord Spirit. He explained about Greek Mythology, Camp, the BC and about Demigods. He explained, as she basically radiated Death, she was either a daughter of Hades or Thanatos,and, what each of the two meant. He also explained that he had bigger plans than even the BC. He wanted to become the King, the King of every God, Goddess, Demigod, Mortal, or Spirit, and, he dubbed her his perfect queen. She, ultimately, chose to oppose him, and, decided to test out her new found 'powers'. She made a quick guess at her being a child of Thanatos, and, she attempted to summon a scythe made of astral energies. She managed to summon one, which shocked the discord spirit. Caught off guard, she swung at him, and, managed to hit him, promptly killing him. She, remembering of the Camp the boy told her about, decided she would go there. So, without looking back, she began to search for it. However, the boy hadn't said where either the BC or Camp was, so, she wandered around, looking for it.Not even a month after she left, she began to get tired of the attacks. One day, she was running from a larger hellhound, when she ran into a little clearing, full of tree nymphs, who decided to be nice and help her. She stayed with them for 2 years, as they decided to tell her alllll about the Greek Myths and her Daddy. However, then next year, she decided to head off again, but, the nymphs decided to give her a spear that a fallen Demigod once used.  As she headed off for the second time, now more prepared, she managed to find Camp in just a year.

Things: Spear

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Please sign your claim. Please explain more about her birth. A demigod could not survive 3 years on her own without help.

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Sorry Mazzy~ Forgot to sign it >-< Fixed the last part, I think, and, what do you mean explain more about her birth? >-< AnxiousPanda.png Will YOU join Team Panda? -Unu

Fourteen is a little late for a first monster attack.

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Poooossssibly fixed. Added a monster attack at 12. >-< AnxiousPanda.png Will YOU join Team Panda? -Unu

The BC doesn't have queen/king positions, and I doubt they'd let a rogue spirit climb that high up in ranks anyway, and a young demigod surviving a year on her own's highly unlikely

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I never said the Spirit was part of the BC.... o-o I just wrote he knew about it, but, wanted to become King of well, everything >-< And, possibly fixed that last bit.... AnxiousPanda.png Will YOU join Team Panda? -Unu

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