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Name: Jaime Alvarez 

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hypnos, Apollo and Hecate

Mortal Parent: Esmeralda Alvarez

Appearance: check pic
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Personality: Jaime is quite shy and peaceful. he tries to solve his problems by talking things out. He always tries to avoid a fight. Jaime is compassionate and has a caring nature about him. He's very quiet

History: Esmeralda had met a strange man sleeping on the street one night. She woke him up and the man was quickly enchanted by her beauty. She took him back to her house. They both quickly fell in love. About a year and a half later, Jaime Rivera was born. Of course then the man revealed his identity to Esmeralda and left. After that, she and her newborn son faced hardship. Esmeralda had a hard time making enough money to support Jaime. And at a young age  he was diagnosed with Narcolepsy, Autism and Dyselxia. All these conditions made Jaime's childhood challenging. He was a victim of constant bullying from his classmates and had no friends. Especially by one boy named Jacob. He constantly beat Jaime, made fun of him and turned everyone against him. But Jaime struggled through his bullies, lonelieness and challenges with his mental conditions. He never talked to his mom about them since she had to work 3 jobs to make just enough money to get by.

One day when he was 14, he was volunteering at a pet shelter. He was a petting a cat, but was then attacked by a manticore. The beast tried to kill Jaime, but a powerful bolt of lighting struck down on the beast. Hurting it, then a man who was also volunteering came and quickly decapitated the manticore with his sword. Jaime was shocked, the man said his name was Micheal. He explained how he was a demigod son of Zeus. He told Jaime he was a demigod as well. But Jaime didn't believe him and ran off home. But Micheal had secretly followed him. Jaime had told his mother what happened. She confirmed what Micheal said was true. Micheal then came and explained that Jaime had to go to Camp Half Blood, where'd he'd be safe. Jaime had said good bye to his mother and went to Camp

Weapons: Jamie carries a hammer that turns into a pen when not in use


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